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Farewell 2011, Hello 2012!
Saturday, December 31, 2011

Greetings all lovely babies. I have scheduled a post for the 31st of December at 11.59pm.

THIS is to bid farewell to the awesome, great, challenging, amazing, astounding, unforgettable, wonderful, surprising, you name it 2011 that we had went through.

Let's all welcome 2012 with arms wide open and tell it that "HEY 2012, you can do better than 2011 yeah!"

Let's sum up the whole of 2011 here in THIS SPACE! Well.. I finally left Kumpulan Development and gotten a new job @ Changi. But I was thankful that I joined Kumpulan Development because I got to know really nice people and 1 of them was my god-mum.
I have never really blogged about her but let me tell you this, she is an absolutely amazing & generous lady. We knew each other for around a year or so and she has always treated me really well. I have forgotten how or when I started calling her god-mum but well, things just went that way. I gotten to know her in 2009 and we only got closer in the middle of 2009.

Without Kareen, there was no one else to guide me from right or wrong in Kumpulan.
Without Kareen, I couldn't see how awesome her maternal instincts were.
Without Kareen, I wouldn't be able to stand up when my blood mother was going through a horrible time, causing me to undergo immense pressure.
Without Kareen, I will never see how a woman at her age can stand so firm so strong at her age, just to continue fighting for her kid's well being.

She was someone who gave her all in everything that she did. She worked hard for perfection in everything but one bad quality she has is that she trusts too easily. She is that nice and that vulnerable that people tend to take advantage of her.
The above photo was taken in January 2011, before I left KD. All I gotta say is I hope that god-mum will have an amazing 2012 ahead. She has worked hard enough and have given so much of her love and time to her kids and work. Let her have a happier year!

I love you Kareen :)

I also knew another sister in KD. She seems rather fierce at first impression but after you get to know her, she is really a nice person, very motherly too. A young HOT mama! Just like Kareen :D Just that Kareen is older.

I love you Faith! :)

They were the few people that I couldn't really part with in KD. Actually, there were quite a few... Mellisa, Christelle, Alan, (the driver), Jimmy and Kitson, ( my brother in KD whom thought me a lot a lot a lot a lot of virtues in life) and Kai Ling, (my party rock sista)
This is Alan :)
I miss you!

 Christelle ^^ She is happily married, living in bliss. I am happy for her and I hope that in the year 2012, she will change into a stronger woman who can stand up on her own and fight for her own rights :)

I love and miss you babe!

 Jimmy! My god-dad. A humorous fellow and someone who never fails to crack us up on gloomy days.

I miss you dad!

 Kitson Wong! A very great brother who never fails to teach me the virtues and right values in life.

I miss you bro!

 Mellisa! We go back to a long time ago in secondary school where we weren't very close but became closer while working in KD. Mellisa, Christelle and I shared a special friendship in KD. We went through hardship, tears, laughter and loads of fun to be where we were in 2011. We left KD happily ( we were contemplating this choice for freaking  hell don't know how many months ).. and we got a better job now.. All the 3 of us.

I miss you Mel!

**Anyway, why does my hair look so fugly and I only realise it like NOW?

This is another HOT mama, Kai Ling. We partied together, we gossiped together and she never fails to perk me up. The time I spent with her in KD was short but the memories were unforgettable. I remembered there was once we were dining at "Mun Ting Xiang" at Hougang Green, sharing stories of our lives and she actually teared. Those were the days, we would always say... Awwwww~

Love you sista!

I am more than happy to have known this people in my life and though we are no longer as close as before,I hope to keep this people in my life in the years ahead :)

In year 2011, I have gotten very close to a few people whom I now meet on a regular basis. First, it's...

Aelda Quek Fang Yu. We knew each other since.. let me see.... 2006 if I am not wrong. We first met in a place where nobody likes to mention about :D After we left that place, we drifted here and there.. Contacting each other as and when. I was there her first baby, Fedora...turned a month old. I was also there when Raphael turned a month old. She is a wonderful lady, very sentimental like me and James even said that we somehow look alike sometimes :) I am happy for her that like Christelle, she is happily married and living a good life with her husband and 2 kids. I hope that this woman will stay in my life for as long as she can.

I love you Aelda! 

