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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Wine Roses.

Hey lovelies! This advertorial is a must-read because I will be feeding you with so much beauty and fashion information that you will definitely open your purse to start shopping!!!


Wine Roses started in 2012 and they offer wholesale prices for online businesses, bulk orders for retailers as well as direct selling to consumers. They provide fashion and beauty products at super affordable prices!

This online shop is owned by a very pretty owner, Xueting and her husband. I am very amazed at the amount of effort she puts into providing the best services for Wine Roses because she is constantly online, updating her page/ fb account so as to update everyone with new apparels/products. I don't even put that much effort in Oopz! =X

ANYWAY, Wine Roses has launched a VERY VERY special Mother's Day promotion for all of you people, young or old. It is time for you to pamper your mothers on this special day! If you don't already know, Mother's Day is on the 12th of May 2013, which is only about 2 weeks from now! Don't need to fret about what to wear, just look for Wine Roses! 

Wine Roses is now having a promotion on their Korea Dermal beauty products. Best deal in Singapore of discounts up too 50% off usual price! Sending a gift set consisting of masks, moisturizers  hand creams and hand masks will be one the best gifts to pamper your mum on this very special day so that she can always stay youthful! 
 More information about Pearl Whitening Cream:

Contains I amino acids, bezoar acid, more than 20 different kinds of minerals & etc. 
- pearl powder effective for detoxification and exfoliating spots or freckles on skin and for;
·  reducing mental stresses and curing sore throat
·  Activating metabolism, improving eyesight and curing insomnia
·  Promoting growth of pregnant woman's bone and promoting baby's intelligence
·  Sun protection -> pearl powder controls UV rays and protects skin from harmful factors 
·  Prevents melanin pigment formation
·  Effective hydration for skin -> natural moist materials are made with mostly amino acid, and the main ingredients of pearl are amino acids & other minerals 
·  Control of harmful oxygen activity
·  Pearl powder eliminates superoxide which is caused by ultraviolet ray, stress, drinking, smoking and various pollutants!
·  Prevent cell damage & sebum oxidation 
·  Can be used as an anti-aging cream 
Pearl powder is water soluble, thus it maintains skin acidulous, improves immunity and effective for anti-aging as well. It also helps to promote blood circulation, and cell regeneration. It is well known for whitening and cleaning effects. 
Meanwhile, pearl powder also helps the skin absorb cosmetic well and is very effective for brightening, soothing as well as whitening skin

More information for Snail nutrition wrinkle care cream:
Contains 80% of snail extract! Snail beauty products are the latest trend in Korea as well as Singapore! It is reviewed to be very effective in:
·  delaying ageing process of skin tissues and protects against oxidative action of free radicals 
·  improves elasticity, firmness, density and texture of the skin
·  Keeps skin soft and help heal troubled or acne skin
·  Brightens skin, soften wrinkles & treat fine lines
·  Wound healing -> very effective in snail hand cream for dry cracks!
·  Boost skin's ability to heal from the effects of dangerous factors and traumas caused by inflammation 
·  Repair and regeneration of damaged and cells affected by UV damage
Why Snail?
Dermal Snail Cream is an absolutely highly enriched exfoliate cream, It helps to slow down the ageing process of skin tissues and protects againt the oxidative action of free radical. The balance between collagen and elastin in the skin of snails is almost the same to that of humans. When snails face hardship, they naturally produce a sebum that is packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, immune modulators, proteins, co-enzymes and cell communicating in ingredients. This is the principle ingredient in snail creams. 

Absolute solution for acne, spots, blemishes, wrinkles & fine lines!

 So many to choose from for a beautiful face! BUY ALL LAH! 

Please click on photo for a larger image/better view!

Eugene has just brought so many boxes of masks from Taiwan for me so I am gonna finish them and get my hands on all these masks below from Wine Roses! 

See how meticulous Xueting is. She even took photos of how the different packages will look like to give customers a better understanding. WHY SO NICE AND EFFICIENT? =O I am such a disgrace for Oopz! Haha! 

Look at the variety of the package that they provide! 
Not 10% cheaper, not 20% cheaper, but 50% cheaper!!!! HOW AMAZING!
*Click on the image for better/clearer view. 

