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Saturday, April 25, 2009


I lost my temper .
& I nearly threw something at tht person.
He's an incorrigible freak.
Ever since i discharged from Girls' Home,
I changed f th better & my temper wasn't so horrible anymore.
However, today ~~ this MAN made me flare up like a wild bull raging w fire. I was consumed with fury .
Noone has ever made me felt so angry ever .
He slammed my dignity & pride .
& in th end , i allowed Satan to lead me away..
Flaring up & hurling profanities , even though i did pull Eugene away from approaching tht mental .

I would tolerate.
I would tolerate.
I would tolerate.
I would tolerate.

I told myself that God will help me to hold my tongue & he also will not allow me to be overcomed by sinful anger .

It's just a waste of time to be so affected .

Thanks EVERYONE for yr advice (:
I am sorry for losing my temper .


w loveliest loves, th sweet girl :D

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Im so apologetic for th lack of updates but i hv my reasons !
My phone is spoilt and is under repair at Simei SE branch right now.
Going to bring it home today.
& my Mid Year exams are arnd th corner ,
so Im busy studying .
If there's anything , pls do contact me by my number .
I'm only a text / call away ~~
Jason my Big head di di & co is coming to City Harvest this wkend !
Am so excited , cant wait .
I promise i'll update agn soon w photos *winks*

Loves , Snowwiiieeeeeee th Pig .

Taking A Step Towards Faith.
Thursday, April 16, 2009

-Preach Peace Instead Of
During The Darkest Times .

Snow is currently feeling loved.
Have been happy , happy & happier .
Wished all these laughter would stay here in th long run .
My 7th month anni w Baby is coming (3 more days !!)
Unfortunately , we're not celebrating cos im gng t church/facial
while he has some events to attend (:
But it's alright , everyday is our "lo-man-tik" day .
Am gng to Downtown East on Saturday !!! Yipee.
Finally i can get a Wild Wild Wet experience :D
I've never been thr my whole life . Poor me :(
My first Escape theme park experience was also like 2 years ago :x

It's International Friendship Day tmr .
I hereby wish all my friends a Happy Friendship Day !!
& to friends whom once stepped into my life and left ,
Thank You f th footprints & memories you left behind.

Tomorrow is my Grandmother's 63rd's birthday .
Am gonna eat out w family .
Baby's tagging along ... Is he considered family thn ? :x
Anyway , I realised tht I had always wanted my other half to
be a very romantic person , cos Im a sucker f th sweet corny stuffs.
However , I've realised tht romance is not long-lasting.
I had really super duper romantic "counterparts" in th past .
But no long-term endings.
So how glad I am to discover tht wht i need now is just
someone tht can make me laugh everyday .
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
In my relationship , the HONEYMOON period lasts forever ~
And I want to thank God for bringing me this far .
Dear Lord , I am who i am because of your words .
They are a lamp to my feet .
I am grateful for every little happiness tht i had received .
Every new friend that comes my way & touches my heart .
I want to be just like you .
Amen .

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." Matthew 7:7,8

I wanna go catch a drama now .
Am waiting for Baby to text me .

Hopes that Karen GETS WELL SOON !!
Wanna see an energetic woman of God on Sunday !! (:
I'll be praying.
& SAMUEL NG , study hard luhhhhsss !!!
Please stop causing mayhem .
I cant study w all th noise and distractions :( Don't you sympathize w me ? ;(

Lastly ,
To My Dearest Hippopotamus Moustache Froggie .


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Cos You And I Both .

Helloooooos ! I've been busy so pardon me for th lack of updates

Wednesday 15th April 09.

(:Anyways, lets backtrack. Hmmmm,missed sch tday as i was late.

Thanks to Mr Liu Jun Hong,James. I left home so early t surprise him,thn in the end...

Waited so long f him under his block.

Ended up went point for Mac.

Green for Self-study. ( I actually studied 7chapters of Physics )

Thts like so :o right ?

Thn back to Baby's house.

He is taking a nap now =.=

Baby studying...

Cute (:
He was trying to mk me laugh after making me pissed -.-''

Tuesday 14th April 09.
Gave cousin tution.
Babysitted him.

Monday 13th April 09.

Had this very boring STRETCH English programme after sch.
Went point w Baby to shop f groceries.
Cooked Italy Noodles and my special dish f his family + Jason.
Chicken cocktail wrapped w Bacon.
Was so full =D

It was rather oily bt still superb !
Baby loved it !

Did this graffiti out of boredom :x

Sunday 12th April 09.

Baby and me woke up around 9plus.
Prepared and Baby sent me to Expo to meet up w Samuel,Jbl.
Attended Easter Service at City Harvest.
WOW is th only word i can describe it.
Service was fun & interesting too..
Met new friends,Karen,Clarence,Lester etc.
They are very friendly and great peeps,
Thank you Mr Jbl for bringing me to CHC.
After fellowship at T3,Changi Airport,
I left to meet up w Boyfr & co for movie.
Aloysius's brother,Thaddeous is superly cute!!
Caught this. 7/10.Bit giddy :x Too many flashing lights.
Power trip halfway through th movie :x
Golden Village , tsk tsk tsk.
I forgive you thou,Accidents do happen :P

Samuel th dinosaur :D

Th camera does nt like Jason's face :X

Head-banging fun .

He looks just like aloysius (:

Retarded right !!

Good friday shopping w cousin :D
At tampinese 1.
It was uber-crowded.

felt emo :x
was gng through a down period w James.

My Cute Boyfren.

LAVAROCK,located at Hougang Ave 8,Block 683.
Its a MUST-TRY. Cheap & delicious !!!!

Expired photo w Mr Jbl.

hope you like this edited snapshot of you & aloy.

