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Sundown Festival 2011.
Sunday, November 27, 2011

The joy, the gratitude and the excitement of receiving a tweet from a friend saying that he has free tickets to this year's SUNDOWN FESTIVAL featuring artiste like SHOW LUO is just so damn awesome! It's rather sweet that people actually remembers me tweeting about what I like & who I like and all that.

You know those emo moments where you work so hard to come up with a blog entry and than you tell yourself "Aiyah, noone actually reads my blog anyway?" But I believe that if you strive to do something, you should work really hard for it; whether people will actually see your hard work or not is another thing all together.

ANYWAY, a HUGE thanks to Merv for giving me a pair of FREE tickets to this year's Sundown Festival. It was my first time seeing Show Luo in person!!

I went to the concert with Hui Qi as she was also a BIG FANGIRL of Show Luo. She went for his concerts and autograph sessions before. What a lucky girl.

So... I went to meet up with her over at her place in the afternoon and we spent a great deal of time dolling up. I know I know,most of you would say that Show wouldn't even see us so what's the big deal right? There is a big deal! We are going to such a respected event, of course we have to dress our best!!

We look super fugly in the below photo. Reason : We had been drenched badly. We queued up for the concert at around 5-ish and thank God we met our secondary school mates in the queue so we were allowed to cut the super long queue. It had started drizzling and we had like only 1 umbrella. It was a rain or shine event so everyone else was smart enough to bring "ponchos" while we didn't. Anyway, we stood in front of the stage and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited.......... ( In the rain!!)

Go to this blogger's post if you want to know how was the queue like : Steven aka J2meePok

Anyway, this was around 7+ in the evening when the rain finally stopped. It was as if they know that the concert was going to start. Haha. You can imagine how heavy the rain was just by looking at the 2 dudes in this photo. Their hair was WET to the roots.

 More cam-whoring while waiting & waiting. They were playing these advertisements for the sponsors over & over & over again and we were getting really impatient. Most of the audience were though. Some was heard grumbling : "If Show Luo was the last perfomer for this concert, I would die standing here!" Apparently yes, he was the last performer. =X

 Look at e crowd!
 This was some drum performance by students from Temasek Polytechnic. I apologize but I really forgot what is the actual name for this drum thingy.
 The hosts :  YES 933's deejay Peifen and Li Teng.  


Pardon my photos as I was pretty far away from the stage. This was the best I could capture.

They sang these songs : Yume -Mugen no kanata, Kakera, Crisis, Risk & FAKE(New Singles).

 2nd Performance : Zhang Jing Yun from Taiwan.

 She sang: 义气, 让我照顾你, 相反的我 & 春泥 (Her version.)


They sang: Supa Luv, No More Perfume On You, Angel & Clap

I thought this one member was really charming and it was so embarrassing when Hui Qi told me he was ONLY 16 years old. What do they eat during puberty in Korea huh? My 16 year old brother don't even look like half of Ricky. (But I still love you bro)

 This was my FIRST time hearing & seeing this group perform. But I still went gaga over them though. They were really really handsome I swear! After screaming like a crazy fangirl, Hui Qi told me that they were all actually younger than me -.- Pedo much?!?!?!?!!? OMG. I cannot believed that I went crazy over some 16 year old Korean stars. 16!!! The oldest guy in the band was like only 18?!!! I am still too old for them. Makes me sad you know. And don't misunderstand, I am not sad because they are too young but think about it.. At such a tender age, they have already achieved so much. Performing at a concert, gaining fame, having fan-girls showering their love on them. I mean like at least they work hard to be where are today right?


Next up, HEBE TIEN! Look at her, dressed like an angel, voice like an angel too =)

 One of my favourite songs!
She sang : My Love, Love!, To Hebe, 還是要幸福, 寂寞寂寞就好 

Show Luo Zhi Xiang. I was so hyped up the moment he came out. He performed : 精武门, 爱风头, 一支独秀 and Only You. This was my very first time seeing Show and even though he was up on stage, he still looked really handsome, cute and yeah handsome! *Fan-girl moment unveiled*

 Sorry for the really noisy background but who can control themselves and not scream when it is SHOW performing!!!

 There was a dragon dance performance at the end. Weird but entertaining though.
 The finale where all the artistes came out to bid farewell.
 Okay, I admit that I was more focused on snapping away at Show & Teen Top.

 And so, the event ended. Hui Qi and I was bushed. Our legs felt like jelly and we randomly took a bus to "Little India" MRT station to travel back to Hougang.

We were very very tired but what is more important was that we were HAPPY! Really happy.
I really enjoy the company whenever I am with my girls :)

Thank you once again to Merv for the tickets!

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I will blog about Christmas next alright! Stay safe and keep loving people. 

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