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RAZORTV interview (Preview)
Friday, January 11, 2013

I did an interview with RazorTv today and I must say it was an extremely and exciting experience! Olivia, the interviewer was really nice and sweet to me, so was the photographer.


I am updating this space because I know that there are out of ten, maybe 4 people who actually bothers to come to this space to read about me only to be disappointed at the lack of updates. That is why I am blogging now at 2.46am. Love me more!

Below are the photos taken today, before, after and during the RazorTv shoot.
Thank you, Aunty Lam for staying by my side, starving while the interview was going on and thank you for the snapshots! Love ya!

My super kiam-pa (deserves to be beaten up face) after I found out that the train has broken down and I was going to be late.
 The angel that accompanied me today.

During the shoot. BEHIND THE SCENES. Wahahhaha, I make it sound so atas. Totally act yi ge lor.
 Taking a rest? =D

And some girly cam-whoring after using the toilet because there was a full length mirror. US GIRLS!

Found these photo on my newsfeed days ago done by Anntonii, the founder of this page on Facebook : Fabrications by Anntonii . I really liked this a lot =) His page is just a humorous platform about SG local life. Like his page for some hearty laughs and don't take them too seriously!

In the meantime, I just want to thank each and every one of you whom took the time to send me an email/tweet/facebook pm/anything to tell me your feelings after reading Jolene's Story. Thank you for sharing your stories with me and all the encouragements. There are the comment nasty bunch who have nothing nice to say to me but God bless you all! =)

I appreciate everything and every word you all said. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.

Feel free to follow me on my twitter and IG if you are curious enough! @JoleneSnow

Till another time, xoxo!

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Hi , Jmes here

Good a morning to all the readers. I'm proud to have a successful GF , jealous much??!?!? :D , I

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My story may not be the most well-written book you ever read. It may not be what you expected but I just want to say that irregardless of all your feedbacks & opinions, I am still me.

This Stomp article has amazed a few, annoyed a few and offended a few. I don't really care.

"Those who matter don't mind, and those who mind don't matter." - Dr Seuss

Here are also articles, writing about the same thing.

Diva Asia
AsiaOne News

I've had enough bullshit all my life, a little more each day ain't gonna make me fall.

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Friday, January 04, 2013


Behind the glamour.

Who says a wayward kid will stay wayward forever? ™
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I'm an Author, Entrepreneur and Glutton all in ONE!
12th October 1990, I'm a libran and lovin it!
I'm the author of (Jolene's Story), my first published memoir, a true life story under Marshall Cavendish!

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