P.S : This 2 lovebirds share th same anni date w me & James :D

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Missed me ?? (:
I'm back to my poor abandoned bloggie.
Th bad news is Babydarling's sold his phone away so i hvn got an adapter nor a Usb cable to upload my photos :( so sorry. (currently @ his hse )
Sigh, will upload once i'm able to alrights ?
Aniwaysssssssssss, Nothings much been happening.
Yeah, i know , my life is B-O-R-I-N-G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Been really sick, & had a few major tiffs w my boyfr :(
Im still waiting f him t change bk t my prince James.
I know he deserves chances bt he makes me so mad sometimes.
Haas. Shinjuku incident was great. Bt kinda lengthy.


suffered from gastric pain after th movie , felt so much like dying :x was supposed to L4D but couldn't make it.

THANK YOU JBL BUDDY for th gastric meds~love chu.

After tht, rested in th living room while boyfr & co played their WWE cards. Yeah, they play tht. Can you believe it ? Xiaokenneth showed me magic tricks, Babydarling should learn it & go scam other girls. LOL !! Th next day i was down w Gastric Flu :x It's like what th hell ~ Missed school on monday.Manifesting w Gastris juices at home.Nausea was th worst feeling :(

Tuesday & Wednesday was in school , on my best behavior !! :)

Thursday, fainted in th morning . I dk becos of what. Serious. Babydarling bombed my phone w several calls . I felt so sad,i fainted f an hour + and noone knew :( Am i tht unloved ? So missed sch agn. But worked in th evening w damien and samuel. Sales was not good :(

Was supposed to hv a movie date w moron james bt he was too tired so he decided to give me aeroplanes :D (nt many ppl will understand wht i'm saying :x ) So,i thn wanted t bring my cousin Giggs to th library t study bt it was closed. Returned me library books & thn off to th NEW shopping mall - TAMPINESE 1 ..
It was superly crowded. & i squeezed like an insane woman, worried my cousin will get lost. Spent like 10bucks in th arcade.Mostly f mahjong games :x Thn off we went to buy Takopachi & Hotdogs. Tht was my lunch. Giggs wanted t catch a movie bt i was like broke so headed home. Thn dinner @ home & off t work.
Im feeling happy tday, hving a peaceful mood (: but i kept irritaing th socks outta my baby. HAHAHAHAHAHAS !! im lovin' it.
& after work, went green for L4D w JBL buddy,Shihao & Baby.


MY BABY IS A SCAREDY-CAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He runs away to hide when th rest of us are charging at th zombies.

& after tht played pool w Baby. I lost =.=
I'm a total noob.

Left green arnd 3 due t a very bad stomach-ache.
& my naughty baby says i walks w a hunch-back when im having a stomach-ache. He says its cute =.=

Right now,im waiting f him to finish forming his oh-so-powerful deck of wrestling cards & after tht im gonna hit th sack.

love all.

P.S ::::::::

Kelian de jolene
Tuesday, April 07, 2009

My precious baby jolene ko is down with stomach flu . poor she has no strength to blog . so mi the hero will blog for her. we juz quarrel today and is all my fault. went to watch shinjinku incident at the cathey on saturday nite . 7/10 , not bad. after all i still love her lots . hahah

she will blog back once she is well so guys . stay tuned =))


My Love Will Get You Home.
Thursday, April 02, 2009

1st April 2009.
Happy Aprils Fool !
Pranked my whole contact list tday :x
To those tht i said yr face makes me sick, I din mean it okay (:
Pardon my naughty-ness (:
& to those who thought i was really pregnant :x
Haas. Sorry, i was just playing a prank.
Forgive me earthlings, i just wanna make you laugh.
& to those who said i was lame,*bo liao* etc..
Whatever tht flows yr boat okay ???
Im not affected, I was just in th mood to be a joker .
Sch has been really happening !!
Everyone's like clowning around alot.
We were given some coasters for dengue fever thingy &
guess what my classmates did w it ?
They tried to be some ironman or superman ?
I laughed till i had a tummyache :x
I've got a video to share too.
Do view it (:

31st March 2009.
wee~finally of legal age :D
This is Damien,aka th Ironman.
Buddy,be strong. Things will turn out fine (;
Just believe (:
I'm here for you yeah !!!!

& this is Samuel Ng. Mr J.B.L .

My buddy too (:

They both bring laughter to my life.

& they always manage to screw all the boredom away !

Thank you both !!

=.= I made this for Boyfr.

He wanted me to do it. for his room door i guess ?

5A2 (:

Have been busy w sch.
Am feeling quite tired this few days.
Missed sch on Tues due to terrible migraine :(
Caught "Unborn" on Wednesday night w
Boyfr,Carolyn,Aloysius,Ivan,Jason & Eugene.
Ivan was so funny !!
Kept hiding behind his hands. Laughs !!

Gave it 6/10 ?
The effects were shocking bt movie kinda short =.=

Saturday 28th March 09. Saturday.

Went to work. Tagged w Kenneth.
After work,Boyfr & co headed f gathering w his friends :x
Thn Carolyn,Jason,Eugene and me headed for pasar malam.
Thr was no sharks fin soup :( So Jason suggested gng t Hg Ave 8 for
dessert . & th good thing is, it's F.O.C .
i dk who paid for it,but thanks anyway !!
Jason bought durian & we went under Reuben's block to slack.
Laughs. I took a video of how Jason ate th durian.
It was gross bt super hilarious !!
Do watch th video eh ?? :)
Boyfr & co came soon after.
Had supper after tht. Left for Baby's crib around 4 plus :x
ZzZzZzZzZzZzZ .



Working w Damien tmr (:

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