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Thursday, August 15, 2013

James has enlisted for his National Service on the 12th of August 2013. A new phase of our relationship has started and I freakin' miss him. 

I know, I know... It is just 3 weeks and time will fly by very fast. I know, I know,. He is super busy cos he has to rush everything in 9 weeks time for his graduation ceremony. I know, I know he has a lot to do inside like water parade and whatsoever training and exercises etc. I know he can't always call me on time/or even have enough time for me. 

Like I said, I KNOW ALL OF THESE. 

I never expect him to do anything!I wait  faithfully by the phone from 9.30pm onwards knowing that he finally has admin time just to hear his voice for 3 minutes. Hearing him tell me abt his day, what he went through and how tired he is. I understand and I will always put myself in his shoes, I NEVER demand anything from him so STOP telling me what I already know.

I am just WHINING on Social Media. I just want to say how I feel and tweet my misses and thoughts to him. 有错吗?Is there anything wrong?!!!!! Whine also cannot meh?!! 

I know most of you cannot stand whiny and complaining girls but now, I am one!!!! Can or not? Need to ask your permission???! 


If you feel that I'm too whiny, unfriend me on Facebook or unfollow me on Twitter. I don't care!!! If you feel that I whine too much than well that sucks for you cos that's how you feel. Keep it to yourself and don't need to comment ok???? 

"I miss my bf.... Why hasn't he called??? 16 days more..... Still so long.... And the list goes on......"

I LIKE TO WHINE LEH. What can you do? Not happy huh? Your problem lah. 

You all whine about everything on Social Media. About the train breakdowns, slow buses, PRCS, politics, lack of jobs, ugly people, fat people, smelly people, rude people, your bosses, your mother, your father, your colleague, your girlfriend, your wife, your mistress or even your pet. Continue lah! I also never stop you!!! It's okay for you to whine but it's not okay for me. Why so?? 

Everything I say or do is subjected to your approval? No shit. 

YOU are not ME. You will not know how I feel! I spent 2 years in Girls Home with totally no freedom at all. I waited EVERY SINGLE DAY for time to pass just so I could get out of Girl's Home. Everyday passed so slowly and it was a grueling torture to wait for freedom to come. That is why I feel extra horrible now because it's like the past feelings are haunting me! There is just a similar resemblance in the waiting period. I just want to whine to let it out from my heart. Let me say what I want to say lah, MYOB. 

I know most of you meant well. Thank you for those of you BUT for those of you who thinks I am too whiny and annoying, go kick yourself. 

Isn't it easier to tell me to "Cheer up" or "Smile" than write nonsense to make me feel like I am a bad girlfriend for whining? WHY CANNOT WHINE? LIMBEI now declare I want to whine and whine and whine, what can you do??

Nothing. So shut up and go away. Leave me alone. 

Soldier boy is so cute! *misses* 

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