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The shortest month, make the best of it!
Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And so, we are all in the midst of the shortest month of the year now. How fast!!

Before I proceed to rant, listen here! Have you got a copy of Lianhe Zaobao today? Do get your copy cos I am in it, in the Lifestyle session!

The journa that interviewed me for this article was the nicest jorna I have met ever! Nice people are just so appreciated! Anyway, I released a snapshot of the article on my social media feed earlier this morning on the way to work.

Updates updates! Mum and I are settling in our new rental flat and we are both settling in on our new jobs. I started earlier this week, on Monday and am still in the honeymoon period now because I am still learning! =) Hope to be an asset for the company soon! Still, I am trying to get used to sleeping at midnight and waking up at 6.30am cross-eyed every day. X_x

How did you spend your CNY? Mine was great cos I spent the whole CNY week with James, doing what everyone on CNY does – visiting, gambling, eating! I don’t really gamble but I really love to play mahjong! It’s such an addiction and that’s like the only “sport” I excel in. Valentine’s Day this year was pretty simple because James had to work on that day. We had a simple dinner at Lenas over at Nex Shopping Mall. Don’t really matter to me that it was a simple celebration cos love can be celebrated every day! =)

I’m already thinking of when I will be flying overseas this year. I flew to Bangkok twice or thrice last year, I can’t remember.

I've had a few female readers pm-ing me on Facebook telling me they really love my book and would really love to meet up with me. I will organize something soon alright? Please pardon my busy schedule! As for male readers, it’s kinda awkward to have a one-to-one meet up so please understand alright? I will organize a gathering or something, soon! J Ke yi mah? You all must continue to love and support me ok!

I just had a thought this morning, maybe I should keep Jolene's Story active? By continuing to write short stories online, stories of hope, life, adversities, love, basically everything! I love to write so much! By continuing to blog here and on Jolene's Story, I can practice and strengthen my writing too! Ok, remember to bookmark Jolene's Story on your browser alright!

ALSO, one more big news to update you guys! MDIS offered me a scholarship for a Media & Communications diploma!! FINALLY! I can study!! After taking a hiatus from studying since 2009, I am finally going back to studies. (Ok lah, I had no money so I couldn't continue my studies in the past). It wouldn't be easy because I would be juggling my full-time job and part-time studies at the same time but who says life was going to be easy? I have been through worse, haven’t I?

No photos in this post but I will update again, soon…. I hope!


New year. New Home, New Beginnings
Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Major blogpost of year 2013 is here. 

Did you all miss me? In this first ever blog update, I am going to reveal my new home. A small little cozy comfortable place of my own, with my Mum! 

Since the start of 2012, Mum and I has been trying so so so so so hard to appeal to the HDB for a rental flat of our own. Apparently, Mum can't buy a new flat as she had bought 2 with her ex husband before and if she were to buy another one from HDB, she would have to pay taxes of around 40K. 40K leh, not 4K... Where to find 40K, you tell me?

So we wrote to HDB to appeal, we got rejected due to many reasons. Our income level were too high, we were not poor and needy enough, I was an illegitimate child etc etc etc. Some rejection letters even mentioned that my 2 uncles lived in huge apartments and we could stay with them. YES, we could stay with them but are they WILLING to help us? Even if my uncles would, their wives totally objects to it. Sad to say, yes, we are a hindrance to them if we stay with them. Each for go own I guess? We got rejected about 8 times and we were so near to sleeping at the void deck, really! I wrote to the MP of Tampines, Mdm Irene Ng, Housing Minister, Mr Khaw Boon Wah and PM Lee Hsien Loong. I pleaded and pleaded and went down to HDB so many times! If you don't know, I actually rented rooms from friends and the costs were very high except from June's place of course. Her family was so nice to rent us a room at a really really cheap rate and I am so eternally grateful to her. It was my first experience of staying on landed property as well! I enjoyed staying with her! 

We finally received an acceptance letter from HDB during December 2012 and were told we would be given a flat in 3 to 6 months time. Surprisingly, we were asked to head down to choose our flat last month! How fast! I wanted to choose Buangkok Crescent cos it was near to all my friends and James but it was taken up rather quickly. My queue number was 22 by the way, I'm sure someone would have snatched up Buangkok Crescent very quickly as it was a convenient place.

Anyway, I chose a rather good place in the end. Located on the 22nd floor! I call it my "penthouse". The view from my place is just amazing. I could see Singapore Flyer from here and also the sunset and sunrise. I love my new place. I had left my full time job last year in August and had been doing odd-jobs/part-time jobs for some time and so I was pretty financially tight when the new house came. I had to struggle to buy furniture and all because my Mum had recently lost her job. She's currently found a new job already so no worries! Everything is stabling down and it's a new beginning! 

In this blogpost, I would love to thank all the wonderful people who helped me during this period of time! You all are wonderful really! Thank you James, for helping me all the time, fetching me here and there. You are great! Thank you to my godparents, Kareen and Jimmy for so many things. They have helped me a lot by helping me move furniture, buying me furniture as gift and helping me to fix all the DIY furniture. I cannot be more than grateful to them. Thank you Nixon and Chia Seng for helping me with the moving and everything else. I am so happy that you all are my mahjong carkeys!