They are having an early bird privilege for customers who order now! Your sets will be packaged in their Korea Dermal exclusive gift boxes with ribbons as well as a card! It will be an extra convenience for busy workaholics who have no time to get a gift or even to wrap it for your mums! Save the trouble of rushing for last minute mother's day gift shopping by dropping us an order now! We have dispatch services too, at $3 only, to the place of your convenience or right outside your doorstep. :) 

Photo example below : 

Don't need to go Orchard Road after work already right? Must take public transport and squeeze like nobody's business or take the train and than SEKALI train fault again than you get stuck inside and can't breathe...... =X Just go home, turn on your PC/laptop, go onto Facebook and look for Wine Roses and than.... START SHOPPING! It is that easy! Click, click, click and click. No hassle at all! Pay $3 and your purchase can be shipped to your DOORSTEP, how convenient is that? You don't even need to get out of your house and still get your hands on SO many things!

I bought a black tassel bag from Wine Roses last 2 weeks and the delivery was so fast that I am so surprised! I bought it in the morning and when I reached home after work, it was already in my house ready for me to unpack! And being the super nice lady the owner was, she actually sent me 3 pieces of their Korea Dermal Masks as an appreciation for purchasing from her. I am so touched!! Why so nice to me when I only bought 1 bag!! I will definitely keep supporting them, my pay-cheque this month is being processed already, can't wait!

I tried on their Pearl Collagen Essence Mask and guess what? There was instant results!! Really, I am not lying! 

The mask even covers the eye. Damn cooling and shiok, I tell you. I was literally falling asleep with the mask on!
See the results! My face was INSTANTLY brightened and I only used the mask ONCE! Can you imagine if I use it every day? Although you cannot feel it but my face felt smoother x 10 times. So refreshing and so rejuvenating!

This was the black tassel bag that I bought from Wine Roses and I am so in love with it. It is so perfect for work whereby I can store A4 documents inside and also for non-work activities because I can put so many things inside and it doesn't look bulky at all! I love it so! I am a sucker for big bags cos I always bring so many things out. I shall do a "What's in my bag" video soon. 

What are you all waiting for? Start shopping now! Go on and like their Facebook page now! 


They are a registered company btw and I highly recommend them! One of the blogshops that  I can trust with my whole heart! 

For wholesale and bulk orders:

Contact them at:

email: wineroses(at) 10 Ubi Crescent #04-42

Ubi Techpark S(408564)

No time to waste already ok, start shopping now! And I have a good deal for you. Quote my name "JoleneSnow" with any purchase and you get to have a Korea Dermal mask FREE-OF-CHARGE!!! Yes, FREE! Try it to get the same results as me! 

Xoxo, till the next time!

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Monday, April 29, 2013


Here's another food review and as we all LOVE food, I am sure you will love this recommendation.

Firstly, I must declare that I am a HUGE fan of Thai Food! The top 3 authentic Thai Food in my mind now would be (1) Nakhon Kitchen @ Kovan. (2) ...... a Thai food stall at Orchard Towers which I cannot remember the name already but I remember the way there and that is more important!

Please, if you have any great Thai Food places to recommend in Singapore, please leave a comment below or EMAIL me. Share the love!

I know it's funny that I am starting the post with my own self-shots but I kinda miss seeing me on my updates. I have been regularly updating so much of other photos but not my own.. I know you all also miss me a lot right?

I have reviewed before a Thai-Chinese food stall in another post which was called Hui Wei Chinese-Thai Cuisine.

This place I am reviewing is also a similar food stall located at Yishun! 
Address here : 1001 Yishun Industrial Park A
#01-1001 Yishun Industrial Food Centre
Tel: 67589121Fax: 67540053

Located in an industrial park, who would have thought the place will be so fully packed? They do not charge GST or service charge, which is definitely a plus point! We reached there around 7pm and the whole, yes, I mean WHOLE coffeeshop was packed, all of which were eating from "Taste Of Thailand"!  Thank God that Shi Hao and family stayed near there and were already queuing beforehand. We were to order our dishes before we were seated. 

Look at the crowd!

Here are the dishes that we had that day and as I was really hungry, I missed out a photo of the Tom Yam soup but we can all imagine what the soup looks like right? Hee. 

This is their famous fried fish and I must say that it was really a key dish that day. The skin was fried to the ultimate crispiness and it tasted really good when matched with the sauce. 

I give it a 4.8/5!

The reason why I took a close-up photo of the Pineapple Fried Rice was because all of us were so eager to dig into it that by the time I wanted to take a photo, there was only a quarter left! We had like 4 big plates of these! How hungry were we, can you imagine! There were 11 of us and as soon as the rice was out, we scooped it empty, almost immediately. 

4/5 for this dish!

