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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Well hey hello everyone!
Okay, maybe I have been away for pretty long and nobody reads my blog no more but whatever. I am still going to post this up.

I HAVE been trying hard not to procrastinate and actually write daily but I failed =(
I'll be determined & keep trying alright? Actually, I would like to start doing "Vlogs" but I am still pretty camera shy. Give me some motivation, readers! :)

My comeback post here will be about .... TRAVELLING! Don't you all just love this?

I haven't traveled anywhere very far in my life before. These are the places I've been to.

- Bangkok
- Johor Bahru
- Penang
- Batam
- Bintan
- Genting
- Superstar Virgo (This is gonna sound really bimbotic but errrr, is this considered overseas?)

I went to Bangkok while still in my primary school days with my stepfather & family. BUT I have no single recollection of it at all. Seriously, & I don't know why either. Maybe memories that includes that person's face/existence just cannot live in my pure mind. Well, guess what? I am going to Bangkok in like a month's time!!!!! Are you as excited as me? I'd be away from the 21st of September to the 28th of Septemeber, a week to be exact! I'll definitely take loads & loads of photos, not only that, I'd definitely be stuffing myself badly! Eat,shop,eat,shop,eat,shop~ I cannot wait! No doubt I may gain like 3kg there but who cares? It's gonna be worth it!

Johor Bahru- Many of you have been there definitely. To eat the "Abalone Noodle" and the very famous "Lok Lok".

I haven't went into JB to have these for months. I remember the very last time I went in.. We were actually dumb enough to enter without getting our passports endorsed with the immigration stamps! Can you believe it? Gordon drove me, Samuel & James in. The weird immigration dude just let us pass without demanding for our passports! And the cheek they have to tell us this: "If you come to my country,you better give us your passports,we do not need to ask from you!" They wanted us to give them like 3000 ringgit to let us go. Ridiculous money-grubbing "officers". I kinda side-tracked a little but well yeah. JB is a dangerous place after all, seeing all the news reports on thefts, murders and whatnots. Stay safe people!

Penang- This place marks the first overseas trip with B, just the 2 of us. This place, was a FOOD HAVEN. Believe me! We felt like we were food gourmets sent there on a mission - TO EAT. We chose to go on a free & easy trip to conquer this district. It was an absolutely amazing trip. With the map of "Pulau Pinang" in our hands, we managed to explore every single food stalls within Georgetown in 3D2N! There was LOK LOK there as well :)

Look at the photos for my Penang Trip here : Penang Trip 2009 , Penang Trip 2009 (Part II)

Genting- This was a very fulfilling trip with B & his family. I used to go to Genting regularly in my primary school days as well. All I can say is, I had no balls to go for most of the rides & now I am regretting it. I wanna go again! is actually offering a $2 per night deal for First World Hotel! It's only for weekday stays so although I am very tempted, I stopped myself from purchasing it. (I have no more annual leaves for this year if you were wondering.) Oh yeah, Jason Neo came along w us as well,my cute little big head brother! =D

Let the photos show you the fun & the family warmth I experienced there!
Click here -> Genting Trip : 4th to 8th June 2010 (PART I)
                     Genting Trip : 4th - 8th June ( PART II )
                     Genting Trip : 4th-8th June 2010 (FINALE)

Superstar Virgo- This was my FIRST time on a cruise if I recall correctly. Or maybe not. I think I did go on a cruise trip before,again.. when I was young. But well, no recollection. *shrugs shoulders* We went with Jeanne's family and celebrated Alastair's birthday on board! How cool is it to celebrate your birthday on board Superstar Virgo! It would even be more awesome if you had the whole cruise to only yourself, your friends & your family members! Can't deny that I had a great time there, again experiencing family warmth so warm that I want to go again very soon! You know the feeling of standing on the deck of the cruise with the wind blowing in your face? Trouble-free & so relaxed? It felt real amazing, I swear. Jason came along on this trip as well! Our 2nd day was spent @ Redang Island. I TELL YOU IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN THERE BEFORE, what are you waiting for seriously? Redang Island is awesome! Check out e beautiful sea & even through the photos, you can already imagine the serenity of the island!

Wanna see more? --> Superstar Virgo/Redang 3D2N 30th July to 1st Aug.
                                  Superstar Virgo/Redang 3D2N 30th July to 1st Aug. (PART II)

Know where I went this year??? 2 Indonesian Islands!

Bintan -  You wouldn't visit this place if you are someone who wants to shop,shop & shop. We stayed at a resort and this place can only be described with one word : RELAXING. Not as beautiful as Redang Island but this was a birthday trip for my dearest Mummy. Basically,we went there to throw away all our bad luck, to chill at the beach and not forgetting, TO EAT! 

Click here to experience : Bintan Trip 19/3/11 to 20/3/11

Batam - Another Indonesian island! =) Went to Batam with B, Mummy & God-mum. It was just a simple 2D1N trip to relax our minds & enjoy a getaway. What to do when you are there?

(1) Eat A&W!
(2) Have Seafood Dinner at Harbourbay, I tell you, the black pepper crab is finger lickin fabulous!
(3) Shop at Nagoya Hill Shopping Centre.
(4) Have Seafood lunch at Golden Prawn 933. 
(5) Try the outdoor activities & water sports!

Photos here : Batam Getaway 4th June to 5th June 2011.

So it seems, I have been travelling pretty much huh! I really am excited to head to Bangkok next month. I have gotta control my spending as of now. I will not look at pretty bags,pretty apparels & pretty heels. I can get them all at such a cheap rate in Bangkok. Practice control!

Next on my list for year 2012.

  • Bandung.
  • Krabi
  • Cameron Highland 
  • Koh Samui
  • Langkawi
ALSO! I am going to learn swimming, I promise myself this! I want to visit this breath-taking place @ Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort. More details HERE!

Next blog posts should be about my birthday wishlist. 

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