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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I'm blogging now because I'm feeling happy. And being happy is such a good feeling... Being able to feel better no matter what is going on in your life is pretty much an amazing achievement in anyone's life.

Let me update everyone about my life. (Presuming I really do have readers who reads my blog). I always tell myself to update regularly, there was once I said I would update my blog daily but procrastination always reigned over me.

I've been working in my current company for about a year & more...And at this moment, I'm rather dissatisfied with my job. I was told to prove myself a year ago, when I was still green. I worked my way up, getting results, showing my potential & making sure my boss knew I was hardworking & worthy to hire. Hired as a coordinator but told to do even more, I accepted it willingly. Targets were given & I achieved it. I made requests to be rewarded and hoped silently to be recognized for what I had done. I fought for an ideal "compensation" but till now, none came. Let's be realistic. Sales is about the money right? I get the deal signed & I rightfully should ne paid with the commission value right? I requested several times but every time I did, I was rebutted with a "Not enough, prove again, do more script." Let's say the target was 3.5 million & together with the team, we hit 4.2 million. Does it not show something? Have we not proven?

And today, an increment happened. Thank you for that A. But a 2 digit increment is just so shoddy. I'm not greedy but a normal sales job out there could kindly give more than what I am getting now with the experience & base that I have. I've been offered a good rate by other companies but I was taken aback by the working location. I've given up though.. In trusting your words. You asked me why I had no reaction towards the increment & also told me that when I started this job, I gave excellent results but somehow I changed. I'm sorry, I didn't. You was the one who couldn't keep to your words. I saw through you. Let's not call this slavery, I can only compliment that you practice amazing cost-savings skills. Let's move on. I have to move on.

Good things have been coming and I'm staying both positive & grateful and I believe the turn of events will lead me to a better step in life.

I have so much to update everyone & I will but give me time. I have some restrictions at the moment so I seek your understanding.

On a lighter note, I dyed my hair violet & I totally love my hair now! So much has been happening & I'm looking forward to the end of the year. Ideas are buzzing & I am jumping around with enthusiasm! My love-life has been pretty much very delightful as well. What more can I ask for?

I am grateful for James, his friends (who are also my friends), my friends, my mother and Mei Lin from Marshall Cavendish who saw what there was in me, allowing me to fulfill my long-awaited dream. I am thankful for all these people & so much more.

I have trust that my future holds many rainbows!

P.S : The budget airline has refunded our payment for the overbooked flight during February. You'll know what I'm talking about if you've been reading my blog... And they compensated BF and I a pair of vouchers so tickets to BANGKOK yet AGAIN has been booked in September. I hope a few friends can join us this time!

Let's end this post with my latest camwhore shot! Or... maybe a few instead? :D

Stay tuned to my blog. I promise EXCITING NEWS.

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