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Page 18 to Page 26. FIRST VLOG!
Friday, January 27, 2012

So.. I just spend an hour or so editing photos and videos for my first vlog. OMG, it is really damn tiresome you know. The reason I have been procrastinating when it comes to doing an actual vlog.

HOW WAS YOUR CNY people? Have you won a lot of money? Or have you lost a lot like me!!!!!
There are bound to be winners and losers so let's just suck our thumb and yeah, move on with life.

This vlog vaugely sums up Day 1 and Day 2 of my Chinese New Year!

I spent it visiting James' relative, going for a short getaway in Superstar Virgo and than returning to SG on the second day for his cousin's house visitation.

I have lost a few hundred bucks due to gambling and I think I am going to surrender! Hahah. Third day was spent having lunch at Changi Village, returning home to "bai nian" to Mummy dearest with James & Celine. We had dinner at Hougang Ave 8 and than went back to B's house for Poker yet again. Naughty B has skipped school for 2 days already!! 

Day 4 of CNY was spent sleeping till 1pm. I slept at 7.30am!!!!! Met up with "MC" at 3pm and was very happy with the meet up because great opportunities are lying ahead of me if I grab this chance. So wish me luck people! I will release the awesome news when everything is stabilized. Alright? I promise. 

Rest of the photos are here. I didn't include them in my vlog cos I think that my first vlog is already too lengthy. So here goes...

These photos are taken with my Lumix camera so that explains the separation from the other photos in the video.

Celine, Aunty Irene, James & Eugene.
                                          Birthday girl on CNY as well.

                                                     Always so supportive and nice to me

                                                    I think this pic is very nice, just saying!

 Photos taken in Superstar Virgo!

GREAT! Now I am officially addicted to Poker. Like really addicted. I cannot wait for movie date with Baby later on and than Poker again. Saturday we will be having reunion dinner with all the dudes and than POKER again.

Like I said, I am Lady Gaga. :D Poker face. I really do not want this week of holiday to pass so fast because I do not want to start work yet! :(

I want CNY everyday!!

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Page 1 To Page 17 Of 366.
Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FIRST post of 2012! And it starts on Page 17 of 366.

Hee, my resolution to blog daily is just so impossible. Pardon me for I am a career woman ok!

Jokes aside, my 2012 has been one word : SURPRISING! I have been really busy, working hard, trying to bring happiness to friends by planning their birthdays and celebrating their birthdays and well, putting up a brave front to face 2012.

So, I have gotten my bonus yo! So happy. Am gonna splurge when I fly to Bangkok, my secret haven.

BEFORE I START UPLOADING MY PHOTOS, CAN YOU ALL PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS help click on my NUFFNANG AD on the right side of the page please? I have like started blogging for SO long and yet I haven't gotten the chance to cash out a NUFFNANG cheque yet, I am damn pathetic pls.

Okay, let us start from Page 1 of 366.
We spent it right outside MBS watching the fireworks! The nicer photos + videos are still in my LUMIX camera thus let us make do with the lousy quality ones from my Iphone first pls.

 Okay, my Iphone is not that bad, really!

 This video was the last part of the fireworks when my memory card was full thus I had to switched to my Iphone at the last minute.

Random photo of  Baby R and his friend. Super love this photo. Mad cute!

 OKAY, you know what? I have fallen in love with this pair of wedges but I cannot seem to find it anywhere. It is out of stock online and I don't care, I'm gonna hunt it down sooner or later.

Baby R sleeping.

Juney sent me this MEME and I found it so interesting. Tears of Joy!!
Chloe and Coach Alvin was massaging for James but he didn't seems to enjoying it :D

Page 8 of 366, we had a flea @ *Scape! Earned quite a bit and we love being bosses!

 Page 9 of 366, went for an outing with Aelda, Jasmin and the kids. Mad happy day as they are too adorable to handle.

How can you even say "No" to a girl like her?

And this little one is going to be very handsome in the future!

 Photos with Aelda and Xuan.

Baby R!

Page 10 of 366, went to Chomp Chomp to surprise my god-mum!

Jimmy with my mum's girly spectacles.

I love this woman, always so nice and always so strong!

Went home and found this very touching note + photo mailed to me from my Primary School friend, Celine. She is just too sweet, sweeter than honey! It was totally unexpected but she must have been reading my tweets about how much I miss my brother. I almost cried when I saw this.

Thanks Celine!

Page 11 of 366, I went to collect my free Acer Aspire Timeline X from the Service Hub @ Funan.
Super happy to own a new laptop as the old one that I bought from Christelle was so spoilt that I could not even type! The keyboard was spoilt, I didn't know how to take care of it well.

Than proceeded to celebrate Jasmin's birthday at my place!!
Though the surprise was spoilt, I hope she had fun.


Random super cute photo of Xuan and Raphael.

Brave boy went for blood donation a few days ago and I was so proud of him being so enthusiastic to save/help others.

Page 13 of 366, we planned a surprise bbq event for our beloved Hui Qi who turned 20 on the 14th of Jan.
Our surprise was kinda spoiled by Hui Qi's smart brains and also little naughty Joel who went to spill the beans. But still, I felt that Hui Qi was very happy with our surprise and celebration, she was glowing on that day!


 The high class bbq area.

The "couple"
 Our chef, Hab Chong.

 We had such a hard time lighting the candles. Really.

Look at her overjoyed face!
 My lovely girls and the man I love in the background.

Day 14 of 366, I had Carls Junior for the first time and I couldn't finish the burger. Baby ate 1 and a half burger, super wtf right? The burger was so huge. The fries were really tasty though, I will only have the fries in the future. I am not a fan of burgers at all and my favourite burger is none other than the juicy MacSpicy! Just thinking of it makes me drool.

Page 15 of 366, (midnight) went to Kovan Superbowl with Baby, Nigel, Nixon, Jin Hao and Samuel.
Baby and I are total losers when it comes to bowling, we had less than 5 strikes, yeah the both of us. Guffaws!

BABY R IS SUPER ADORABLE and I miss him so.

Darling shared this with me and I found it rather meaningful so I am sharing it with everyone.

Day 15 of 366, (during the day).

This had to be the worst day I have ever had in January because I received the worst of the worst news from Mum. I tried not to bawl my eyes out and I succeeded. I know I cried while eating my chicken rice in front of Baby and he must have been helpless because up till now, nothing much can comfort me. He did send me a very sweet email to cheer me up. ( See below). My boyfriend has greatly matured through the years we were together and I really appreciate his sweet effort.

Anyway, I do not want to go deep into what happen because I know I will cry if I do so this is the simplified version.

-After missing my dad and cutting off contact for maybe like 6 years?
-Mum saw him.
-He blamed the cutting off contact between us to me not attending Grandpa's wake when it was because his wife restricted him?!?! Sings Akon's "You can put the blame on me"
- Than he told Mum, he didn't want to see me, it would only bring him trouble and "the one at home" will nag.

SO, conclusion, I am NOTHING but trouble to my own blood father. *Huge sigh* I can feel the tears now so I am ending here.

Don't worry about me, I will pick myself up!!

I shall continue the my entry soon and as I have promised myself, I will start vlogging soon! *Fingers crossed!*

CNY mood is lingering everywhere. 6 more days!

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