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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I was elated to be sponsored this awesome face serum from GoodSkinLabs ! 

It promises 100% instant results and omg, it really has instant results! You know, I was quite skeptical when I saw that it would have instant results because most product promises like 99% effect but this product is really super amaze-balls!

Most of my friends would know that I always always complain about having a round face and that I have always wanted to do plastic surgery so that I can have a more "V" shaped face. But guess what? No need to go under the knife anymore! This serum not only FIRMS your skin but helps you to achieve a more defined "V" shaped face! 

Although many people always compliment me and say that I have flawless skin but you all don't see my tired and sagging skin because it is always covered with make-up!

As skin ages, it loses elasticity and firmness!! Although I am only 24, I think that taking care of your skin should start as early as possible!!!! 

A tired face always gives such a sad and despair feeling. 

The ingredients in this product is what made it so special! 

(1)A blend of pearls and glucosamine is included to provide instant radiance upon application and sayonara to dead skin cells!! 
(2) CME - A vitamin C&E complex that helps support skin's natural collagen production to help visibly lift and firm skin.
(3) Photozomes- Photo activated enzymes with plankton extract helps support collagen and elastin so skin appears firmer and more youthful.
(4) Argireline- Supports natural collagen production to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!
(5) Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin and Trehalose work together to help skin absorb water and retain moisture. 

I love it that it isn't those type of cream that you have to dig your fingers in to scrape it to apply to your face! 

And it is super easy to apply! Just squeeze 3-5 drops on your palm and apply over your face and neck! You can choose to follow with moisturizer after that or if not, just leave it as it is because my skin was super moisturized even without any other moisturizer! 

Just one application and my skin is extremely radiant and firm!! 

Clinical Study Results :

- Immediate : 100% of women demostrated significant improvement in skin radiance
- After 4 weeks: 89% of women demonstrated a significant improvement in skin firmness
-After 8 weeks: 94% of women demonstrated a significant improvement in skin firmness

 I am in love with this serum and I cannot wait to have better skin!

Now you can have better skin too!

FIRM-365 is available for $68.00 exclusively at all SaSa Stores!! 

And there is an exclusive promotion as well!

There is a 365 "V" Poses Contest for all my readers now! Do take part and let's all pose our best "V" pose and you can redeem a FIRM-365 sample from any SaSa outlet or at !

Can you all pose as chio as this model?

Or if not as chio as me also can lah. Haha! I am a bit kiasu and I took 2 "V" poses. Haha. Which one should I submit to SaSa?

Quick, submit your "V" pose now and 5 lucky "posers" will each win a $200 GSL product hamper & $200 worth of SaSa Gift Certificates!

Remember to LIKE  SaSa SG Facebook before you submit your pose! 

Here’s how you can join, it’s really simple:

Step 1: 'Like' SaSa SG Facebook Page
Step 2: Strike a “V” pose with your hands on your jawline (like the model in the visual) & take a photo
Step 3: Upload your photo on SaSa SG Official Facebook Page or tag @sasasingapore on Twitter or Instagram.
Step 4: Present the uploaded post to any SaSa store to redeem a complimentary FIRM-365™ Facial Firming Serum 5ml sample (while stocks last)

Contest ends on 9th Feb 2014, 2359 Hour. Good luck!

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Rochor Thai.
Monday, January 27, 2014

So, the "Talk Cock Sing Song" family had our yearly reunion dinner at this Thai restaurant last Saturday and I am writing a short review about it because we did have a good time there!

Extracted from their website :

Founded by a passionate food enthusiast, J, Rochor Thai brings to you the perfect concoction of classic traditional flavours cleverly infused with modern Thai elements.

Previously located at the historical Rochor Centre building, Rochor Thai has now moved to a new location at Joo Chiat. Standing amongst historical conservation buildings, we bring a breath of freshness, yet preserving the nostalgia in the area.

Priding ourselves as the sole Thai bistro in Singapore to deliver strictly MSG-free dishes, our chefs are determined to do justice to the beauty of natural ingredients. Making all our pastes and sauces from scratch, spoil yourself with marvelous choices of classic Thai dishes such as our Chef’s special Pad Thai Seafood and Green Curry Chicken to the less common ones such as Hoay Lai Pad Prik Pao, Flower Clams flambe and served with our special broth, and Goong Pad Kee Mao, a spicy Thai "drunken"-style prawns.

