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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sorry for the small hiatus from this space!! I am busy handling a new business partnership and if you do know of any corporate clients who wants to do a mobile app, please refer them to me and I will definitely pay you referral fees! 

Let's get to what I'm supposed to blog about today.


Located at : 
68 Orchard Road #01-29A
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

Ever since the opening, everyone is hyped up about this cheapest Michelin restaurant opening here on our sunny island, I was too of course but I was always too lazy to queue!!

After returning from Bangkok, I finally decided to head down to try out the delicious dim sum that everyone was raving about.  

There were 4 of us and as it was a Friday afternoon, we queued for around an hour which wasn't so bad because I heard of those who queued for 3 hours! 

We were to tick our orders before we were seated so as to facilitate smooth and fast delivery of the hot steaming dim-sum! 

Post-Bangkok/Buriram withdrawal symptoms shown clearly on our faces and also plus the hunger after one hour of queuing.

But cam-whore is still a must! 
Glutinous rice with chicken was one of their specialities but I clearly had forgotten the exact name for this dish!! I give it a 4 over 5 because it wasn't too bland! 
Shared a bowl of congee with James and I must say that the congee wasn't in anyway special but still, pleasant to the taste buds! 
And. You have to see me sipping it. Haha. 

I don't know how to appreciate chicken feet and I have no idea how to eat it plus whether it is nice or not but according to the others who had it, it was a pass!! :)
Softest "Malay Cake/马来糕"that I had ever! It was so tender that you would have thought you was biting into cotton instead of a cake! 
I have to totally applaud them for this f-ing amazing chilli. It was so good that I wanted to pack it home. You know how normal chilli sauces for dim-sum are right? More to the sweet kind than the spicy ones. BUT this has the spice that a standard chilli should have!!
Three cheers for the "Chee Cheong Fun"!! I ate the one with prawns while James mum ate the one with pork liver! Both are yummylicious! I don't eat pork liver but it did looked good enough to drool! 
Next came the beancurd roll which was a little too oily in my opinion. 
My favourite "Har Gow"!!!! So happy that the prawns were so fresh! 

The star of the day was definitely this. Their legendary roasted pork buns! Everyone was entitled to only a portion which includes 3 buns. We ate a few and kept the rest for takeaway. They were so precious lor! Truth be told, I am no fan of char siew buns cos I don't like char siew in the first place but this really blew me away! 
The carrot cake was so-so to me because of the oil content too. I am not trying to act healthy here hor.
Nothing much about this beancurd roll either.
Siew mai is best when the shrimps are so fresh!!
Osmasthus cake feels, looks and tastes good. It was a cold and delightful dessert!!

Had a great time there but I wouldn't visit again until they have more branches because I don't want to queue. Teehee. 

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Firstly, thank you.

Thank you to each and every individual who reads my blog. 
I started this blog in 2008 and most of my posts had zero readers. I was a nobody and nobody bothered to read my blog.

I never gave up writing because it was my passion and my love. Because of my book being published, more and more people took notice of me and came to read my blog.

From 20 readers to 50 and to 150 readers.. the numbers grew and grew. 

I am no Xiaxue or BongQiuQiu but to have about 200 people reading everytime I update a new posts, it feels good that I have readers and faithful ones too!

Up to date, the blogpost with the highest hits was this : Heather Chua Scam. It hit an all time high of 2000 readers. Wtf ikr. Why are you guys more interested in Heather Chua than me. *cries*

I admit that I procrastinate a lot and don't blog regularly so maybe that's why I never became a popular blogger like RachellTan, Speshi and the many bloggers out there. Besides, I don't have their looks. Still, I thank the few who always pop by this space.

Today, I am doing a giveaway for the new clothes that I have but never wore because I have too many!!! Most pieces are bought in Bangkok and because of the fact that I have to buy 3 pieces to get a better price, I end up with the same piece of clothing all the time -_- That's why I would like to give them to YOU, YOU,YOU and YOU.