Jasmin Tan Ee Lin. This woman, she NEVER changes. I know that if you love someone, you wouldn't want them to change for anything. But this woman here HAS got to change. She never fails to let people make use of her or take advantage of her. Especially GUYS! I mean I have directly slandered her, called her ugly names in the vain attempts to wake her up and stop her from allowing people to hurt her. I have called her desperate, disgusting, etc etc whatever shit names you can think of. But that's cos I love her too much. I do not want her to continue being cheated by men like she is just a piece of trash. JASMIN! Stop dying to be in love. Love will find you one day. Study hard, enjoy single life with friends. She is also the only one who can walk with me through my crazy temperamental mood swings and still want to be my friend.

I love you Jasmin!

Reuben Thio Wei Liang- aka Fei Long. This Happyrockballz fellow was someone I got closer to in 2011. He is one of James' friend and I rarely will get that close to any friends of James. I mean close in the terms that we will whatsapp each other daily and I will pour out all of my problems to him. He wasn't a person who could give advice but at least he was always there to listen. I called him my brother and I really treated him as one, swear! Whenever me and James had any good lobangs, he was the first one we'd call along. He was also our gym buddy but a very LAZY one indeed. I planned his birthday celebration in 2011 and it was kinda screwed up though. Anyway, we've some small tiffs and miscommunication and I think not many people can withstand my crazy temper so well, we have kinda sorta drifted. I treated him TOO much like my own brother that I someone felt that I put in too much effort in our friendship and he wasn't doing that much for me. Walao, what did I expect? Most guys are "wooden" and they don't really know how to keep friendships going. I meant most ok, so don't judge. Anyway, all I wanted was for this brother of mine to lead a better lifestyle, a healthy one. Not one where he coops himself up for hours at the LAN shop gaming for 24 hours straight, leading a meaningless life, not knowing what is his goal. I know he hates studying but he hates the idea of working and going to army as well. I just cared too much for this brother that I did not want him to lead a hand to mouth lifestyle, I want him to have plans & savings for his future and become a successful person someday. Well, maybe I cared too much. I cared too much for Carolyn in the past, and I lost her as well. :( Anyway, never regret having this brother in my life also. ^^

Ghing Ghing- And now to my awesome colleague + sister. The closest person to me in my current company. Our friendship is ONLY 9 months old as of today. BUT what we went through made us feel as if we have known each other for a very very long time. Since the very first day I joined my new company, she has been very friendly to me, bringing me out for lunch, guiding me on many other stuffs. She is super patient with me always. You know I am a very clumsy person with a short term memory but she never fails to guide me and repeat herself over and over again no matter what. For work matters, stress and trouble, no one else would understand me better than her because we go through the same thing together. We've seen each other tear at work, get angry, we grumble about the unfairness of happenings together and at the end of the day, we never fail to support each other. I am happy that I found such a friend in this new company and I hope we still remain friends/sisters in the near future, for a long long time. 

I love you Ghing!

Babygirl Bee Kee. I got close to this dear girl only at the last quarter of this year. She's younger than me but she was like a "big sis" to me when I was in secondary school. I remember once when I was in Sec 5, I saw her outside my classroom and ran to her and said "Walao, Bee Kee, Vincent dumped me" than started tearing. I am laughing at the weird things I always remember. We weren't very close in secondary school but we would say hi and acknowledge each other when we pass by each other in school. Early this year, we quarrelled over Carolyn and sort of not contacted each other. *rolls eyes* Us girls huh, forever like that you will say. What to do? We are girls after all. I admit I am a demanding person and I would want my friends to stand by me even if I am wrong. :D But our friendship wasn't that easy to let go I guess? Don't judge this woman as someone very strong and very fierce. I used to think that way of her. But after all, she is as fragile as all normal girls like you and me. I'd crash my sad thoughts to her and she would do the same to me. What made me realise our friendship was real strong is when I realised I could tell her anything about anyone, those dark secrets and she would understand me without passing any judgement, just like Jasmin. Many stuffs happened and they are too personal to be revealed here but well, I hope this girl stays with me in my life till a long long time ahead. 
 I love you Babygirl Mei Qi :)

And again, the USUAL people on my blog entries. My clique!!

