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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It is once again, Jolene Snow, here once again.
I haven't been updating this space because I felt that my life has been rather mundane.

What has been of me lately?
Monday to Friday, I am stuck in my boring office job, doing telemarketing, cold calls and hard selling to SME customers. Seriously, I cannot wait to leave the job. I currently have zero zeal and motivation for this job. When I speak to the boss about commission, he tells us that we weigh monetary rewards way too highly in our mind. *rolls eyes* Who doesn't? If I am currently doing charity work and helping the needy, of cause I would not be asking for monetary returns!! Because I am still in my youth and because I do not have enough money to go for a private diploma course, I have to work and I chose the sales line because I thought that it was a way for me to earn more for my future education plans. I was first hired as a sales coordinator but than was made to do a sales executive job scope. It was printed on my name card as "Account Manager." All I ask for is to get the commission that I worked hard to earn, is that too hard to ask for? Isn't that what any other sales job outside provide? Weird boss with his weird ways. And I simply cannot force myself to like them anymore than I can.

Last week, after the PC Show was over, I had to overtime daily till nearly 10pm just to clear the paperwork. If there were more admin staffs hired, I could push for sales much successfully. Talking about my job makes me moody so I shall stop here.

Life has been good. I am reading The Magic and The Secret when I am free and I am trying my very best to practice it and put it into real life practice. I am excitedly awaiting the publication of my FIRST BOOK at the end of the year. After the book is out, I promise that I will be updating this blog regularly with more and more exciting events and news.

Please continue to read this space! :D

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