There are 3 sets to be given away! 


Many of you have read Jolene's Story and think that you may know me very well already since you know my life story. Well, let's see.

(1) Share my blog link on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and complete your status with why your friends should read my blog.More chances for you if you share it on all 3 platforms! (I would need a screenshot)

(2) Answer these 5 questions :
                                       - Do I know how to swim?
                                       - Do I know how to cycle?
                                       - What is my favourite colour?
                                       - What is my favorite cuisine? (example French, Thai, Western)
                                       - What is the name of my book?

(3) Email your screenshot together with your answers and the set that you want to win to [ ]

(4) Wait for me to reply you! It is THAT EASY! 

Giveaway ends on the 21st of July 2013! I would be overseas next week but keep your entries coming in alright! 

SET 1 includes (1)A red spade top and a black floral printed cropped top. 
SET 2 includes (1)Animal Printed Top(2 pieces) and a Polka Dot Top
SET 3 includes (1)2 Neon Cropped Tee with Sleeves (2) White Cropped Tee

In the meantime, please remember to visit OOPZ Insta Shop! as we are very active there... Or you can purchase from us via our website at OOPZ WEBSITE !!

Till next time and good luck for the giveaway!

Jolene Goh

@JoleneSnow (Twitter & Instagram)
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The Nail District - Relaxation Haven
Thursday, July 04, 2013

[Disclaimer] This is not a paid review/advertorial.

Today, I fell in love with my nails all over again all thanks to "The Nail District". 

Many times, I walked passed this shop and was always tempted to step in because the interior looked so zen. Due to time constraints and my job scope, I had always done my manicures and pedicures in different nail salons and have not found one that I would like to stay loyal to. Today, I found it. :)

The Nail District appeals to me because it is really near my home and my 2nd home! (James' place) 

I finally booked an appointment with them and had my manicure & pedicure done there today! 

The service staff there are all really nice. They will call you at your appointment timing to give you a kind reminder and it's good for blur sotongs like me. 

Before they start painting your nails, they would ask you if you would like to drink any tea/water which I think is really nice of them. It doesn't matter if you are there for an Express Manicure or a Classic manicure, they provide you a heartwarming and sincere service. 

All the tools they use can only be used ONCE which means that all tools are opened to be used on you and nobody else. They are well-known for their professionalism in hygiene! You should know that most nail saloons use the same nail buffer for almost all their customers but The Nail District is unique and different! 

I have been to a few nail saloons who always practices hard-selling tactics that will ultimately annoy me because the reason I am doing my manicure there is to pamper myself and be relaxed. I don't like to be pushed to sign up for any packages unless I asked for it. The service staff at The Nail District is different, they speak nicely and informed me about their packages in an absolute kind manner w/o any hard-selling. 

Another thing I love about this place is that... They let you watch tv :D There will be a television in the middle and when I was there, they were playing a "Just For Laughs" DVD and I was really entertained. I was trying very hard not to laugh out loud when my nails were being painted. There were 2 staffs serving me that day and both of them were really pleasant and we engaged in small conversations. 

Chio right, my face? Oops, I meant my nails. 

One of the staff, I think she's called Qing actually advised me about my toenails because I always cut them and it was uneven. I thought that I was doing it right because my toenail always pricked me. She told me that I should have let the toenail grow and taught me the right way to take care of it. No other nailist/manicurists had dished out nail- care advice to me before! 

What are you waiting for? 

Locate/contact them at the below address and number : 

Hougang Green Shopping Mall
21 Hougang Street 51 

Telephone: 6386 6002 or you can make advanced booking via whatsapp/sms at 9857 8389 

Like them on Facebook at 

I'm so in love with my nails right now! 

On a side-note.. I've been having heart/chest pains for quite some time and I went to the clinic for an ECG scan. 

I was diagnosed with "Costochondritis" and it was something like chest wall infection/inflammation. I have no idea why would I be infected with such an illness but please for these few days, don't agitate me ok?