Hot-Plate Tofu was a dish that I think many would enjoy because the piping-hot sauce had a tangible sour and spicy taste which was just right for a Thai-Chinese cuisine. We really enjoyed this dish and finished it before it even had a chance to turn cold.

4/5 for this! 

We actually ordered "Long Bean" vegetable but apparently, the wrong dish was presented. Being hungry ghosts, we didn't bother to ask for an exchange and ate it after all.  This was the  most "meh" dish that day because it tasted beyond average. Not to our liking, I guess? 

2/5 for this!

THIS was the star that day and we had ordered 2 of it! I just don't know of anyone who doesn't like fried squid or also known as "calamari" because it is just so nice! (Unless if you are allergic to seafood of couse!) As long as this dish was served piping hot, I am sure everyone will love it as much as we did. 


The "Lemon Chicken" was a tad too sour for me in my opinion but as I don't really like sour stuffs, it could be tasty for you if you are a person who loves sour food! The chicken was fried to a neat perfection so no complains about that. 


The "Tom Yam Soup" we had was a 4.9/5 for me as I am not only a sucker for soup, I especially love Tom Yam Soup! The one served here was really nice and really Thai! I dislike those Tom Yam Soup whereby all they do is add some tomato and some spices to conjure the Thai flavor into it, which normally fails and is always too blend. I don't think a portion of the soup was enough for the 11 of us though as we all seemed to enjoy the soup very much! 

I love gatherings like this whereby we catch-up and bond over good food but I hate to be the planner because usually, nobody cares about replying me and they usually take advantage of the planner so one of my resolution this year was to not bother so much! As compared to Hui Wei Chinese-Thai cuisine, both was affordable as we spent only about $11 per pax. So overall, it depends on where you stay and where you prefer to go for your meals! Both are highly recommended by food guru, Snow =D 

Ending this post with a really nice photo of James and Thaddeaus! 

I can only imagine how he will look as a father, real loving! :)

Xoxo, till the next time! 

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[ Review ] Judgement Day
Friday, April 26, 2013

JUDGEMENT DAY (世界末日) (2013)

I went to catch this movie with Hui Qi on the 24th of April and I must say that we really enjoyed it! The main reason I want to watch this movie was simple, it was a local production and I am all for supporting local production!

Before I start, check out the official trailer here :

Judgement Day started screening on the 18th of April 2013. It's rated PG13 and the movie is about 1 hours and 44 minutes long. Perfect and not too draggy in my opinion.

The cast consists of Henry Thia, Chua En Lai, Rebecca Lim, Guo Liang, Edwin Goh, Julie Tan, Sebastian Tan, Wang Yuqing, John Cheng, (Ah Nan) Mark Lee, Tender Huang and Alice Ko.

Below is the synopsis that I took from : Movie Xclusive's Website

Synopsis: JUDGEMENT DAY centers around several characters, from all works of life, as they decide to share their deepest secrets when it is believed that doomsday will happen in 72 hours. A corrupted cop confesses to his subordinate that he had accepted a bribe before. A married man tells his family his greatest wish is to become a woman. A wife reveals to her husband that she is actually secretly in love with her superior at work. A distraught young lady decides to run away from Singapore and heads for Cambodia, in the process; she breaks up with her finance. But miraculously, everyone survives judgement day. While the whole world rejoices; for those who made irreversible decisions, it is the end of their previous world…

Watching the movie made me tear a little because I was reminded of the late Ah Nan who never fails to bring joy to us in every production that he is in. He is a natural when it comes to comedy!

This film is directed and written by Ong Kuo Sin while produced by Mark Lee. The script was straightforward and it touches the depths of our hearts instantly. Every year, there will be rumors of the world ending and people never took them seriously.

I had to control myself from taking out my phone to tweet every meaningful quote found in the movie. It really teaches you to cherish your loved ones while you can and ALSO, it tells you to go for your dreams. Don't wait until you know that you are dying soon than try to fulfill it! We are not here to die, we are here to LIVE!

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." I LIVE BY THIS QUOTE and I think you should too.

I liked the part in the film whereby Rebecca mentioned that we are all doing what everyone else is doing, it is really so mundane. Why fit in when we were born to stand out?

Dreams are really very important. Without a goal and without a dream, I would not have come this far in life. Believing in myself that I could be an author and write my life story out for the world to see was not easy BUT I did it, nevertheless. If not for my ambition, my goal, my dream in life, I may have succeeded in the past whenever I tried to commit suicide. I am grateful that I did not succumb to ending my life after the sexual abuse by my stepfather.... really really grateful I am still here to encourage people and change other's lives.

