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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I love Bangkok!
I'm not going to do a post about day 1,day 2 etc cos whatever we do in Bangkok is too straightforward.

We SHOP,EAT,SHOP,EAT & than go for a massage!

Everything there is so super cheap & you still can bargain further whenever you purchase from their malls/night markets!

Am on a tight schedule but still, as a responsible "blogger".. I will puke a post out for you all! :D

Malls that you all should go to at Bangkok.

(1) The Platinum Fashion Mall
(2) Union Mall (Located near to Chatuchak/JJ market. Just take the BTS & you will arrive in 2 stops!)
(3) Grand Diamond Plaza (Right beside The Platinum Fashion Mall)

This place is super quiet! Everyone flocks to Platinum but nobody knows that the stuffs there are real cheap! Serious!

(4)Shibuya19 (Opposite Pratunam Market)

This place is also super quiet and there are 6 stories! The first few floors, you can find very cheap outfits/shoes etc. It gets boring after the third floor as their stuffs are repetitive.

(5) Mbk Centre
For MBK, I only go to the Naraya shops as the rest of the shops are still a bit high end. Go to Level 5 for phone accessories!

Night Markets/Markets you SHOULD go! I cannot exclaim how much I love night markets/markets cos the HIGH I get from bargaining is FANTASTIC & finding less than $5 tops/pants/high waist/shoes is just SO ORGASMIC!

(1)Pratunam Market. (Denim shorts are the cheapest here. Like $2. CHEAP NOT?.. Don't say I never share hor)
(2) Saphanphoot Night Market.
(3) Chatuchak Market/JJ Market
(4) Sam Peng Market (FULL OF ACCESSORIES!!!)
(5) Hwai Kwang Night Market.
(6) Bobay Market/Bobay Tower(Full of Baby clothes!!)
(7) Asiatique. (It's a classy place.)

I am so not selfish to share all this with you all. Please love me more. Shall share some photos here. They are at random as I'm blogging from my phone now. You can see more photos on my facebook! @JoleneSnow

Oh yah!! I tried the famous wanton mee that everyone was raving about. It is truly delicious!!! Photo's below. If you want the address, let me know. I'll share it with you!

And the Kway Teow Soup I had was mouth-watering as well. (Photo below) The road side stall is right below a short walk from the hotel I stayed in! I stayed at The Ecotel Bangkok. Best 3-star hotel ever!

I tried the international buffet at Baiyoke Sky Hotel on the 82nd floor. The food & buffet spread was meh ~. i wouldn't try it again though it's cheap.

Till the next post, xoxo!

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Friday, September 07, 2012

I am leaving for Bangkok, today!!

By the time this post is out, I would have checked in and am already at the DFS area I guess? 

I seriously cannot wait to shop, eat, shop, eat, shop, eat. We are going to eat the Famous Wanton Mee once we reach Bangkok. I just cannot wait!

Anyway, as I have hereby declared that I am a very hardworking "er-hem" blogger... and I am afraid that you all will miss me, I have prepared a very very very very very very very very very very FANTASTIC, BABY video for you. 


Please do miss me alright? Many loves to you!


#Vlog 3, My Mini Chubby Bunny Challenge
Thursday, September 06, 2012

I owe you all a video cos I was not consistent with my VLOGGING.

So here it is :D

I know it is a SUPER DUPER SHORT VIDEO but I stuffed like 5 marshmallows in my mouth for you guys okay.

Ain't that so noble?

Xoxo, many loves! 


Bangkok SCAMS.
Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Explicit content ahead. Parental guidance is advised. 


I am heading for Bangkok in say 48 hours. And here I am writing shit-crap about the scams there. No! I am not trying to defame my most-loved country nor trying to bring it into a bad name. I totally love Bangkok because that is where I can fully shop & eat till my heart's content and not feel financially drained. I love Bangkok, too much, so much, very much! 

However, as you all may know, Bangkok is a land of smiles. I cannot deny that. The people there are MOSTLY sincere, warm and very friendly when it comes to guiding you on directions and introducing good shopping places! However, there are a MINORITY there who made Bangkok infamous by scamming people. We are NOT going to judge because even though they scam others, they may have a dark story behind them whom nobody knows. People beg for a reason and people scam for a reason. Let's just all be extra careful when we go there :) 

You may find a list of Bangkok Scams on this website : BKK SCAMS 

There are scams almost everywhere in a lot of countries so I am not condemning Bangkok. If I am, I wouldn't be heading there like 2 to 3 times per year. 

I would just like to share my experience here... so here goes nothing~

The first time I was scammed was in 2011, September, if I remember correctly. 

Went to Bangkok with James and met up with Hui Qi, her sister, June, her friend Jiawen, Li Ling, her mum and another guy. 

We were curious on the well-known "Thai Girl" shows/ "Ping Pong" shows that everyone talked about. OKAY LA, we GEY KIANG lah. (meaning : act smart ) ... And so, we went to Patpong one night, just loitering around and shopping at their night market where the stuffs they sell are SO NOT cheap. I was shooed away by the worker there when looking at this fake Chanel wallet because another FARANG (meaning : foreigner/ang mo) was looking at it. YAH YAH, I look at fake goods la.. So sue me? Obviously, the worker thought that I was some window shopper and some cheapo and that I cannot possibly afford that fake Chanel wallet. And he so thinks that "ang mo" can afford it. I feel like giving that "ang mo"some eye power and telling him not to get scammed by their exorbitant rates, but well... everyone has their own say about their money right? The "ang mo" was quite handsome though and he looked really sorry when the worker shooed me away... Little did he know...

This is how Patpong somehow looks like. I didn't take any photos there. Obviously I was afraid that someone would snatch my camera away!