 My heart can't take it =D 

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Single Parent Support Group
Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My previous post was such a bore that when I re-read it, I yawned 10 times. I guess nobody wants to bother about a shortie who wants to try out print modelling.

Let's move on! 

If you do not already know, I am a co-founder of a support group on Facebook and I am amazed that a small idea like this has grown so much now!

Me and a dear friend, Ms Vivian Pan, who is a single mum herself with a 8 year old boy decided that we want to make a difference and change the world, bit by bit. 

Vivian had wanted to start this support group very long ago because as a single parent herself, she understood how difficult it was to take up both roles of being a father and a mother. Thanks to another friend, Gim, I got to know Vivian and SPSG was started!!

We took things slow and we used the word of mouth to promote our page so as to reach out to more and more single parents. This is a learning journey for us. Many would probably ask me why am I part of this group since I am not a single mother myself. The answer is obvious, I want to help. My mom is a single mother herself and she had her hard times taking care of me and watching me grow up. She worked at nightclubs just to pay for my nanny fees and everything else, all alone, by herself. 

People may judge and say that I will never understand how it feels as I did not go through it but I have no time at all, to care about what you think. 

We have had our share of criticisms on our page but there are mostly the most kindest and generous people complimenting us for starting this support group and trying our best to juggle between our full-time jobs, our personal lives and reaching out to create more awareness for SPSG. If we can make a difference, you can too.

A very respectable boss who owns a restaurant has reached out to SPSG and opened up his restaurants to hire single mothers and even allow single mothers to bring their children along to work, providing them also with their required meals. Having known this boss was such an impact to me because my faith in humanity increased by a zillion times that day. God bless him.

Recently, we helped out a young single mother who painstakingly given birth to a handsome baby boy. She was in labour alone and she was very weak. I myself, was touched to tears seeing how so many other single mothers and other members of the public sending emails and private messages to us to tell us they would like to contribute and help out by either donating baby items or items for the young mother. As everyone knows, single parents do not receive baby bonuses and they really have it harder in life. 

We were overwhelmed yesterday when our total page likes jumped from 320 to an astonishing amount of 1304 as of now. 

Vivian had so many private messages and emails and comments to reply and deal with but we managed it. 

We both believe that as long as we are alive, we should use our ability to make a difference to anyone who is underprivileged and in need.

If you have not liked us on Facebook, do so now by clicking on this link : SPSG's FACEBOOK PAGE!

Or kindly visit our website : SPSG website !

I would like to know if more people out there would like to join us as volunteers and let's slowly make a difference! Let me know or pm us on our Facebook page or send us an email via our website.

We are always here for you!

Loves - SPSG

By the way........ I did something damn embarrassing on Instagram just now. 

I actually sang and recorded it down and posted it to my 668 followers. 

Click on this link to see : IG and let me know if you think I should do a full cover on that song. It is one of my favorite song!! 

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Too short to be a model.
Monday, July 01, 2013

My recent ramblings about Heather Chua is finally over as I have promised.

I am sure that the sick person will create another account to try and ruin lives again but I don't really care. I will know how to deal with you. 

Today, I am talking about this really sensitive topic and only if you are below 155 cm than you will understand what I am going through. 

Height is such a sensitive word.

"What's your height?" // "How tall are you?" 

Damn, just shut up already. I have no height, I am just SHORT. 

I have always wanted to try print modelling not because I think that I am beautiful but because I am interested to try. 

I think that quite a lot of short girls do look good but it's just that we don't have the height so we don't stand out.

I understand for runway models because they must be tall for audiences to be able to see them. 

When I was working at Pizza Hut, I couldn't be stationed as the cashier because when standing behind the register, I was totally hidden =X 

How about print models? Why are shorter people not being given a chance in these industry? I am sure that there are a lot of pretty and cute girls who years to try out modelling but are made to lingerie shoots most of the time instead and why is that so?

Because of height. 

So, does being short means we get lesser chances in this harsh and cruel reality?

Let me know your views!

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