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Friday, March 22, 2013

Today, I am going to write a really wordy post although it is a Friday and I am supposed to be happy. I just feel the sudden URGE to have to address this issue because it has been biting me for a very very long time. I am not targeting this post to only girls but I really have to talk about it or else I don't think I can fall asleep tonight.(Chey,fake!)

ANYWAY, here is the thing. I know this ONE person in 2008. We were really close at some period of time but our friendship was not those super glue type because I got really tired of being the one who puts in so much effort in maintaining a friendship. She is now a mother of TWO. She gave birth to her daughter while her boyfriend was in jail. I was there for her when she had to take care of her son herself while waiting for her boyfriend to be out of prison. She wasn't very faithful actually because she was having flings with different guys even though she was a mom. As her friend, I just let her be as long as she is happy and well, she wasn't married at that time anyway.

Her boyfriend was released from jail and they got back together. She conceived another baby boy, their second child and they got engaged with plans to work hard together for a bright future and to arrange a beautiful dream wedding for them. And we all thought it would be a happily ever after.....................

BUT NO. Problems kept arising because her husband couldn't keep his penis just for her and her on the other hand didn't save her vagina only for him. Sorry for being so direct and crude but I don't have any other way to direct this message to everyone other than to be DIRECT with you all. He kept going out to drink with his buddies, hanging out late and sending secretive messages behind her back. She found out and she was furious but at that time there was nothing much she could do except to throw a tantrum because she and her two kids relied on him financially. The problems came and went and they broke up and got back together so many times. I don't know whether it was for the kids but I don't think so. During the cooling down period, the husband will be out fooling around with other women while she herself, will be out with other men. James and I even fetched her and her son to other guy's place before. Yes, she went to rendezvous with men while bringing her son along because her parents couldn't take care of 2 kids at once. It irked me a lot but for goodness sake, she is 22 years old. What could I do to stop her?

It came to a point where I was always there for her helping her through every single shit she went through but she never appreciated it. She was NEVER there for me and I was so exhausted because every single time she quarreled with her husband, she will ask me how to deal with him, how should she text him etc etc etc. Its not even my marriage, why don't I marry him instead? Every time something like this happens, my heart aches for the kids because they always have to suffer for something they had not done wrong. Her husband loves drinking and partying and so does she. He loves to have sex with different girls and she loves to allow different men to have sex with her. I am very sensitive to something like this because I know how her children will feel as they should not be suffering! They should not grow up in a single parent family because their mother is a slut and their father is a bastard!

Every time she quarrels with him, she will move back home and bring the kids along. Their most recent quarrel, they both threatened divorce and they emphasized that there was no turning back. She did not bring the kids back home with her this time. She could not care less this time because WHY? She now holds a stable job, she can go drinking everyday and have sex with different guy everyday. Why allow the kids to tie her down right? I advised her to get a full-time job so that she can have enough finances to fight for custody against her husband if they ever really divorce but who knows, her finances are to be spent on alcohol, getting intoxicated than lead to different sexual encounters with her different flings. She really disgust me a lot. The point of this blogpost is not to diss about her and her sex life. What I would like to highlight here to all girls is that HELLO GIRLS, your body is not a freaking.....


I know that many girls are more liberal now and less traditional. We dress classy and show our bellies without being embarrassed. I am fine with that because hey, I am not a very conservative person as well. We all grow with the times don't we? But why are girls nowadays so..................... slutty? Cheap? Desperate? Ok fine so you don't keep your virginity until after marriage nowadays but giving your pussy to any other guys that comes along? That's really disgusting and even more disgusting if you are a mother of 2.

You gave birth to your kids and you have the responsibility to care for them. No matter how you slut yourselves out, you still have to remember your flesh and blood. I am not preaching here but do I get my message across to you girls? Protect yourselves, protect your body can? A girl is only wanted when she does not cheapen herself. I spoke to the girls in CHIJ TPY and I reminded them to protect themselves. Nobody will truly love a lady who is SO EASY to get. That is a fact of life.

Disclaimer : If you are offended by my post than I am so sorry, I did not meant for this post to be directed at anyone of you.

=) Peace!

I didn't say you were a slut...I just implied that you don't sleep in your own bed too often.

If I hurt your feelings in any way I just want you to know from the bottom of my heart that I don't care.

Wedding Bells and Baby Booms
Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sorry to disappoint you but NO, I am not going to blog about my OWN wedding or my OWN baby boom.   Hahaha, it is too early for me! Anyway, I am progressing really well as this is my third post for the month... At least I see a slight improvement. Anyway, I had a very tiring but fulfilling weekend last week. It was a very lovey week because I was a bridesmaid for my friend. 

