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Friday, May 30, 2014

Of course, I did thought of quitting blogging because of the incident on the previous post but hey, why should I let you all define me? The main point here is... WHO ARE YOU TO STOP ME? =D

Thank you everyone for all the love amidst all the hatred because those who mind don't matter and those who matter really don't mind. I felt so much love from friends, family members and also my workplace- Super love all of you now. 

A new advert today! 
Bet there will be those who will complain again...
Too much ads you all complain, write about what I feel (menses leave)- you all complain, If I don't blog, you all will also complain.


Today's post will be about this online blogshop that sells dresses at such a low price that even I myself am puzzled as to how they actually profit?!!?

DELOVESH (Click on link now!)

They provide FREE normal shipping with no conditions applied and free courier services with orders above $80! 

They have new stocks coming in every other day and that is also the reason why I had a hard time making a checkout for this advertorial because I wanted like..... EVERY PIECE!

It is hard for me to buy dresses outside because I am a UK 6- Size XS and I have to wear a lot of corporate dresses for work and events but I can never find suitable dresses for me. It is very frustrating to fall in love with a dress and yet bringing it home only to find out that the hole (at the armpit area) is SOOO huge that I have to wear a tube and the whole point of the lovely dress is gone =( 

I AM SO GLAD I FOUND DELOVESH! I can already presume that I will be making a lot of purchases from them! 

RKD12194 OL Temperament Dress

Don't judge for the pixelated photos because I edited the DREAMY effect on purpose. I am not exaggerating but I felt like a ballerina in this dress cause of the flowy effect. Hahaha. Quite princessy right?

They have it in blue colour as well! Perfect for going on dates and for work. Let this be your Friday dress! 

$19.70 for this piece before discounts!

RKD12478 Sweet Flower Printed Dress

Disclaimer: I am not a model by nature but I try my best to pose as perfectly as possible.

Sweetest dress I have ever came across in my life! They also have it in tiffany blue colour and I will be purchasing that from them soon! I cannot help it!!! The material of the dress is not the thin & flimsy kind.. It is made of hemp fabric so it is a really durable material! 

I have a lot of weddings to attend in the months ahead and I am sure DELOVESH's dresses will be my choices to wear. Start shopping now!

Again, this is the perfect date dress and work dress for any girls! 
$17.10 for this piece before discounts!

Most of the dresses on DELOVESH are all below $20! You have to start adding them to your cart now because they are having GSS promotions!

★Great Singapore Sale From 30 May to 27 July 2014.

  Use coupon code: GSS10 to enjoy 10% discount for all the items on their portal!

Like them on Facebook - DELOVESH FB PAGE 
Follow them on Instagram - DELOVESH IG PAGE

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Menses Leave
Monday, May 19, 2014

Yes. You heard me. 

We women SHOULD BE entitled to "menstruation leave."

Hi bosses, if you happen to read my blog... Please do not misunderstand that I am targetted at you all or the company. 

I am writing in general.

AWARE Singapore finds faults with the NSF's songs and whatsoever that has links to NSF and such.

There is a REAL problem brewing here. AWARE SINGAPORE should fight for "menstruation leave"!!!

I mean, come on, we have maternal leave and we have paternal leave and childcare leave but I really do think that menstruation leave is needed!!! 

I am sure there are a lot of female out there that suffers as much as me during THAT TIME OF THE MONTH and especially on the second day! 

You name it, we got it.
- Stomach Cramps
- Nausea
- Weakness
- Giddiness (Due to low blood)
- Body Ache
- Nipple Swelling

Total discomfort apart from the fact that blood is leaving our body every other 30 minutes? And there is also the trouble of changing the stupid sanitary pad every 4-5 hours because it is extremely uncomfortable to wear a pad/tampon/whatsoever. Apart from that, we get urinal tract infection and other womanly problems so easily!!!!!

AND AND AND the fact that our emotions are all haywired and the rest of the male population thinks we are mad because we either throw tantrums or cry randomly because we just cannot control our emotions?!!!!!! 

We have to endure labour and menses cramps and blood leaving us monthly and we hibernate babies for 9 freaking months.. I totally think that menstruation leave is damn reasonable. 

