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Thursday, December 31, 2009


I am here in my office,blogging because there is absolutely nothing for me to do.
So I will just be random and post a blog.
I feel like blog-shopping !
Oh yeah,I wanted to write my new year resolutions here!


(1) Get my car license.
(2) Keep myself in the best of health.
(3) Get a new phone by the end of 2010.
(4) Work for Asiapac as a freelance writer for their children's magazine.
(5) Get my book done & find a publisher!
(6) Buy a camera. (Best a SLR!)
(7) Go to the same polytechnic with Baby :X

This don't sound like a new year resoultions -.-
It's more like my wishes for 2010.
Anyways,from now onwards,I just want to take things one step at a time.
I've truly grown up and I want to earn big money for a comfortable life and acheive my goals.


I AM 20 tomorrow.
My age starts with a 2 now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want to stay in my teenage years and bask in the ambience of it's innocence :(

I have finally got hold of this precious cheque. LIKE FINALLY CAN?
Time really flies,I've worked in this company for a month now and received my salary!
Gonna not spend like crazy & save like crazy instead.
Gotta go settle all the bills,bills,bills...

Tonight at 1045pm,
James Liu Jun Hong,the boyfriend is going to reach our sunny island.
I endured 40 days without him and it wasn't very horrible.
That can prove 2 things!
(1)I can live without him (no offence Baby,I am just stating facts)
(2)Our relationship is strong and stabling down.

Baby! Welcome back to Singapore & back into my arms.


I totally think this guy is HOT.

Not because he is a famous artiste that rocks socks but because his character in Hi! My Sweetheart is absolutely lovable! ^^


It's the end of 2009!
I wish that everyone would have a good day today as it is the last day of 2009.
Soak in the essence of the last day & put on a smile to welcome 2010!
On this very day,I am working my butts off ( doing absolutely nothing) in my office as Boss said that there will be no half-day.

Seriously speaking,there should be a half-day! Not because I don't want to work but all the other companies are either closed or having half days so why the hell should ours be opened?
It's so ridiculously redundant please.

I am going to bade farewell to 2009 tonight at the airport to welcome Baby back to Singapore!
Am so looking forward to giving my Baby a big hug!


P.S : I am going for Flea Titans (flea market) on January 2nd w Baby,Russel & Julian.
It's supposed to be a belated birthday celebration for Russel but it won't hurt to do a little shopping right ?

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning. ~Ivy Baker Priest.

Good-byes make you think. They make you realize what you’ve had, what you’ve lost and what you’ve taken for granted.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hint Hint Baby! I think this dress is realllllyyy hot :D
Saw it on one of the blogshops.
Or maybe it is the model that is hot?

But I so want this dress !



Weak Constituition.
Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hello all!

By saying all,I'm wondering who actually reads my blog frequently :D

I know the above title has not much link to what I am about to blog about today but yeah,just being random okay?

I want to change my blogskin ! I think is a little emo-ish to me right now.I want my entries to be in the centre. Any kind hearted souls wanna help me?

The main purpose of me blogging today is for 2 things!

Firstly,I am very proud to announce that my boyfriend won a fight in Thailand ytd! Against an Ang Mo :D He thrashed him during the second round and the Ang Mo dude needed 13 stitches ! Baby is very happy about it and he confessed to his parents early in the morning today.Glad he was so honest and also delighted that his Mummy is so understanding.

I've grabbed some photos from Baby's facebook and they are not in order.I'm sure most of you missed him right?

4 more days till his return,31st December! Am looking forward.

Baby w his Thailand gym leader.

Upon winning :) Champion baby!

During his training.

Oil and silicon all over his body before fight.

His supportive trainers.

I don't know what the guy is doing to Baby's hands.

Baby's ANG MO opponent :D Suffered 13 stitches.

Friendly match w bloody aftermath :X

On his way to Myanmar if I am not wrong?

Baby and his Muay Thai Buddy,Amir.

Random photo.

Before the fight,he had to wear this cloth,I think it's a Thai traditional thing.Baby looks so fierce!

See his cheeky smile!

Alright,about my Christmas weekends. It was quite screwed,seriously. I spent most of my time emo-ing and pms-ing. Seriously don't know what the heck was wrong with me. I only know that I detest PMS-ing. The moody aura can kill me. Went to the beach w Bi's relatives and bonded quite well w his cousins. Had steamboat and mahjong-ed. After winning,went to play cards. That is the only card game I know how to play :X And after everything....
I fell sick.
Really really sick.
40 degrees fever through the whole Friday night and Saturday.
It was mad crazy.
Bi's relatives came over for dinner and I am super embarrassed cos the whole lot of them took care of me. Rinsed my towel for me and sponged my head,kept coming into the room to see how was I.I got better only after midnight,after Bi's mom cooked this chinese herbal tea hich tasted like peanut butter juice and seriously,it's super nice! Not bitter at all! And also fever medicine!
My fever has currenly gone down to a minimal at 37plus degrees. Just that my throat is hurting like nobody's business. Super mad crazy pain lo. Went to the doctor just now and he said the reason I kept falling sick is because I have a very weak constituition(thus the title) and also due to my constipation. I think I must start being rly healthy,buying loads of vitamins and all the fruits and veggie.
So friends,if you all ever wanna buy me gifts,do buy me Vitamin C supplements and any other healthy stuffs.
Just no chinese herbal weird bitter stuffs.
I'm off to read my story book.
Have to work tmr :( Hope it's gonna be a good day.
No scoldings from customers and drivers PLEASE.

PLEASE ignore the flabby arms and thighs.
I fell down to the floor at my first try on this hammock :X

People keep saying we're like true blood sisters :D
Hunger pangs.
Haven't eaten a thing for the whole of yesterday!

Dinner & Dance!
Thursday, December 24, 2009

Finally! A post full of photos :D
I had fun during the company's dinner last night.
Won 2 bottles of wine for the lucky draw.
And I was even the magician's assistant,cool eh?
The magician acted in a Channel 8 drama before y'know?
It was a long yet fulfilling day.

Aftermath,met WeiXiang at Iluma to chat about something.
& Eugene is back from Phuket.
Baby is coming bk in 6 days time.

& I am having a lonely Xmas :(

Shall shut up now.


0237,only we know what is it!

Door gift,Chocolates <3

On the way in the chartered bus.

Xanthe & Snow.

Hui Qi & Me.

Me & Buddy Ferlyn.

Yours Truly!

No family,no friends,no love,no money,no nothing - The best way to spend Xmas!

Behind the glamour.

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