Let me tell you more about our Chinese traditional wedding. I am not claiming to be an expert on this because I am not wedded yet BUT than, I have been a bridesmaid for 4 friends/relatives already and helping/making the wedding a success is indeed very fulfilling. 

A couple will usually have around 5 bridesmaid and 5 groomsmen but we usually call them "brothers" and "sisters". They are to be assisting the couple on the wedding day. The more "sisters" and "brothers" the merrier! The bridesmaid are also called "ah yee". 

More information can be found on this link : Wedding Guide

So, I stayed over at the bride's place the night before to prepare the tasteful food for the grooms and I felt so bad when I was preparing them because I was laughing all the way! :D

These may look rather innocent but their taste are just so powerful! 
                                                         Salted egg with salt and soya sauce.
                                                    Nutella with honey and sugar, and later topped up by marshmallows.
Marshmallow that looks so innocent sprayed with chilli sauce, chilli flakes and pepper. BUT, hidden inside is a piece of fresh chilli padi! Do you feel stinging tears just looking at this?
Kiwi dipped in lime juice and vinegar. The taste for this was bearable though. Yes, we tested all of our products before we offered them to the "brothers".
The nicest beverage for the day would be this! We actually boiled this special bitter leaves from Malaysia. Just one mouthful and you will become cross-eyed. SERIOUSLY.
                                             Bride all dolled up and looking nervous yet beautiful!
The bridesmaid/sisters of the day. All of them were first-time bridesmaids and we were all super anxious for the day to start! Our outfits were all tastefully coordinated with the bestmen and I think we all look good except that the suspenders made our private parts a little too uncomfortable at times as it was so tight and the spot there was always like..... bulging. HAHAHA, ok,let''s not think about that anymore!
Arrival of the groom and his associates! The tradition is that when they have arrived below the bride's place, they are supposed to honk their horns really loudly and fervently + continuously for some time, to announce their arrival and catch the attention of everyone.
                         Listen to how loud their honks were, getting everyone in the mood!
After the tasks were done, the bride was to be escorted under a red umbrella to the wedding car. As for the tasks that the groom had to do, I will try to post the video montage of the day's events here if the bride allows. The red umbrella is to protect the wife from evil spirits, as per told by wikipedia.
This was taken at the groom's grandma's place where they went through the tea-serving ceremony to the relatives at the groom's end.
Eugene and I looking like the swaggiest people there. HAHAHAHA, I learnt that word from him! Eugene is James' brother by the way. They look really alike right?
Bride has arrived at another place for the tea-serving ceremony! :)
How can I not include any self-shots of myself in my blogpost right? I mean like, after all, hey I am a self-obsessed girl. Look at this beautiful photo below. It looks so perfect because I was trying to show off the bridesmaid hand band and my tattoo had to spoil the photo so I edited it away. Looks so nice right!
And the obsession continues and I think I look really good even though I did not have a single wink of sleep that night. Except that my hair looked really messy, I need to go for some rebonding/perming session soon.
This is a traditional wedding outfit that we call "Quah" that a bride would have to don on her wedding day.
                                                           The sisters for the day!
                                            One of the most chio photo that I took that day!
                                                    The troops on that day!
                                             Everyone loved us in our cute outfits!
                     Later on, it was time for the wedding dinner and I transformed from cutie to sexy! :D
       Kiam pah face. (Kiam pah means deserved to be beaten up, I was talking about James of course)
                       During the opening of champagne, I love the bride's dress. So beautiful!
                                           Us, looking so suave and so pretty! He was the emcee for the night as well!
Coincidentally, I saw my uncle, aunt and cousin there. They were invited by the groom's father!
                                            Celine :) I chose that beautiful white dress for her!
Hair of the day. I am totally in love with it! I won't recommend the aunty who did it cos she was really rude to us when we patronized her that day so yeah, I won't give her any business! Although she is really crude, we can't deny that she is really creative! My hair looked so elegant!
More self-shots =/
                         And me, after the hair was untied. I tried to look like a diva but hurhur, a bit fat huh?

Sunday was spent celebrating the bride's birthday!
Jeanne, remember that you are loved by many many people in the above photos and one of them is ME! Always stay strong ok! :)

Reyes is just such a joy to be with. I really cannot wait for the day he calls me God-ma and irritates me to buy him gifts and such!
His godfather has no time to visit him but they can video call! Technology is such an irony. Sometimes, it makes us closer and sometimes, it makes us drift. Don't you think so?
                                              We bought him to do some shopping~

And... I have come to the end of my blogpost for today and I am happy that I had so many pretty photos! Here's one that was taken during a company dinner and I think it looked really good!

Till the next post, I MAYBE doing a vlog on Jolene's Story so stay tuned!!

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