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Food Review : Saveur Thai @ Kaki Bukit
Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chanced upon a new place to cater to Thai Food cravings! 
Usually, for those like me who stays in the North-East... We would go to Nakhon Kitchen to queue. 
However, I have found another alternative! It is a bit further off and only accessible by car. 

Located at Kaki Bukit Road 4 @ Bartley Biz Centre... 

The place is new and clean! Come and try before this place starts to get crowded! 

$10 - Tom Yum Seafood Soup

The soup is a tad sweet for me because I  am a spice lover and I have high expectations for tom yum. Usually, I'll go for clear soup but because we were sharing as a family so we opted for this.

$6- Pandan leaves wrapped chicken
We had 2 servings of this because it was really frangrant and soft! 

$8- Sambal Kangkong
This stir-fried dish was nicely cooked but there just wasn't enough sambal because it did not taste spicy enough for me. At least the veggie was crunchy enough :)

$8- Thai Fish Cake 
A tad too salty for my taste buds but the rest of the family felt it was alright. 

Their fried seabass was selling at a promo rate so we gave it a try! 
$15 promotional price. Usual price was at $25.

I forgot to take a photo of the basil minced pork but that was really appetizing!! Super spicy and just right for me. You can simply eat that with white rice and it would be more than enough. $8 for that. 

Lastly, mango salad at $5.

Spicy and crunchy. James' take on it as I did not try it. I was too full at that point of time.

Total damage was $68.50 for 5 pax. Rice was at $0.50 each. Reasonable and just adequate for all. No extra service charge or GST charges. 

I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you for reading!! 

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Friday, April 11, 2014

I am so blessed to be always sponsored so many beauty products that does amazing things to my skin!

Collagen Cleanse is a unique foaming facial cleanser that deeply cleanses skin and unclogs pores! The water activated 
foaming crystals contain nano-collagen that helps hydrate skin, regenerate collagen and elastin as you cleanse your 
skin leaving skin clean, balanced and revitalized!!! 

BeautyBiotics Collagen Cleanse - $43/65g

Step 1: Pour a small amount of collagen crystals onto your palm.
Step 2: Mix with water and rub to form a lather.
Step 3: Apply the foam onto your face in a circular motion and massage for a few minutes to allow the nano-collagen to be deeply absorbed. Rinse well and pat 

dry. Use day and night.

This is me with light make up on and ready to cleanse my face!!

Here we go!!

Collagen Powder Foaming Cleanser
- New Cleanser With Nano-Collagen
- Collagen Treatment As You Cleanse
- Deep + Gentle Foam Cleansing 
- Suitable For All Skin Types
- Formulated For Daily Use

And ta-dah!!!! Clean face now!! It was a very refreshing experience because I can feel that my skin is not only clean but smooth and hydrated as well! All thanks to the collagen treatment as I clean... this product is very straightforward and it delivers what it promises!

This cleanser can remove dead skin and unclog pores!!! It is what most of us require in a cleanser! Some cleanser actually dries up our skin after long-term usage but this won't! 

I had done an earlier advertorial on Beautybiotic's other products before. Read more about them in this -> POST ! Now you can have Beautybiotic's make up range and also have a good cleanser after removing the make-up! Wonderful package!

Get the Beautybiotics Dream Cream Collagen Cleanse at all WATSONS stores!! 

And, don't forget to like their page at !

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014


As most of you know, I brought my Mummy to Tioman Island for a holiday as her birthday present.

Tioman is a small island located 32km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It has eight main villages, the largest and most populous being Kampung Tekek in the north. The resort that I went to was "Berjaya Tioman Resort", which was located in Kampung Tekek.

I booked the tour package via Asia Travel's website and it was a no-frills booking, simple and easy. I paid a total of about $300/pax and the package includes :

(1) Coach services to-and-fro
(2) Ferry services from Tanjong Gemok Jetty to Tanjong Tekek Jetty (To-and-fro)
(3) 2 nights accommodation in a Standard Chalet
(4) 2 days breakfast
(5) 2 days dinner at their restaurant (Buffet dinner)
(6) 30 minute free snorkeling at Renggis Island or 1 hour free cycling. (I did not utilize this because I bought another snorkeling package on the 2nd day of my trip)

I think it was quite worth it in my honest opinion because everything was included and it was rather fuss-free. I only needed to bring along cash for lunch and water sports activities. I went on a Friday morning (21/3/14) and returned on Sunday evening (23/03/14).

We reached DFS Galleria at Scotts road around 6.15am and boarded the coach around 6.45am. The journey there was pretty smooth with no jams. 

I brought my piglet with me to hug on my bus journey and wearing my shades, sponsored by VISUAL MASS. The seats weren't very comfortable but it's okay because I did not pay for 5 star coaches so... we get what we paid for lah.

We stopped over a mini coffeeshop for breakfast but we did not eat because the food there did not look good. The bus journey took about 3 hours because we had a stopover. I think the below 2 photos looked a little artistic. 