The wardrobe below was bought previously in the past so we just moved it here to the new place, no costs involved. The wooden bed frame was given to me by Kareen, my godmum who has been pampering me ever since I knew her 4 years ago. She is one amazing woman and I can never be more appreciative of her!
You do realize that a big fat pig is lying on my bed huh. 

This was right after getting the keys from HDB, we went to check out the place. A small one room rental flat but it means so much to me and Mum to have a roof over our head, a place we could call our own.

My friends, Hui Qi, June, Amanda and June's boyfriend, Shun Jie.. actually sponsored me a fan and a rice cooker. How sweet are they you tell me. I am no famous blogger or superstar but I try my best to a good friend to them and they in turn treat me so nice by sponsoring me stuffs for my new place!
 The dressing table was bought in the past and transferred here so no costs was involved in this part of the house.
 Beautiful kitchen cabinet from BEDS.SG sponsored by Kareen! Thank you God-Mum! I love you a lot! Microwave oven was given by James' parents.
The empty kitchen before things were moved in.
 Empty hall/living room.
 Here comes the fridge(bought in the past) and the washing machine!
 Look at the shelf nicely done up by my god-father. Makes the kitchen so neat! Bought the shelf for $15 at Ikea and the brackets were $3 each!
 Nicely done, my god-father should be an interior designer. He totally designed my place for me!
 This is my life support, it will hold all the delicious food and snacks and whatsoever that will go into my mouth. And also my facial masks!!
 Simple but delicate bathroom mirror bought from Ikea at $19.90!! Jimmy fixed it up as well, genius right? What would I do without him?
 This is at the top of my wardrobe. My little corner of love.All my books and photos of me and James. Sweet ain't it!
 Oh yes, my $9 shoe rack that I bought and fixed myself. I get so damn high when I find cheap and decent stuffs!
 Tv console that I bought from Ikea at $59! James, Nixon and Nigel fixed it for me. Thank you, thank you! It's just a simple tv console but as long as it can withstand my television, who cares right?
 Sofa here was given by Amanda as her family had bought new furniture for her home and am discarding the old ones. The sofa is so comfortable and is still in good condition! She also gave me nice wooden square shaped coffee table which is so new and delicate! Thank you!
 Washing machine sponsored by editor, Gloria Chan. We got to know more about each other through editing "Jolene's Story" and she is motherly and so nice to me. Always there to listen to me! I am so glad that I have met her!

Water heater I bought from NTUC, $79 and $38 installation fees. It is cheap right? Been using it and it works fine! The brand is "Trendz"!
 The television bought in the past on my beautiful tv console. I can watch my dramas all day long now. So happy! The purple box is actually a seat for me to seat on when wearing my shoes and also a box to keep all my more expensive shoes. The others are put outside my house on the $9 shoe rack!
See! The beautiful sunset from my place. Amazeballs right. Too beautiful I feel like crying.

As I write about my new place and all the sponsorship and help from friends, I am crying because I am so very touched by each and every individual who helped me so much. I could never ever repay them accordingly but only to the best person for them! I would make them not regretting knowing me. I want them to be happy to have me in their lives!

This was my first #OOTD (Outfit of the day) in my new home and I think I looked really good. Think it's the $10 dress from Bugis Street doing it's magic, making me look slim and pretty!
 I am planning to curl my hair, should I?
 And back to Jolene's Story. Sales of it has been good so far but it could be better! Have you readers actually promoted it to all your friends? I hope to touch at least one person's lives each day. I get so happy receiving tweets, Facebook PMs and emails from all you people who read Jolene's Story. They totally make my day although sometimes I really have no time to reply, I hope you understand that I read every single comment. You all are wonderful people, really. Keep spreading about Jolene's Story and change someone's life today.

I get obsessed when I step into bookstores and will always want to take a photo with my book. It's obsession I know but I am loving it!
 And how can I end a blogpost without Reyes? He is too crazily cute! These girls in the photo are all part of unofficial Reyes Fan Club. I might go crazy and start a Facebook page for him soon!
 Reyes' god-father! And may he also be the father of my future children! =)
 Let us start ogling now!

Before I sum up this blogpost, it is now almost a week to CHINESE NEW YEAR and I am looking forward to all the good food that I am going to eat.

WHO CARES about the fats/calories intake? I don't!
I love "love letters" and the name of this snack is just so sweet!

Pineapple tarts are like the must-eat during CNY!
And roasted pork slices! Or most people call it "Bah Kwa".. Just staring at this photo makes me want t drool. 

 And last but not least, the red packets that I will be receiving. It's the best thing for us unmarried people right?


I can't wait to stalk you guys wearing your Chinese New Year outfits on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! You all can stalk me @JoleneSnow !

Till the next time, xoxo!

P.S : I do still need window grilles for my new place. Any sponsors? =D

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