The exciting menu is specially designed and sincerely crafted by J’s rich culinary experience and deep affinity with Thai cuisine just to pamper your palates. Go on a trip down memory lane with Rochor Thai as you immerse yourself in the songs from the Land of Smiles and get down to a few bottles of SINGHA with your friends and families!

Bring home with you a piece of Thailand that you have never experienced together with a satisfied stomach and a contented heart.

Chef De Cuisine Aod (Padungpong Chuthongchai)

Chef Aod is one of the few Thai Chefs in Singapore who has been very well trained in the Hotel Industry. His hometown is in Chanthaburi, Chonburi, Thailand.

He graduated from Dusit Thani College in Western-Thai Culinary Skills, and spent years honing his skills at prestigious five star hotels such as Dusit Thani and Amari Orchid, as well as in Mantra, arguably Pattaya's best restaurant.

He is well trained in Western, Thai and Indian Cuisine. Chef Aod's last position was the Chef of the Executive Level of Amari Orchid Pattaya. He ensured a consistent high standard of food and beverage is served to VIPs and distinguish guests of the hotel.


Apologies but I didn't take photos of the food on that day because everyone was starving thanks to those that were late. So, once everyone had reached, we dug in almost immediately. 

We took up the CNY set dinner that costs $168 per table and I must say that the food tasted real good but it's just that some of us couldn't take the spiciness. Not me though, I love chilli to death. Haha. 

If you are still thinking of where to eat your CNY reunion dinner, stop thinking and call 64403270 and look for Kenny to make your reservations NOW!

To make it up for the lack of photos, here is cute me with the cute + handsome Thaddeaus.

Rochor Thai is located at :


You know what makes Rochor Thai stands out from the rest of the Thai restaurants in Singapore?


Like them on their Facebook Page @RochorThai 
Follow them on Instagram @RochorThai

For more information, visit their website @RochorThai. All information you need should be found there!

Don't thank me for this! 

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Anton Casey VS Kindness/Empathy
Friday, January 24, 2014

This post will come out as a rant so read only if you are interested.

The start of 2014 started out a blast for the social media world as Heather Chua got "investigated" by the police (READ HERE) and then came another social media idiot called "Anton Casey".

And today, I read another article that was written by a SPH journalist called William Wan, who also happens to be the general secretary for the "Singapore Kindness Movement". You may read the article he wrote here : WHERE HAS ALL OUR EMPATHY GONE?

Remember my previous post where I mentioned the 5 things/people that annoys me and one of them was those who kept blaming the government for everything? Well, you can see them commenting on the article that William wrote. 

Anton Casey made a really grave mistake and he was downright nasty when calling others poor and saying that we stink just because we take the public transport. But hey, we must admit that he is really rich right? He owns a Porsche and many of us don't. Still, that does not give him a right to condemn the rest of us who don't own a luxurious car like him. 

The point of my blogpost today is to question this question. 


I understand what the journalist meant when he said that we should all be more empathetic when it comes to forgiving Anton Casey after his apology whether or not it was sincere. Let's all not go around bashing expats just because of one sour prune here. 

I seriously think that we have no rights to actually whine about getting Anton Casey deported because yes, he was nasty with his words but he did not physically harm anyone. Like "Heather Chua"... I do not know him and nor do I hate him, I just do not want him going around harming innocent young girls and setting traps for them. Many people I know says that I am very fierce and am quick-tempered but I also forgive rather easily.

Up till now, I still have not forgiven someone and I don't think that I will ever. But you don't see me whining about it all day long, do you? I wrote about it in a book to inspire and to warn ladies to speak up if intimidated but I do not whine about it all day long.

Whether it is Stephanie Koh's opinions or whether it is Anton's crude remarks, why harp over them? If you all keep whining about what they say, don't you find it annoying? Does their words really have such a direct impact on you all? Why are you so bothered and uptight? There is so much more to life. 

The man who sexually abused me when I was 11 up till I was 14, I have not forgiven and nor have I forgotten about the incident but hey, I don't talk about him all the time. Karma will find it's way to him. I let him go off scot free and I am already setting a very bad example to the public because he was not put behind bars. What I can do now is lead a better life than him and stop harping on it. 

