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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Snow wans t wish you 生日快乐!!
Jmes th frog wans t wish you 华文进步 and 快高长大!!

We love you!

Goodbye Friendship , I Won't Be Missing You.
Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank You for making me realise what are friends for.
Nothing meant anything at all.
Bt i can't be bothered anymore,cos alot of things hv happened.
& too many i guess.
I just dk wht else t say & i wont blow things up either.
I'll remember this very sentence tht you commented abt me.

[ She never meant her words before anyway ]

so Elaine Goh (: thts so nice of you. Wht else would you like t comment abt me ? Yes I did say tht i want t give up on bugging Chanel t go sch & i did give up. I dont text her at night or in th morning t wake her up. i stopped texting Eugene t ask him abt Chanel's whereabouts. Bt Chanel came t me telling me her results, i congratulated her. So tht shows tht i dont mean my words ?
I see I see. Bt i hope you know your SARCASM never ever works on me just like hw Chanel's attitude dosen't work on you. Ppl dont need yr discouragement,& i guess i don't need yr friendship [= Im living a perfect life without you.
I can put up w everything & i had. Chanel & you said before you all don trust me,bt i stand by myself. I've never hidden anything frm you girls before.
I tried all ways and means t be a very good friend & i cried over our friendship troubles.
I know tht as friends, we hv t accept each other's faults.
I DID !!
But i will nt put up w ANYONE talking abt me behind my back in anyway.

I love th ones who loves me (:

I won't hate ppl who don't & I won't hate ppl who talk behind my back.

You know why ?

Cos hatred does nt exist between 2 strangers (:

Definition of a Friend :
A friend should be radical;
They should love you when you're unlovable,
Hug you when you're unhuggable,
And bear you when you're unbearable.
A friend should be fanatical;They should cheer when the whole world boos,
Dance when you get good news,And cry when you cry, too.
But most of all - a friend should be mathematical.
They should multiply the joy,Divide the sorrow,Subtract the past,And add tomorrow,
Calculate the need deep in your heart,And always be bigger than
the sum of all their parts.

My definition of a true friend is someone who is going to love me for me. The good times and the bad. They can find out my past and still love me. They are there to listen any time I need to talk or cry. They will not tell any of my secrets unless the secret is endangering my life. They can be truthful with me regardless of what it may be or if it hurts my feelings.
They don't talk about me behind my back
and they stick by me no matter what unless I have done them wrong. They don't end up disappearing from my life without good reason and we remain close. They would do anything for me unless it was something super unreasonable for them to do. In other words, they would give me the shirt off of their back if I needed it. They must have a kind heart and hold their friends close to it all times.The most important part of holding a true friendship is to be a great friend in return so all of the above is in consideration that I also do the same for them. It does take two to make a wonderful friendship.

A true friend will be there for you with words of encouragement when you are down. A friend will be honest and tell you, you are being a jerk. A friend will LISTEN and perhaps do something "just because". A friend will still be your friend even when you mess up. A friend will not judge. A friend will accept you, faults and all. A friend will be a confidant, fill the shoes of a brother or sister. A friend will laugh with you, cry with you and never turn their back on you, even if you are wrong. A friend will love you and cherish you. A friend will keep no secrets from you, even if it's in your best interest. A friend will not be jealous, coniving or try to have you be something you are not. They will visit you when they are sick, and cheer you up when you are down. Mostly they will be honest with you no matter the cost. They stand beside you, not behind you or in front of you. They are not selfish in the relationship. This is what makes the difference between a "True Friend" and having passing acqaintances.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Snow is here t update. Anw,here are th photos of Sports Day 2009.
I look kinda fugly in them bt its Sports Day yah ? Th sweat,th heat & everything..
Whats th point of being prim & proper right ? I saw class spirit and enjoyed myself so much screaming my voice hoarse f th runners.
Congrats Benjamin & Ziyang f th medals, & t those who ran f inter-class,you go guys !! (=
Anw, nth's much been happening recently.
School ~~~
Its been raining rather constantly this few days. & th thunder scares me.

