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My first laser experience.
Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back to this empty space that lags behind time...

Today,I'd be blogging abt my first laser treatment.

Last Tuesday, I actually went to this shop at Tampines Central to thread my eyebrows. As always, the lady would persuade me to go for facials and all that but I rejected her cos I hate getting pressurized to sign up for those packages and it's always so difficult for me to reject them. Then she started talking abt the small lump of meat on my left eyelid. All the beauticians always talk about it... "Eh Xiao Mei, why don't you laser it? So ugly.. Just one time laser than pretty already la.."

I'd always ignore them but this time I was a little impulsive and thought that since I have been considering for so long, why not just give it a try?? She assured me that it'd be painless and it'd be over in a minute. I damn kiasi one ok, I kept telling her I was afraid of pain, I was afraid there'd be a scar etc and she retorted saying "You have tattoos on your hand & you're afraid of pain?!" So I was like, Fine... I'll do it. She said it'd cost $20 cos it was very near the eyes.. I didn't know the market price so I just agreed. It was after that Boyfr's mum told me that it was expensive.. But I'd done it already.. Bo pian.

She used this sharp pointer like pen and did something to the meat lump and I smelt those burnt smell which was pretty freaky because it felt like she was burning my eyes. Felt a slight sting and it was over after that. She showed me my reflection and I was damn freaked out cos there was like a hole in place of the lump..

Haha cos I'm so kiasu, I didn't know that was normal. I called my mum & apps my girls and they told me it was normal.. I just have to wait for the normal skin to grow back & it'd be good once again. Heng uh, I was damn scared for like 15 minutes..

So after it recovers, I can finally draw a perfect liner on my eyelids. YAY TO BEAUTIFUL EYES!

I shall end my post today with very ugly photos of myself but better than nothing right? :D

Haha ok there are 2 quite pretty ones actually.



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