The journalist wants us to be kinder and show more empathy towards others and I think I have set a very good example in being kind, to actually allow the monster who abused me to be free in the outside world. 

I think the question here is not about being kinder or showing more empathy. I think what we can do as fellow human beings is to be more gracious towards people and situations. I always believe that there is no use whining about something or someone over and over again. Be gracious and move on with life. Everything will fall into place in the end. If not, it is not yet the end. 

On a happier note, come down to LUCKY PLAZA this weekend because OOPZ is having a clearance sale and you can also get your copy of "Jolene's Story" signed by me!!!!

Hui Qi and I will be there selling off all of OOPZ's items all at less then $10. NOTHING MORE THAN THAT!!!!!!!!! 

1 pm to 7 pm. DROP BY AND SAY HI! :) 

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

It has been to my attention that viral websites like Viralnova and ThoughtCatalog are really popular recently and ONLY after reading the "101 things you should know about your other half", "6 things you should do in the morning", "24 reasons why you should do this","84 reasons why you should do that'.... I just want to list down MY collection of thoughts and NO, I do not need them to go viral. I just want to write what I want so read if you want. Close the browser if you don't.

5 things that really annoys me about the human species.

(1) People that can relate EVERY SINGLE THING to the government. (Read: Blame)

A body has been found in XX reservoir this morning at 9am.
Comments: Orh hor, you see lah. Bring in somemore foreign talent la. Got murder liao. Sg not safe lah. Stupid government, only know how to allow more FT and let cases like this happen!

MY comment: A murder has happened. Someone was killed. The government did not pressurize the murderer into killing. A fellow human has killed another and it does not matter whether the murderer was a local or a foreigner or even a half-blood prince. Someone has died. Period.

A traffic accident has happened along "Lower Garden Road".
Comments: You see lah. The government make so many ERP than now hor people all travel to "Lower Garden Road" then accident there now. 

MY Comment: An accident is an accident. Whether or not a new ERP has been built, the accident is bound to happen. The government did not send a threatening sms to the driver to tell him that they built a new ERP and forcing him to go by another route. Things happen, suck it up.

-- There was once I made a comment on Facebook about the Little India riots and I wanted people to stop criticizing the Indian workers because they did a lot to help build the roads and other stuffs in our countries and that we shouldn't condemn the whole lot just because of 1 incident. I can' backtrack that comment because it was way too far down my timeline but I remember that someone commented that the WE pay so much taxes to the government and yet all the police do is patrol neighbourhood places and do random screenings on us instead of doing MORE patrol in the Little India vicinity, controlling all the drunkards and he was indirectly blaming the government for the influx of the foreign talents etc. And you know what? His wife is a foreigner. I don't even know whether to laugh or to cry. Humans. Ahhh.

People who knows me will know my political views but that does not make me a complainer who blames every single thing towards the government. I am unhappy with fare hikes and other demanding increases in prices but I do not find every other excuses to bash the government as and when I like. I am rational and I think a lot of people here have to learn how to be rational too. It speaks a lot about you when all you do all day long is blame everyone but yourself.

(2) People who keeps complaining about their life but do NOTHING about it.

I am so fat.

I see people complaining that they are FAT every single day and yet, I also see them posting food photos on Instagram every meal times. Like fuck you, if you are really worried that you are gaining too much weight than go on a diet and stop gorging. I see you posting some broccoli + chicken breast photo in the afternoon and during dinner time, I see a post of french fries, ice cream and waffles. Just stay fat please.

24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing 

(3) People who are DOWNRIGHT RUDE, for NO reason at all.

I seriously cannot tolerate rudeness. Those people who cannot even utter a single "Thank you" when you hold the lift door for them or when you give up your seat for them. I have had it with you people. Nobody owes you shit. The least you could do is... be grateful. 

Last Saturday, I went to Chinatown to squeeze in the crowd to absorb some CNY spirit. I walked pass these 2 teenagers who were selling this remote-controlled airplane toy. Somewhat similar to what the boy is playing with in the photo below. 

