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Thank You.
Thursday, July 30, 2009

I must admit.. I have been feeling down this few days.
There was so much on my mind that everything seemed to be taking a toll on me.
I was struggling with my studies,work,art,family & many other things.
I felt exhausted but I didn't know who to turn to.
All I could do was pray.
Nobody knew much about what is going on behind my smile.
I found out just recently that the person who befriended me so sincerely was not who he really was.
My grandmother has been dabbling in all the loan shark stuffs again.
My mom's too busy w her boyfr.
84 days more to Olevels. I have no time to waste.
I gotta rush my art.


I have been thinking whether I should stop working or not as I really want to put all my time into studying.
However,If I stop,I would definitely struggle financially.
Praise the Lord,I received a blessing today & this miracle really surprised me.
My doubts found its answer.
I can stop working but continue to give tuition.
Thus,I can put my time to studying & serving the Lord.
I have an awesome God !!

I cant blog anymore.
Thanks James for staying by me & cheering me up.
Thanks Brother Jo for the blessing.
Thank you Lord for not forsaking me.

P.S: I may not be blogging so much. Reason : STUDY!!


Appreciation ^^
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This is Jmes here , I'm proudly Blessed to have jolene as my GF. Because she will planned everything for me. she;s the one i love HEHEH . Liked ytd,she planned my mother bday so Throughly , give my mum surprises. I'm happy when i saw the smile on my mother face ; nevertheless I'm glad to have Jolene as my Girl.
Iloveyou BABY .
I appreciate all ur doings for this few months.
Thankyou XiaoLing ^^ .U'r my Wonderwoman .<3


I am still ALIVE :)
Monday, July 27, 2009


Yes,I am definitely still alive and have not yet backed out from the blogging industry yet :x

It is just that I have been super busy,my Usb cable is dead and blogger over at home don't allow me to upload photos.

So that explains everything.

There's an overload of photos for you to enjoy.

Firstly,none of the polytechnics have called me for an interview yet :(

So I don't think my DPA application is successful.

My blogshop ain't working.

I have no time to take care of it too.

Oh well,I guess I am not sales person material.

Boyfr isn't too :X HAHA!!

There has been so much going on at home w my family.

I want to pretend nothing is going on,& yet I can't.

I just hope no more trouble will come knocking anymore.

I have an unpredictable grandma.

A cousin who takes every single human for granted.

I know I shouldn't complain but it is just that I don't feel appreciated.

I don't need to be rewarded for the things I've done.I just wanna be appreciated.

I took this photos with Quelyn some time ago during Cell group.
It was her birthday :D
She's someone who shares the same culture with me.

Boyfr & me.

Thai Express is love (:

Boyfriend bought this pair of shoes for me for our 10th month anni (:
Thank you so much !!! I love it.
It's purple !

Me & you.

Snow,yours truly.

Met up w Huizhen last week for a movie.
[Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince]
w ex girls home officers & some girls.

I have patched things up with my tweety (:
Have been meeting her up to chat,slack & just hang out.
Had an overnight chat session w her at my house.
Hahas,love you tweety.

Her name is Elaine Goh Hwee Ru.
& she looks like this :

This is a photo that I took w my dearest & most beloved MUMMY like few weeks back.
Or maybe a month ago ?
Love you mother.
She's a stylo-mylo mum yeah ?

And th rest of the overdued photos (:

Goodnights all.

All the best for everything you do!

Oh Angel ,i'm sorry
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BABY SNOWY ; I'm sorry for spoiling ur day ytds .Regret making u cry,but i didnt mean to eh.i dunno hw to sweet sweet the post . If is possible i seek ur forgivness. can u forgiv me ? i really try my means to make it sweet le. babydarlingangelofmyheart iLOVEyou.

Your sincerely;


Condemning your family members.
Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blogspot is mad & thr is no way to upload photos.
I am beginning to doubt Blogger's capabilities.
Should I cahnge to some other blogging spaces ?

Anyway,I am feeling really sad.
Grandma screamed & shouted at me.
& we had an arguement.
I shan't divulge much.
All I can say is that she condemns the ones who stand by her,she condemns her own kins over money.
Material needs can never ever satisfy a person.

At times,I feel so strung out trying to make everyone around me happy.
What about myself ??
Does anyone knows what lies behind the wry smile that I wear on my face?
I am so not trying to act emo but who really really knows what happens in my life?
Like literally all that I have been through.
It is at times too much for me to handle,but still,I scrape through w the Lord holding on to my hands,slowly guiding me.

I am definitely challenged by this screwed up life.

Hope thr will be better days ahead.

Received news about Belinda's grandad just now.
& instantly,I thought of my grandpa :(

My beloved grandpa.
After you left,this family became so wired up.
We no longer have you to rely on anymore.
You was one of the best humans in my life.
& till eternity I will LOVE you.

REST IN PEACE Belinda's Grandpa.
You've left to answer the Lord's calling.

Replies to tags :

Celine MeiMei : Yeah,cycling is fun & they kept disturbing us about not knowing how to cycle :D Smack them ahh.
James : Love you precious!
Elaine : Relinked alrdy my dear.
Shona : My email is
Kathy : Yeah,He is so cute right ? :D
Claria : Alright,I will send you th photos sooonnn (:


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Introducing .....


My beloved brother.
My usb cable is officially spoilt :(
So i cant upload photos that I took recently.
Anyways,I miss Russel alot :(

God,please give me strength to study real hard all through the week.
I want to glorify you once again this year.

-I am hungryyyyyyyy :(
I am forever eating.I wonder whats going on inside my body.Why does it always ask for more & more food ??

Baby went for a soccer match @ North Vista Sec just now.
Random right?

I am off to do my Art---------


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