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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello world.

This is currently my 140th post on blogger. GUFFAWS !

Anyway,due to my Olevels examinations,I would not be blogging much or ...
MAYBE not at all :S

I have numerous ( A LOT ) photos tht hv yet to be updated and I hv no time to do so either.
But I promise I will be free to blog like crazy after my O's aite ? (:

Oh man,I miss N415 already. I do love N415 and every member alot.
But still,I know I have to move on.
A new beginning (: I believe He has greater things to bestow upon me.
God,I love you!
Bless me with all the wisdom,strength,knowledge,determination & willpower that I need.
I know that I tend to fall sick whenever I am under pressure,but I know Lord you will lead the way,hold my hands & heal me.
I will stay strong,I will perservere because I know that I can turn to you.

I failed 3 subs for my prelims. Super demoralized actually.
But I really won't be defeated just like that.

I will PRESS ON !!!!

And here comes the most imporatnt news ------------------



I'm not excited though :x
How am I gng t have a happy celebration when Olevels is murdering me ?

And I may not be celebrating at all :/

Till then,ciaoz !

James's 18th ! <3
Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Oh wells,what a wonderful weekend.
Had a blast.
But now back to mugging :[
Cant believe that Baby & me had food poisoning on th 2nd day of prelims :/

Anyways,here's what happened on 12th & 13th September.
My baby's 18th ^^

Surprise Part One - Appeared at Blue Blazze ( Pub @ Clarke Quay)
at 12 midnight w his fav choco cake. Baby's face was super shocked as I told him I was under my block slacking w Elaine. & he totally did not expect it !!

Surprise Part Two-At lemongrass restaurant @ Downtown East.
Bluffed Baby tht I had lost my key so told him to go search for me.
Planned the surprise w a friendly waiter.
When he came back,the waiter walked up to him.

Waiter: Hi,Are you Mr James?
Baby: (w a puzzled face) Err,yeah ?
Waiter: It's yr birthday today right ? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Baby: (in a daze thn broke into a smile) Thank you ^^

Surprise Part Three - Accompanied Baby back home as I had alrdy planned th surprise w his parents.
He unlocked the door & there was his Mummy holding a cake singing the birthday song.


He was rly happy. I guess he had a memorable 18th.
He actually had tears in his eyes o.o everyone say "awwwwwwwww~"


@ Baby's Home;

Baby & his Uncle;

Baby & His Daddy;

Baby,His mummy & Sis.

Baby & Celine MeiMei;

Happy lil boy :D

Cam-whore :X

Baby said I look like a korean girl so he called me a "Kimchi girl girl" for the WHOLE day.

@ Lemongrass Restaurant (Downtown East)

Tears in his eyes o.o

Lemongrass is a rly nice restaurant w friendly staffs.
Thumbs up!
Nice Thai food that's worth the money!

Neoprints !

Studio-like photo :]

Chocolate fondue bento @ Downtown East.

P.S : Caught Final Destination 4 :/
Super ewwww cans ? I hate gory stuffs.


Baby looked a little drunk/sloshed =/

Thank you Carolyn for accompanying me to get the cake!

& not forgetting my Tweety Elaine too !!

& it continues ^^

We gave Ivan a surprise too.
He was utterly flabbergasted too (:
I LOVE surprises so much.

Look at Baby,so cute :D

Brotherly Love(s)

The birthday present for my Baby .

Me & Nana (;

I finally finished this lengthy post.


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