So it was really crowded and most parents had their kids sitting on their necks. The teenagers were navigating the toy at a certain height and they were certainly NOT disturbing anyone. 

This particular father had his son sitting on his neck and was walking below the toy airplane that was buzzing above. The toy airplane was neither disturbing or even blocking his route. But guess what? He simply grabbed the toy airplane and threw it to the floor. FOR NO REASON. He was just plain rude and nasty to people who did NOTHING to him. What a good example he is to his son. The teenagers who were selling the product were flabbergasted but they did nothing. They simply took the broken toy back to the shop with a glum look. 

(4) Everything also want to STOMP crowd.

Come on lah! If the foreign workers don't sleep at void decks than where do they sleep? At your house? Can you invite them in to sleep in your luxurious queen-sized beds and even offer them to use your air-conditioning for free? I sometimes wonder what goes on in the minds of the STOMP website regulators... Do they even read if the STOMPERS who contribute makes any sense in their postings?

A little boy was trapped on the escalator and someone I know was actually the one who took a photo and sent it in to Stomp when the rest of the people were helping the poor boy who was stuck. Okay, never mind. Maybe she wanted to send in the photo to STOMP to create awareness, I accept. A few weeks later, I saw her asking for votes for that article that she sent in to STOMP.... So that she can win the Stomp Citizen Journalism Award. Walao eh. Si mi sai. You are broadcasting people's misery so that you can earn votes to get some stupid award. ARE YOU THAT DESPERATE!!!! 

Another stomper took a photo of a man sitting at a road divider and than questions why was the man sitting there when it was so dangerous. You had the freaking time to take a photo and send it in to STOMP then why did you not walk over to ask if the man is okay????? And then some stupid commentator again...

(5) People who feel that you should be in the same scenario as they are just because of what they ASSUME/THINK...

I am sorry to whoever who gets offended by this but sorry, I am not sorry. 

I love children but that does not mean I am ready for one.
I am in a 5 year long relationship but that does not mean I am ready for marriage.
I am attached but that does not mean I cannot have guy friends.
I love to sing but that does not mean that I can.
My boyfriend is a professional Muay Thai fighter but that does not mean he will beat up anyone who befriends me. (Most of the time, I am more protective of him than he is of me)
I speak my mind but that does not mean I look for fights all the time. 
I wrote a book but that does not mean I am filthy rich.

I cannot stand the way people link things together. Total irrelevant things.

(a) Since you mention that you started working since you are 15, you must be damn rich now right? + you wrote a book. 

I started work since I am 15 and I fed myself since I was 15. I pay for my own bills, I pay my mum's bills, I survive ON MY OWN. How does that make me rich? FYI, I live in a rented one-room flat but that does not make me poor either. I have a roof over my head. Stop assuming things for me can?

(b) You mentioned that you was sexually abused by your stepfather, don't your boyfriend mind that you are no longer a virgin?

WHAT!!!!!! I said I was sexually abused, I didn't say I was raped what. Y U NO GO BUY A COPY OF MY BOOK AND READ LEH. 

And thank you for those who said I am pretty so that is why I got sexually abused. Irrelevant totally but I am going to worry for your daughters definitely.

24 Things Single People Are Tired Of Hearing

Share your "5 things that annoys me" with me too! You can email me or just send them to me on my ASK.FM ! 

Thanks for reading! 

I still cry.
Saturday, January 11, 2014

Many times... I still cry.

Most people get emotional when they sing a sad love song and then cry after that. I do that all the time. But when I sing those songs and think of lost love... I think of the one love that I lost and the one love I wish I can hold on to forever. 
在东京铁塔 第一次眺望
看灯火模仿 坠落的星光
我终于到达 但却更悲伤
一个人完成 我们的梦想

你总说 时间还很多
未必明天 就有以后



没看你脸上 张扬过哀伤
那是种多么 寂寞的倔强
你拆了城墙 让我去流浪
在原地等我 把自己捆绑

你没说 你也会软弱
自由移动 自我地过





It's been 5 years and it's not that I cannot cope and deal with the loss but I am still as sad as the day that you left me here. 
I have had my fair share of achievements through the years that you've been gone but nothing ever feels exceptionally special or amazing because you are not here to share the joy with me. I've been interviewed on the radio, went on tv interviews, appeared in various newspapers and magazines and also online media sources... And all along, I just wish you could be the first one to read and see all of them.
I miss you so much that it tears me apart. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

As most of my friends know, I am a really weak person with a immunity of let's say.... zero?