Anyhoo, do catch Judgement Day soon! Maybe today, after work? Come on, it is a Friday and I am sure that you will want to chill out after a hectic week and catch a movie right?

Till the next time, Xoxo.

Like their facebook page at : JUDGEMENT DAY 2013 

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So I did a video....

I had wanted to make a video regarding my book for a long long time....

And finally, I skipped dinner last night for this. 


Xoxo, till the next time!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013


"The owner and Executive Chef, Benny Se Teo says that the number ‘18’ is the moniker of the active local gang. 'I want delinquents to know that life offers many alternative paths. You don't have to identify as a gangster, you can be a chef’."

Today, I am going to blog about my FAVORITE TOPIC which I think all of you guys should already know by now, what is it if you have been following me on Social Media for a long long time..

I actually started a food blog some time ago but I have totally forgotten what is the name of it and I never kept up with making it a success so as you can see now, I should just blog on my own blog for now. Haha! Anyway, I am getting really bored of my blog layout and I suck at HTMLs and customized templates so is there any kind soul who wants to help me to re-design my blog template, renovate it and give it a new look? Email me and let me know! =)

Back to our topic...

I have heard of "Eighteen Chefs" since a long long time ago but I have never had a chance to try it because Tiong Bahru was somewhere I hardly travel to. In fact, I don't think I have ever been there, seriously! I stay in the North East now and the majority of my friends are all here so I rarely travel to the South or West side of Singapore unless there is a need to.

Just imagine my excitement when I heard that "Eighteen Chefs" was opening it's second branch at Cathay Cineleisure and it's a place that I frequent!!! This restaurant is not just a place to fill your stomach with good food, there is a story behind it. Chef Benny is Singapore's version of Jamie Oliver and he is someone whom I really respect and I would want to salute him one day. He actually trains ex-convicts who are serving their term for the last few months to provide them with a newer leash of life after they are released.

Photo credits to Chef's Benny FACEBOOK.

Do not be intimidated by his "garang" exterior. He may look really hard to approach but as soon as I saw him at Cathay Cineleisure last Saturday, I greeted him with a smile and he did the same. I really respect him a lot and I find him really cute! Haha. I looked up to him because he has this father figure and he also went through the same thing that my biological father did. My father should be around Chef Benny's age now I guess? I'm not sure and let's not get there.... Anyway, like my father, Chef Benny fought against drug addiction and was in and out of prison for a period of time. Overcoming all these was not easy and being able to stand out as a chef to help others in need is the most amazing thing ever. He started a restaurant to help wayward youths/convicts and I started a book to do that. Are we both amazing? We are but he is so much better! 

If you are an adventurous person, do try and be your chef when it comes to ordering the famous baked rice/pasta available there! There are 8 sauces offered, 3 ingredients and 12 top-ups to choose to pair with your pasta or rice. It is such an interesting perk for customers to fulfill their craving! 

I am a pasta person and I also love Thai cuisine at the same time so when I saw "Tom Yam Aglio Olio" on the menu, I almost jumped for joy! 

I had the "Soup Of The Day" for starters and it surprised me indeed. It looked really normal but it doesn't taste as near as the normal Campbell soup! (Although I am a HUGE fan of Campbell soup!) It not only has the normal mushroom taste but it has a tinge of corn to it. I don't like corn soup but this is just well balanced and satisfying! 
 They are also not stingy when it comes to the garlic bread. Some other western eateries gives a meagre piece of garlic bread and most of the time, there's no satisfaction after eating it! And the below portion is for 1 person, how good is that!
I looked around the restaurant before placing my order for the drink and because I took up Combo C which comes with soup and a drink, I could choose whether I wanted Ice Lemon Tea or any other available beverages. The ice lemon tea is really nice with just the right amount of sweet and sour taste for my taste-buds  You know how some ice lemon tea are either too bland or they are too sour? Here at Eighteen Chefs, it is just nice! 
My friend, Amanda chose the Cheese Baked Mussels Agio Olio and when it arrived at our table, I must say that it looked and smelled really appetizing!!
On the other hand, Hui Qi, as always like a big copycat, ordered the same dish as me. "Tom Yam Aglio Olio" and we were so happy with how it tasted! I am a fan of chilli flakes and I usually SUBMERGE my pasta with chilli flakes and it was such a huge mistake. The strong taste of "Tom Yam" was already infused deeply with the pasta when it was cook and the level of spiciness was already there and yet I act smart, added more chilli flakes and made myself tear by the overdose of chilli. This shows that the dish itself was already balanced for a mouth-watering after effect! They were very generous with the seafood that came with the Aglio Olio and as a seafood lover, I am addicted!

