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An Open Letter To Scoot
Friday, September 05, 2014

This will come off as a bit of a rant and complain so if you cannot handle me grumbling about my life than please click on the "X" at the top right hand corner and go away you nasty bugger! 

Earlier on in June this year, I booked a flight for a trip to Hong Kong for my mum and I for her 2015 birthday as they were having some sales promotion. 

Everything went well until yesterday... 

I received a text message from Scoot stating that the flight was cancelled due to schedule change. 

APE INI? (Loosely translated as "What is this?) 

I was furious cause you can't just cancel my flight due to YOUR schedule changes right?!!!! Why so mean?! 

I was also treated the same shitty way by another airline before who cancelled my return flight from Bangkok randomly making me stuck at Thailand's airport like an idiot. I had to fork out extra money to buy tickets from another airline immediately. I already spent all my money on shopping in Bangkok!! Y U NO UNDERSTAND HUH! 

Read the post HERE and HERE 

I know that many of you will proclaim that since I opted for budget airlines, I should not be grumbling so much. BUT HELLO, I paid money ok. It wasn't a FREE flight.

And than I got this...

APE INI????!!!! 


Am I the one flying there for a holiday or is it you?!!!! How can you just tell me that you adjusted it. GRRRRRR.

I cannot accept that you so gracefully and nicely rebooked me on another flight with no charge. You pushed my flight one day away and you tell me that there is no charge?! 

Do you know that I practically will waste one day away just because of your re-scheduling like that?

I am supposed to eat all the good food away in Hong Kong on a Tuesday and not on a Wednesday! I do mind that you know!

My mum has already taken her leave so who is going to compensate her for the leave because you happily changed your schedule?!!! 

And If I decide to refund, it has to be in the form of a voucher?! Why would I want to fly with you again if you can change my flight like this?

I can be a very understanding customer but I at least need some compensation!!!! 

Upgrade me to business class and give me airplane food!!!!!!!!! 

SCOOT!!!!!! Please let me still believe in you!!!

P.S: I am jetting off to Bali on the 18th this month. Anyone keen on a bikini apparel collaboration?

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