Hui Qi kinda was afraid of me the first time she met me. It was in sec school. I was the "ah lian" that people never really got to know really well. It all started with me throwing this handphone strap on the floor, somewhere in class. You know us bloody litter bugs, can't even walk to the bin to dump something. Sloths! Hui Qi thought that I had dropped it and kindly returned it back to me. Imagine my annoyed face when she returned something which I threw away. Of course I took it without saying thanks! And that left a pretty bad impression on her. But well, our friendship went a better way after we had a common liking for Korean band, SS501. I introduced her to work in KD with me and well, sparks just flew. WA, majiam LOVERS leh. Haha. I call her my daughter and I treat her like one too. Alway bullying her. Any applicants to be her boyfriend after the many times I have blogged about her? EH Benjamin Lee, where are you! :D

 I love you Aunty Lam! :)

Amanda was my partner in crime in secondary school. We knew of each other's existence but we were in different cliques. We always see each other in the girls toilet whenever I was puffing away or skipping class! :D But we've both grown up now and developed a genuine friendship whom nobody expected. Of cos no one expected cos no one wanted to be friends with an "Ah Lian" like me in the past T_T . Any applicants to be her bf? Shit, Hab Chong will kill me if he sees this!

I love you Amanda!

June! I think I got closer to June only after secondary school was over. I cannot remember how but our friendship just kept blossoming and blossoming so much that all of you would be jealous :D Haha. She is a really really really kind person and she rarely complains about helping us. How nice right?

I love you Woon Nian June! :)

Adam- The ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS very happy dude in my clique. He is always either laughing or either smiling. I do not know how he maintain his positive sunshine exterior but he just does. You cannot find another happier person than him. He told us he rarely have any negative or sad thoughts and we are happy for him but Adam, if you ever ever feel down or need people to talk to, we are here!!!!! OH YAH, he is single as well. Any takers?

I love you Adam!

Hab Chong- My very mischievousness brother. He is another happy person with a very humorous character. He is always joking around and he never fails to cheer us up. I envy that he has a very well bonded family and he goes around with a carefree attitude. Never regret having a brother like him. He is somehow single but his heart is with Amanda. ( I THINK? ) Hahah. I know you would kill me for writing this on my blog but hey, it's the NEW YEAR! :D

I love you little brother!

Hurhur, can I photoshop Teck Chaw's face away and add Amanda's face in here? xD

I love you all. And this photo is the background photo for my computer screen at work now!

And now we have come to a Very Important Person in my life.

Liu Jun Hong, James.

What have I to say about this man. The ups and downs we have been through. The smiles, the tears and the laughter. I wouldn't ramble on about my baby here because once I start, I can't stop =D I would leave all the love notes for another time or on any anniversaries as each day with this man is an unforgettable one. I could write a book about him. :) All I hope for is for you, James to spend as many new years with me as possible. Till the day one of us has to leave. Simple wish from a simple girl to a simple boy.

I love you Baby Darling! Xoxo.

Here's to everyone who has been there for me in the year 2011 and who will still be there for me in the years ahead. For those who have walked away, I wish you all the best and for those who didn't, I wish you even better days!!!!! :D I am also damn kiasi (google if you don't know what is this) okay, if the world really ends in 2012, at least you all know I love you all right :D


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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Please grow stronger and fatter please.

I love you and I never will stop loving you! :)

How I spent my Xmas in 2011.
Monday, December 26, 2011


I have had an awesome Christmas this year. How was yours? Feel free to share them with me.

Oh yeah, let me side track a bit over here. My M1 fibre broadband has finally been installed last Friday on the 23rd! I finally have a speedy internet service at home. Goodbye you lousy 7.2mbps broadband on mobile!!! 100mbps fibre broadband service at only $39/month! I think it's damn worth it. I signed up for this service at the Sitex roadshow so I bet this offer will be out again soon in March where there will be another road show. So do sign up for it! I signed up for the one that comes with a FREE Acer Aspire TimelineX by the way, if you are curious to know.

Refer below. Photo credits to VR-Zone.

ANYWAY, back to the jingle bells story. I spent my Christmas doing these : ......................... *lights off,music on*

I dressed up as Minnie Mouse yet again on Christmas Eve! *grins*
I am obsessed with my Minnie Mouse hair band obviously and I nonchalant to anyone, everyone who calls me childish :D

 On the way to meet the rest @ Compass Point for some grocery & log-cake shopping!
 No photos taken while we were shopping because when we meet, we become a bunch of noisy aunties and we forget all about cam-whoring. Hahaha.

Guess what I found at June's house!!!!!!!! A calendar with the same logo as my tattoo!! Cool or what. Makes me feel like some sort of an ambassador. Or rather I felt like I was one of the death eaters and this calendar was promoting Voldemort. -_- I hope you get my lame joke here.