I get sick really really easily and the worst cases for me could be my constipation and my eczema.

Being constipated is really really tedious. I have had to resort to laxatives in year 2013 for a long period of time. People would advice me to increase my intake of vegetables, fruits and water. I love veggies and fruits and I do drink water, but maybe not a lot but still my I always have a hard time clearing the system and I ABSOLUTELY hate it.

The worse that I have ever been through was like 2 weeks of constipation. Yes, I am serious. Where does all the shit go right? And you know what, I still eat a lot. That is the real scary part! Meh. James said that one day I may just vomit my shit out from my mouth. *Sorry to let you picture it*

Guess what? I found a tea that actually helps aids constipation! 

Not only that, it helps to ease insomnia (I suffer from this too...) and it alleviates stress! It also cures night urination problem... Amazing or what?

$12.00 for a small bottle of 20 sachets. 1 sachet is only $0.60!!! So affordable! 
I believe you will buy the bigger bottle with 50 sachets after drinking this. BUY NOW!

I like the ORIGINAL and the ROSEMARY flavor. I haven't tried the GINGER one yet because I am not a fan of GINGER too but nevertheless, I will try it soon because of it's amazing effects! They have it in small packaging like the below too! 

The original flavour is good to drink before you go to sleep! It is good for those who are like me- lactose intolerant and cannot have a warm milk before sleep. This can replace milk anytime! With such health benefits, who needs milk? =D

Sugar-free, caffeine-free and full of fibre!

STUDENTS!!!! The rosemary flavour is one you should stock up on!! I would be drinking a lot of these before my exam to calm my nerves!! 

Antioxidant! I like!

Working adults who are always in air-conditioned environment for the whole day, this is the perfect drink for you!

It is 100% vegetarian and it is also HALAL! Perfect for everybody and anybody! Young, old, fat or skinny =D 

They also have the "Rainbow Rice" series which is good for those of you who want to slim down and have a clean diet! Check out their products on their website! 

                          (( HIGHLANDERS WEBSITE! ))

These products can be found at NTUC Supermarkets and can also be purchased online. Just click and it will be delivered to wherever you are. So convenient!! What are you waiting for!!!

I had one cup of this amazing tea before I slept yesterday and I had a good sleep, waking up feeling super energetic too! I also had no problem going to the toilet!!! 

Don't wait anymore! Call 6288-3880 to order or place your order online NOW! 

Disclaimer : I am not working for this company nor am I in anyway affiliated to them. This is also not a paid advertorial but I am posting about this because I am reaping the benefits of the tea even just by drinking it for only a while! Share the goodness in life! 

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"Saying that the grape is sour because you cannot have it."
Tuesday, January 07, 2014

I am so annoyed.
Greatly irritated and rolling my eyes non-stop.

No, it is not about Heather Chua.

It is about something else. An issue that has been bugging me a lot.

I happen to know this person that complains a lot and I am determined not to be influenced by her negativity.

I have so much to say about her but I do not want to stoop to her level. She is a nice person and she means no harm but I am so irritated by the way she actually behaves that I keep reminding myself that she is someone that I do not want to be closely associated with.

She does not prioritize what she should do and she complains that she is not having it good. If all you do is talk and talk and talk with no action, what will the result be? Nothing!

If you have no money, work.
If you have no savings, save.
If you want to achieve something, work for it. 

There is no use talking about it all day and then not doing anything at the end of the day. You will just be wasting your life away.

I felt so annoyed when I heard her gossiping about others because she talks bad about others to... feel good about herself?

I mean, come on, what other people do should not affect us in anyway. If you have to complain so much about them, that clearly shows that you are jealous of them, no?

If people are splurging their money in so atrocious ways, let them be. They are rich anyway, they can AFFORD to do so. I just think that you should not blatantly portray yourself this way. 

I gossip too, but I do not do it so outright and blatantly. 

If people are talking behind you, it means that you are way ahead of them. 

I just wished that I don't have to put up with it all the time. 


Behind the glamour.

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