I know my photos don't look very appealing... (Sorry Chef Benny!) but I took them with my iPhone 5 so please forgive me. I still have not implemented the habit of bringing my camera out wherever I go! I will okay, in time to come! As of now, I can't find my camera... HAHAHAHA. I know it is somewhere and I will find it. See how positive I am! 

I am done talking about Eighteen Chefs and if you really want to know how good their food is, head down to the restaurant today, or tomorrow or this weekend! 

Like their facebook page now -> EIGHTEEN CHEFS!

Many more interesting and great posts coming up! I will be emailing the winner of my giveaway today and I am so touched at the many responses from so many readers! I love you all, xoxo! Every email, pm, tweet, dm means so much to me. Follow me on twitter/instagram @JoleneSnow if you haven't done so! See the world through my eyes! 

Till the next time! =) 

Disclaimer : This review was based on my personal experience and opinion, not being paid to do so! 

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hui Qi and I can communicate without words and she always says that we communicate through satellite.
Actually... I don't really like her lah, I quite hate her lor. She is such an annoying peanut.

So, she wanted to take part in my Levi's giveaway and I didn't allow her so she threatened me via email. I feel so scared now and I think I need extreme protection from bodyguards now. 

Here was our email conversation yesterday :

2013/4/22 Lam Hui Qi wrote :

Hi Jolene,
I know you when I was in Hougang sec! You rem not? Same class. And landyard?? And Vincent?

I love following you cos I like to see you act cute face.

PLEASE LET ME WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

You owe me ice cream and 3 fish balls FOREVER.

Best regards,
Hui Qi

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 10:49 AM, "Jolene Goh" wrote:

Application rejected. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 11:39 AM, Lam Hui Qi wrote:

Pls give me a valid reason

Best regards,
Hui Qi

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 12:38 PM, "Jolene Goh" wrote:

You never attach photo of you following me on Twitter. 

No more second chance. Kthxbye.

Yours sincerely,
Jolene Goh

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 12:39 PM, Lam Hui Qi wrote:

It is not the right way to treat your fan

Best regards,
Hui Qi

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 12:53 PM, "Jolene Goh" wrote:
You did not obey instruction. Cannot talk to your idol like that okay. Shoo. 

Yours sincerely,

Jolene Goh

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 12:54 PM, Lam Hui Qi wrote:

You asking me to shoo?

Best regards,
Hui Qi

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 2:53 PM, "Jolene Goh" wrote:


Yours sincerely,
Jolene Goh

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 2:56 PM, Lam Hui Qi wrote:

酱讲就不对了wor. 关面什么事

Best regards,
Hui Qi

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 3:11 PM, "Jolene Goh"  wrote:

Yours sincerely,
Jolene Goh

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 3:59 PM, Lam Hui Qi wrote:

Best regards,
Hui Qi

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 4:19 PM, "Jolene Goh" wrote:

Yours sincerely,
Jolene Goh

On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 4:25 PM, Lam Hui Qi wrote:

Hen chio leh. 们可以生孩子

Best regards,
Hui Qi

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 4:57 PM, "Jolene Goh" wrote:

Eeeee, I am formally rejecting your request for sex.

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 5:54 PM, Lam Hui Qi wrote:

For the sake of more beauty in Singapore.

Best regards,
Hui Qi

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 6:47 PM, "Jolene Goh"  wrote:

Yours sincerely,

Jolene Goh

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 8:51 PM, Lam Hui Qi wrote:
Why your blood is green one? Eeeeeeee

Best regards,
Hui Qi

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 9:25 PM, "Jolene Goh"  wrote:
I am so going to blog this conversation. Make you famous. 

Yours sincerely,
Jolene Goh

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 9:52 PM, Lam Hui Qi wrote:
Please credit me. Tank ni de kwew

Best regards,
Hui Qi

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 10:22 PM, "Jolene Goh" wrote:
Excuse me. You have not update your blog since 1 million years. 

Yours sincerely,

Jolene Goh

On 23 Apr, 2013, at 10:28 PM, "Lam Hui Qi" wrote:

What is a blog? 

Best regards,

Hui Qi


if you managed to read through the whole conversation above, you must be damn bored and I thank you for your patience. Now do you guys understand the pain of having a mentally unsound friend like her?

Xoxo, till the next time!

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