Picture taken from :

Anyway, to cut the long story short. We were approached by this typical Thai uncle who has excellent communication skills and has obviously practiced his sales tactics for years and he started his speech saying that he would being us to watch an exotic "Thai Girl" show and that we would only need to pay 100baht each and we were entitled to a drink as well. We hesitated and looked at each other for awhile. There were 5 of us, Hui Qi, her sister Hui Ling, and Hui Qi's guy friend. But the Thai uncle was super persuasive and kinda like shoved us upstairs to the second floor of Patpong. I wished I had his skills though, I would have closed so much sales please! While walking up the stairs, we were all very apprehensive and at that moment, I wish there was this upper being shining some light upon us and telling us "RUN! Turn back! Don't enter!" 

Picture taken from :

We were expecting to see something like the above photo. Super sexy girls, pole dancing and doing their sexy dance or whatnots. But guess what. The place we entered was super dimly lit or maybe it wasn't even lit at all. The place was grimy, dark and the normal club hits were playing in the background. The place was empty except for a group of already drunk "farangs" awaiting for the "show" to start. We were each given a choice of what drink we would like and than the waitress just slammed the coke on our tables. We were starting to freak out and wanted to leave. The "Thai Uncle" that brought us in had DISAPPEARED. The girls or should I say WOMEN started gathering at the podium and they weren't wearing any bikini. YES, I could see their BOOBS and they were SAGGING. Say serious one okay. The "dancers" were like about 40 years of age and may have already given birth to 5 kids because their belly/ tummy was super huge. Grinding the poles with their naked bodies, we were given the ping pong bats to do GOD KNOWS WHAT?! They were all smiley but their smiles were so forced. It was obviously not their dream job to be doing this lah. They started inserting ping pong balls into their............ PUSSY and than shooting them out again. The worst thing was, they were SHOOTING them towards us! We were supposed to use the bats to block the attack I guess? All of us were too dumbfounded to do anything la please. James told me to dodge the balls coming out from their PUSSY but I was just like so blur, I got hit by the ball and the GROSSEST thing was that I could feel some wet liquid on my legs after being hit. The only people enjoying the whole show was the drunk "farangs" there. We had enough and wanted to leave so we asked for the bill.

THE DOOR BITCH arrives. She was very large in size and was about 3 times my weight! I am 40kg btw. She hands us the bill that states :


We started to argue saying we were told to only pay 100baht for the drinks and so using her very LOUD voice, she said that the drinks were 100 baht each but the show costs money as well. She slammed us and said that we think we can watch the show FOR FREE? She made us feel like WE were SCAMMING her. OMFG. I was terrified. She SHOUTED, SHOUTED and SHOUTED and refused to let us leave. The other waitresses came to crowd around us as well. I looked up at the dancers and they gave me the "used to this happening" look. I somehow pity them because I know they weren't happy doing this, not at all. I could see it in their eyes. Even though James was a Muay Thai practitioner, there was no way we could fight them and so we pleaded that we did not have 6000 baht. She took out her torch light and forced us to show her our bags for us to check!! WTF right. We were all so helpless and scared. It was US against the whole of the people working there. They were scolding us in Thai profanities I guess and we were trying to argue back in English. This was what you would call a duck and chicken talking? In the end, we dug out all the cash we had and gave them like 3000 + baht if I remember correctly. Paying like around $30 per person to watch those woman shoot "ping pongs" through their VJJ was the most UNFORGETTABLE experience ever. What an EXPERIENCE indeed. So if you are somehow who has TOO MUCH money to spend, go ahead and head to PATPONG. Have a good time mate! 

Moving forward, the second time that I got scammed in Thailand was in February this year. The first time I blame it on myself that I was curious about the show and wanted to actually see it so I somehow sent myself to HELL but this time, I was FURIOUS, really SO FURIOUS I could actually stab someone. 

Image courtesy of :

We were scammed here! Yes, right there outside the Erawan Shrine aka the Four Faced Buddha. 

This time, I went with James, Nigel and Mavis. We took a cab to the Erawan Shrine to pay respects and receive blessings from the Buddha with our very earnest hearts. We alighted from the cab near to this type of stalls. You CANNOT purchase the items from the stalls outside the shrine area. At least not for me lah because I am a cheapo. I mean you can if you want to but just don't get forced to do so. We were welcome by smiling ladies tending their stalls. They saw us and started to unwrap the incense and the flowers and whatever they were selling. They then threw everything at us and say all of those items were needed for praying to the Buddha. We were obviously taken aback and tried to push everything back to them. OF COURSE, they got furious and started shouting. The smiling phase was OVER for them. They told us that they had opened up all the items and were unable to sell them anymore so we HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM. Of course, we argued and said that we did not even request to buy those from them and they shoot us back with a jumble of lies saying it was the Buddha's birthday and those items will definitely bless us. We said we would rather buy from inside. They got violent and started to push when we returned the items to them. I got bloody irritated and started shouting as well. She shouted in her language while we insist that we do not need those items. She started CURSING us and said that we would DIE, yes, DIE if we do not take those items from her. All my well-trained HOKKIEN profanities started coming out of my mouth and I so wanted to BEAT HER UP. In the end, Mavis's brother's girlfriend, who was a Thai, spoke to the unruly woman over the phone but still insisted that they did not cheat us. I was so pissed and we just paid up. I walked away shouting at her and starting to cry at the same time. We were FORCED to buy, that was one thing. But they didn't have to curse us to die at such a HOLY place am I right? How could you possibly curse someone when you are right in front of the Buddha? 

What a malicious tongue they have at a place so holy.

Image courtesy of :

And so, James and I swore not to be scammed by anyone again this time that we are going. Gotta be smart, gotta be smart, I tell myself.

Everyone is going to Bangkok during this period. See you all around huh! :) 

Xoxo. Hope this post was helpful to some of you. 

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