 We reached the jetty around 1030am to 11am... And boarded the ferry late because it came late.... =/

We had to collect our boarding passes for the jetty at this small counter...

Tioman Island is really pretty huge and I have only went to 1/8 of it. I need more holidays!


 The ferry journey took another 2 hours and we slept our way through as well. I did not like how uncomfortable the seats were but yeah, I did not pay for first class services... -_-

I SUPER LOVE THIS PHOTO taken at Tanjong Tekek jetty. It just looks so beautiful like how I wish I can just frame it up because it looks super peaceful.

We had to wait for a shuttle bus to bring us from the jetty to the resort and I saw this family all squeezing up this pick up. Hilarious sight!  

Our resort looked like this and it is really like a cottage and I like how it is except the fact that it is so dark around there at night so when Mummy and I made our way back, we were so afraid that someone would just grab us into their resort. *imagination ran wild*

The interior...

And the amazing, breath-taking exterior which is the beach!

After settling ourselves down, we went out to see the sunset and to have our dinner. The dinner was horrible though. Not sure if it was because it was a Friday but the food that day was just too unpleasant for our palette. 

We found a swing hung on a tree and our kiddish soul just kicked in.

Breath-taking, ain't it?

I sent this photo to my best friends and they said that it looked like I had photoshopped my Mum in. I guess that's how beautiful the background was. 

Restaurant was located beside the pool! It feels very luxurious to sit beside the pool and dine. Atas!

The setting at the restaurant for the buffet dinner. The dessert did make up for the unpleasant dinner though so at least there was hope!

 Random cam-whore shots is a must right? Everyone needs some distraction somewhere?

 DAY 2 started and we felt super fresh. The resort was such a relaxing space that both of us did not want to wake up for breakfast but you know, food always wins. ALWAYS.
If I owned a house like this in Singapore, I would be posting chio OOTD like this daily. Hehehe. 

Breakfast was so much better than dinner but well, I guess buffet breakfast is always pretty straightforward. Eggs, hot dog and bacon.

I paid for a half-day snorkeling tour at 110 ringgit per person and it was from 9.30am to 3.30pm. We were brought to 6 islands for snorkeling and lunch! It was great fun but one arm got sunburnt :( 

Scorching sun so my face was too cramped for an OOTD.

Fishball snow with fishball mum.

Sitting on the speedboat was so fun! Another Singaporean couple actually kept complaining that the ride was bumpy but hey, it was a speedboat! I loved every second of it but I felt really bad because the Singaporean man got so unwell from the ride and vomited into the beautiful sea T_T Poor fishes.

Sun, sea and a babe. The only thing lacking is a coconut drink and a book. Pleasures of life!

Lunch was delicious and cheap as well! The weather was so hot that a coke was much needed!

Coke is damn sexy so let me take a selfie!

There were komodo dragons hanging around here and Mummy thought they were crocodiles and she was super freaked out! 

Some Ice Kachang for a super scorching weather. It was more of red ruby dessert with peanut but never mind, it was a cheap deal. 

Before the trip ended, we went to Marine Park and Renggis Island to feed a lot a lot of fishes! Man, were they hungry!!!

There were even rainbow fishes! They were so beautiful!!

This was the cool Romanian man on our speedboat. He kept trying to jump from the speedboat for a perfect dive but as the speedboat was too slippery, he kept failing but he kept persisting! 

Coolest tour guide on that day! Please look for him if you are going to Tioman, he would bring you island-hopping! I have his number!

This island is called Marine Park.

*Inserts mandatory cam-whore shots again*

I was very in love with my newest purchase from Visual Mass that I cannot stop taking photos with it. Sweet vintage art on my face!

Dinner was really pleasant on Day 2 because it was BBQ dinner!! What could go wrong with BBQ seafood? Simply delicious!

Day 3 was really short because we spent it errrrrr...sleeping? We were simply too relaxed and we just could not get out of bed. Haha! We had breakfast, took a stroll at the beach for those beautiful shots below and then actually went back to the resort to take a short nap. We had wanted to wake at 11.30am for lunch and a coconut drink but we actually slept till 12.45pm instead.

Thus, we had to rush off to catch the shuttle bus towards the jetty to head back home. 

The shuttle bus was late, it came at 1.30pm when we were told it would come at 1pm. The ferry from Tanjong Tekek to Tanjong Gemok(where we were to take the coach back to Singapore) was late as well. Came at 2.45pm instead of 2pm. We reached Tanjong Gemok around 5pm. 

Unfortunately for us, we were caught in a jam and by the time we reached Woodlands Checkpoint, it was around 7.30pm!!! What a tedious journey. Do drive in if you are familiar with the way. Drive in and take the ferry in, that's what a lot of Singaporeans/Malaysians do. Too bad all I have is a pocket license, I don't even have a pocket car. Hahaha.


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