It doesn't have to be a leave you know.. It could be a work-at-home day? Maybe just one day per month? We could still be productive at home though but we may just be scrunched up on our beds like a shrimp just fighting the cramps or maybe stuffing our faces with chocolate than having to deal with extra acne on our faces during our menstruation period. 

Before our menstruation comes, we have to deal with our extreme appetite and being judged by others as compulsive pigs!(I know I am exaggerating a little but I just want to get my point across here...)

This is a serious issue that the female population faces. Some of us cannot even get out of our beds on mornings where the cramps are so bad or we either stain our beds/sofas when we lie/sit down.


Seriously, we deserve menstruation leave.

Thanks for reading and no, I am not having my period now. The agony was just over. 

This is a pictureless post... What did you expect? A photo of a pad? LOL. 

Flyer/brochure distributors
Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I have been inactive on this space for awhile and I don't want you guys to think that I only hop in here to do up advertorials & reviews. No, I am not a mainstream blogger. That is also why it is hard for me when sponsors wants to see my blog stats because mostly- I have a lot of viewers per post but I cannot determine my monthly visitors because I don't have the privilege of blogging full-time.

I have so much to do so please bear with me as I take you on my blogging/writing journey.

Today, as you can see from the title... I want to talk about flyer distributors.

I have this habit of always always taking whatever the flyer distrubutors gives me and then passing the flyer to my boyfriend to help me to throw it away. He always gets pissed off and will question me back in return.

"If you had wanted to thrown that flyer away, why did you take it IN THE FIRST PLACE?" He would growl at me.

Well, I just wanted to make their lives easier. Flyer distributors have a quota/target to hit daily. Whatever you do with their flyer is not an issue- whether you read whatever it says on it or not. The issue is that it is their job and their ricebowl. They do not get paid much. Maybe just $5-$6/hour? Sometimes, some F&B staff may not even be paid for doing that because it is part of their job. 

I work around the Chinatown area and there is this uncle who works as a flyer distributor and he gives out the same flyer for a private institution everyday. It's some English college brochure and he will always force the brochure into my hand and murmurring "Study english, english classes..." somewhere along that line. At first, I was a bit annoyed because it was pretty rude to force me to accept the brochure but after sometime, I realised that he just wanted to do his job well and hit his quota.

I mean, just imagine? Standing there for 6-8 hours just hoping people will take your flyers from you smoothly and time will pass fast? It's not a tough job but it's not a very easy job either. Some people reject the flyers- that's okay. But you don't have to give a sickening look or even snarl at the flyer distributor. They are just doing their jobs. Some even use the "shoo" handsign. I mean come on, no one is selling you anything... Just take the flyer and make someone's job and life easier. It ain't that hard right? 

I can walk by the same flyer distributor and they will still give me the same brochure over and over again and I would still take it. Why? Just treat it as you are helping someone to dispose of something or making their job a little harder. 

Why am I talking about this today? I believe that we can all go the extra mile for anyone in our lives everyday. 

Why not start with flyer distributors or the guy that distributes the "TODAY" newspapers? 

Thanks for reading! And a selfie for you to let you remember how I look like. =D

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

I am so happy to be reviewing one of my favourite brands today! - ESSENTIAL!! 
This brand is so popular that I do not even have to introduce to you all what is it all about but you should know that this brand is super popular in Japan and also on our little red dot!

Essential offers products ranging from basic care items like Shampoo and Conditioner to Treatment items such as Intensive Hair Mask and Leave On Hair Treatments!

TODAY, I bring you :

Essential Sleeping Hair Mask 100ml & Essential Leave On Serum 60ml

Wake up happy because your hair looks so good that you don't even have to comb it!

Day 1 and I am in my PJS holding on to my Samplestore package but before using the product tonight, I will show you all how my hair condition is like WITHOUT putting on the magical hair mask!

 This is my hair before I go to sleep and being attacked by the pillow damage criminals!

Do you all know what is PILLOW DAMAGE?

