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My 23rd. (PART TWO) + BB's POP!
Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Part 2 of my 23rd is quite environmental friendly because you will be seeing a lot of green here. Hahahaha. Sorry, pun intended.

I stayed up from the celebration with my girls(read previous post) to James' passing out parade at the Marina Bay Floating Platform. It was my first time watching a passing out parade and I must say it was rather eye-opening!!

This was around 6.30am on a Saturday. On the actual day of my birthday! Bleary-eyed and lack of sleep... This view was an instant mood lifter! 

And this is me, with my future mother-in -law... Hahahaha. Look at us trying hard to look good for the camera amist our fatigue. 

We waited DAMN FRIGGIN LONG for them to march out. It was such a long wait that I feel tired just describing it now! 

Can you spot James? Hahaha, we are always so telepathic and it was super easy to find him. 
Look at how sweaty & smelly James was! They all really stinked but of cause they are not to blame. Just look at the freaking hot sun. 不sweat才怪啦。

They said "Happy Birthday" to me in unison after these photos were taken, sweet right! Haha.

These 2 guys are the ones who made James' BMT life real fun and unforgettable. And they are both single. What are you waiting for ladies? The guy with a dimple is a very serious photographer as well and you can follow him on his instagram handle @hanliang. The one in the centre is also an interesting guy who has a lot of knowledge and wit. You can look for him on Twitter @Sir_AdamKing. Good luck ladies! And the guy on the right is taken so suck it up. LOL.

Went home to take a nap and James brought me to Serangoon Garden for my birthday dinner.

We had our dinner at Borsch Steakhouse @ Serangoon Garden and although the shop looked super old with measly furniture.. The food came as a surprise! They had this 4 course meal thingy which didn't cost a lot and was pleasant to the tastebuds. You should go try! 

I cannot remember the name of this dish but it was cold prawns with some sauce.... 
Caviar and egg. Hen atas yi xia hor?

Our grilled spring chicken main dish which kinda looks like a.... Frog?
James performing a chicken dance ritial before digging into his meal.
And everything must off with dessert right??? 

And so, I am 23. But I still look like 16. What a sad story. 

My 23rd. (PART ONE)
Saturday, October 19, 2013

Thank you everyone for opening up this post and for being curious as to how my 23rd was celebrated!! :D

Getting older is not a happy affair and as quoted from James, "Why should I celebrate a day that my mother suffered so much pain?" 

BUT..... Being so awesome, it is great that I came into this world so my birthday is still a celebratory-worthy affair! Haha!

My birthday falls on a Saturday this year, on 12th October and it also coincides with James' POP! 

Surprise 1- My birthday started early on the 9th cos I went on long leave from the 10th to 18th! Jasmin surprised me with a cake and I really appreciate the simple & sweet thought! 

Surprise 2 also came on the same day. A group of close friends gave me this beautiful watch and I am in love with it! 
Thank you Gabriel, Louise & Hui Shan... though I doubt you all will ever read my blog~

My lovely girlfriends celebrated my 23rd for me on the 11th! They were super mysterious about it pls! I had totally no idea where we were heading or what we were going to do! I was only told to dress up and meet up at Clarke Quay.

Birthday dinner happened at Shuffle Bistro & Bar. Good food and good company, what more can I ask for? 

I had laksa pasta on that day but I didn't finished it because it was a tad too creamy for me. 
Their hot wings were nice but they weren't really hot, as in spicy?!! So I wasn't sure were they supposed to be spicy or not... 

And I'm sorry I stopped taking photos of the food after that because the place was just too dark and the flash from my iphone made everything looked like shit. So, I gave up. 

Sneaky girlfriends than surprised me with a super chio RAINBOW cake!!!!!

I can't explain how beautiful it is so please look at the photos and just puke rainbows please.

Make a wish...
Opened my eyes and my girls didn't snap it fast enough so June said "在wish." Lol, kena forced.
So, NG... And retake..

Must take different angle also. See my eyelash super long and pretty. Rare occasion that I applied mascara.

The funniest thing was, the staff at Shuffle placed the wrong number of camdles. Supposed to be 23 but they wanted to make me feel younger instead. Thank you ah. 

Blow candles also must slow-mo one okay cos must snap a photo mah... End up my mouth looked like goldfish. Meh. But still chio lah, who dares to say birthday girl not chio leh?!

Cannot bear to cut the beautiful rainbow cake...

很美hor?So pretty pls! My girls lied that they baked it but they fail badly as actresses. 

Rest of the photos are of the beautiful birthday cake PLUS the beautiful birthdat girl so I can bet with ya $1000 that you will feel super beautiful at the end of this post. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Got flash, no flash also sibeh chio. Buay tahan. 

Thank you for the bag! I am sure you all can see how happy I am!! 

The night ended with a K-session till 3am and we all headed home after that. I stayed awake through the night to attend James' passing out parade but I will leave that for Part 2 of this post instead...

You girls have been really worried for me the past few months due to my mild depression and I am so blessed to have you guys listening to my sorrow and grumblings everyday. Thank you for being there and I would not exchange anyone else for you wonderful girls! <3 

Thank you for making me so happy while turning 23! 

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