Im dying t catch a few movies.
- Slumdog Millionaire
- He's just not tht into you.
- Kung Fu Chef
- & this muvee featuring Shu Qi & whatshisname=.=

Anw, Cross-country's tomorrow. & nope,i ain't gng. & Saturday is my grandpa's 100th day of death =( thr's gonna be so many stuffs t do.

pffft .... i wanna get a new phone ...... SOOOOONNN !!! my phne is so dying,on life-support machine currently =(

Im feeling sm kinda deception currently =( i dk hw tht feeling came abt bt its rly strong =( i suddenly realise tht i dun think i hv any true friends ? or real friends ? or smthing like tht. I just dk whts gng on abt ppl arnd me. Am i beind disillusioned ? Bt thn agn,maybe I can live a life w/o friends. Cos i dunt know who are th ppl i cn lean on except f my family & baby. UGHHH,forget i said anything -.-

Cafe cartell w them after Sports Day [=

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Im trying my very best t upload peekchers on Sports Day 2009 bt this damn thing just din allow any photos t appear=.= its irritating me mre & mre every second so i give up ! =( Im up at 930am in th morning & yes,tts a miracle cos i usually wake up in th noon on wkends. anw,i hate th internet so suddenly. Ugh. Suddenly i hv this strong feeling consuming me. Like i suddenly dont trust th world anymre.I got this inituition tt my Boyf is nt loving me th way he did like in th past & im feeling pessismistic abt alot of stuffs. I just hv this strong sixth sense & i swear its rly strong. Its trying t tell me abt smthing abt my Boyf. James, I hope this sixth sense is nt true.& if you've done anything behind my bk... Pls be honest w me. I just dont wish t think anymore. Its infuriating me! Ohgosh,whr's my SUPERTEENS spirit man? I injured myself last night & thr's a huge bump on my head nw. Mayb im hving some internal injuries causing me t hv all this negative feelings flooding my alrdy messed up mind. I shall nt blog anymre. Im off t studying nw t get my mind off all th negative thoughts tts engulfing me. Sighs, I've been thinking, are you sick of me alrdy? My family members are no better, Money is th roots of all evil. I prefer t leave this world alone.Sigh... i rly don wan 2009 t be like 2008. Somebody pls give me assurance,prove it t me. Im feeling rly nt good.

Should i STAY or should i GO ?
Is GOODBYE th only way f everything ?

Whr's Cinderella's HAPPY ENDING ?

Know Yr Priorities.
Saturday, February 21, 2009

I will nvr stp someone frm doing smthing they like.
I just dislike a special someone nt hving enuf time f me. I HATE IT.
I would nt learn hw t get use t it. cos its yr life.
I dun wanna stp you in anything you do.
I wont say Goodbye, cos i cant deny th fact tht Love exists.
Bt i will bear w it & lead my life this way.
We'll just do things tht we both like.

Unnaturally UnBonded So Suddenly.


pardon me,im just feeling emo =.=

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I love youuuu !!

hellos [= Snow is here t blog abt her unforgettable Valentine's Day.

- Boyfr came t my home t fetch me.
- eaded t Town.
- Boyfr knows i love Anderson's Ice Cream so we went thr f a headstart.
- Went walking arnd t see if thr were any movies t watch bt all th tix were selling
real fast =.=
- Walked th whole town madd ~
- Spent quite some time in Heeren & Cine.
- Bought Boyfr this cute little froggie w I LOVE YOU behind it.
- Bought a Doraemon cup & pen f Langley's bday gift.
- AMAZINGLY,thr were so many free stuffs !!! & being th Singaporean i am, I'm happy (=

- Boyfr bought me piglet handphone holder (= (= (=
- Dinner @ Billy Bombers.
- Saw quite a few ppl too. Namely Kaizhang, Vincent & Co.
- Walked till my legs cramp ahh, heels leh =.=
- Irritated Boyfr th whole day f a heart shaped balloon & finally th end of th day, I got it !!
- Bought necklace f Mummy & Grandma.

Thats th gift f Babydarling (=

free polaroid shot [=

FREE huggs !!

Aftermath, we went over t my Granny's home f my cousin's birthday (= Saw my brothers & was so happy !! Its a struggle t be away frm Russel as he's my precious !! Gave Langley his present & he loved it !! Went bk t Boyfr's home arnd 11 [=

Would you believe we're nt

blood-related bt i love him so so much ??

Langley th Birthday Boy (=

happy belated birthday LANGLEY !!

Julian , My rugged brother [=

Peace ppl !!

Russel , My Precious !

& t end things here, here's a retarded photo of yours truly, LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF PPL !!

toodles *

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