  1. When sleeping, tossing and turning causes hair to rub against the pillow, creating friction. Such friction caused by the pillow is Pillow Friction. 
  2. Pillow Friction causes the hair cuticles to open up unevenly, causing hair to be rough, frizzy or prone to tangles. Such hair damage caused by pillow friction is Pillow Damage. 
  3.  As a result of Pillow Damage, you wake up the next day with frizzy, unmanageable hair like a lion’s mane. This is commonly referred to as bed hair. 
  4. To solve this problem, people usually have no choice but to wash their hair in the morning. Washing hair ‘resets’ the uneven alignment of hair cuticles and makes hair smooth and manageable again. 
  5. However, by having to wash hair in the morning, they have to wake earlier and sacrifice beauty sleep. 
  6. Alternative solution to the bed hair caused by Pillow Damage is to use new Essential Sleeping Hair Mask, which protects each hair strand and minimizes Pillow Damage.
Which of the below criminals are haunting you nightly?

Mine would be these two! My hair always ends up all over the pillow because they are really weak so they snap when I toss & turn my head on the pillows nightly!

And, FRIZZ is a major factor because they would end up super frizzy every morning. I would always end up looking like a lion. A cute one though! 


Selfies with frizzy hair makes the whole shot looks not so appealing anymore because a bad hair day = a bad photo!


Apply this on our hair before we go to bed. 
The milky, non-greasy texture is absorbed instantly by your hair and forms a protective layer between each hair strand and your pillow, protecting your hair cuticles from Pillow Friction while you toss and turn. Ladies can confidently look forward to stronger, healthier and silky soft hair that is easy to manage and style the next morning
Just pump a little on your palms and APPLY! That easy!

TA-DAH! Going to sleep HAPPY because I know I will have smooth & manageble hair next morning!

GOOD MORNING EVERYBODY! Look at how tamed my hair is, the frizz has lessened by 80% and it is overall super manageable now!

Before I get ready for work, I would add another extra boost to my hair!

To apply on our hair the next morning before we go out. 
The Cuticle Protection Ingredients form a protective veil over hair to prevent frizz and dryness caused by humidity and UV rays. Just spread the serum evenly onto hair and it invigorates hair, giving it a healthy and lustrous shine while protecting it from the sun.

Look at happy JoleneSnow on her good hair day! I don't only look better but I feel more cheerful with better hair!

Date-nights with friends are also full of fun because selfies can be taken happily as I am assured that my hair will look good in all photos!

ALL THANKS TO ESSENTIALS! Pamper your hair and get these new products from :
All leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, personal care stores and pharmacies 
$11.90 each

Now you can get free samples of these! Just click on this link : FREE SAMPLES!

Also, there is another awesome deal! You can stand a chance to win 2NE1's concert tickets! 

Win tickets to 2NE1’s All or Nothing World Tour concert held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 28th 
June! Simply buy $10 worth of Essential products to qualify! Go to for more 

Xoxo, thanks for reading!

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Monday, May 05, 2014

Today, I am introducing to you guys about this e-commerce portal that I know a lot of people would be keen to explore! 

[ ]

Singapore's first and leading online retailer for eyewear. offers an unparalleled selection of optical frames, sunglasses and contact lenses, with currently over 3,500 pairs of glasses and over 450 different types of contact lenses to choose from, with brands ranging from Carrera to Ray-Ban and Acuvue to GEO.

I am a user of daily contact lens and sometimes it gets super frustrating when at the last minute, I found out that I have ran out of them! It is hard for us busy people to have to keep track of the amount of lenses we have left and sometimes it gets more tedious having to travel to the optical shop only to find out that the lens that we want is out of stock! All that trouble for our eyes!

With, we can simply shop in the comfort of our homes!!

All prices offered are also at a 20 to 50% discount from usual retail price! HUGE SAVINGS!! 

They have such a huge variety to choose from! And I haven't told you the best part! 



My order was placed on the 22nd of April and it was delivered to me on the 2nd of May. It was indeed quite a long time to receive an order but I hope that you all can understand because they were shipped from Malaysia. They put in the effort to put it in a nice box and ship it via DHL! Thumbs up for effort!! It was also delivered to your doorstep. Great service!

Order your monthly/daily lenses monthly from this portal!

Start shopping [ ] NOW!!!!

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