 Juney dear baked cookies for us!!! So sweet. Apparently, I have finished them as of today. EXPECTED WHAT!

LOOK AT THE SPREAD. Super new year-ish right? It was like some sort of Christmas reunion dinner for us. We haven't met up as a clique for ages you know so yeah, it's definitely a reunion! Not only do we have food prepared by June's mum, we also have loads of fried food like chicken wings, wantons and also fish balls. Did I make you drool? June's mum is really super hospitable and very nice! She doesn't mind messing up her kitchen for us. I love her! She's so smiley and so kind. June's place is rather a quiet home but when Amanda, Hui Qi and I enter her humble home, we turned the place into some market! Serious! I bet the neighbours could hear our laughter 3 units away. Luckily, nobody came to complain. 
 Our mango flavoured log cake. We only came to realize that all log cake were made of swiss rolls. Or was it because it wasn't from a high end confectionery? It was from Polar by the way. It was still nice anyway.
 Lam Hui Qi, the one who always gets bullied.
 Amanda, the very fashionable one.. always!!!
 June, the TALL one.. as always. Everyone is TALL to me. FML.
 YOU SEE. If she is not the TALL one, who is? She always has to bend down to take a photo with me. 委屈你了 June! Is that how you write "wei qu" by the way?
 Hui Qi's professional skills lor.
 My baby boy.
I enjoyed having heart to heart chats after dinner with the girls, spilling our hearts out and giggling like school girls. Oh, they still are school girls. I am the only WORKING ADULT. Boo.

After the steamboat and heartfelt conversations, James and I went over to Bishan for Fang Yu's barbecue celebration. We reached there pretty late and the lights at the pit were already turned off. Why so cheapo for what huh anyway? It was ONLY 10pm and it was Christmas Eve some more. Stingy!!! So apparently, due to the lack of lightnings, I didn't take away photos with Fang Yu, Jasmin or my beloved Raphael and Fedora. How sad!

After the barbecue was over, Fang Yu and the rest went for their drinking session while Baby and I headed back to Xin Wang HongKong cafe to meet my girls again.

 He looks really nice when he smiles but he barely do so when we take photos. :(
 Us beauties!

 They said do a "鬼脸“ and I didn't know they were all doing almost the same stunts while I was there trying to act like a ..... PIG?

 Thanks to Fang Yu for the hand-written Xmas letter and your gift. I have 2 piglet cartooned cups now! 1 from Ferlyn and the other one from Fang Yu!!
Jasmin got me this leopard printed jacket and I love it with all my heart and soul. All leopard printed stuffs always gives me the "love at first sight" feel you know. 
OKAY, before you start judging me... Let me explain this photo. This was how my hair looks like after I loosen my bun after a long day and I felt that it looked really nice. Many critics will definitely say I look like some insane bitch here but whatever. I am intending to perm my hair and it MAY look like this after perming you know. What do you readers think? Should I perm?
 Fast forward to Christmas Day! Russel was allowed to come out with us on Christmas day to celebrate his birthday and also Christmas as well. The pure joy when I saw him was unexplainable! I haven't seen him for so long and he has changed so much!!!!!! Still my cute, handsome and jovial little one. I wished I could see him daily :(
 Mum was rather emotional that day as she missed Russel as much as I did.......

We missed you a lot too Julian. Just wished you would stop ignoring and hating on us for no apparent reasons. You're my brother and you are Mummy's son, nothing can change that fact. Why are you being so obnoxious to us? WHY???

 See the happiness in this photo. No words to describe!
 Fun at the arcade!

 Mother & Son killing zombies.

 I was feeding my prince some Yami Yogurt while he raced with Celine.
 And this shot showed my glutton side. Damn it. I look like some.. yeah.. glutton.
 CUTE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! His thumbnail photo for Mario Go-Kart. HAHAHA!

 My little prince. I love you, with all my heart and soul.
 Happiness. Pure bliss.

 Russel @ Swenson's. Being all cute and handsome as always.
 Some cam-ho with the boyfriend.
 Yes, I was wearing a leopard printed top!!
 Aftermath, we were supposed to bring Russel to Hougang Green to play some LAN games as per his request but we saw an Uncle Ringo carnival and decided to play the rides instead.

Look at James & Russel playing the bumper car rides. It was rather scary in my opinion but well, Russel had fun!

 Them stoning while Celine and I were ordering our Koi bubble tea.

Christmas this year was really awesome! It would have been better if Julian was around though.

Till we meet again darlings!

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