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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lets rewind back to 19thSeptember2008.
I gave you a chance to love me,care for me & to protect my heart.
I left it up to you to cherish the chance and show me how much I really meant to you.
In the beginning,I was treated very much like a princess & I enjoyed every moment with you.
Eventually,from a princess..I began to feel like I'm a servant.
I no longer taste the joy of being pampered,being your precious princess.
You used to be able to sense it whenever I was down,even when we were only talking on the phone.
You used to drown me with your sugar words & endearments-posting amazingly sweet posts n my blog,surprising me with gifts that I yearned secretly,sending me texts that made me smile all day long.
Our first few quarrels.. When I pointed out your faults,you accepted them & apologized to me gracefully.
But as time passes,whenever I try to point out your faults... Instead of accepting & apologizing,you choose to rebuke me with several reasons & excuses.
I dare not say I know you very well.. but I do know you.
I know how egoistic you are & how mindful you are of your pride.
Maybe what people say are right.. Either you lose your ego or you lose the one you love.
In the past,when I heard my phone ring & it was you calling,I would feel so happy.
But now,how many times a day you take the initiative to call me to chat with me ?
We used to chat every single night without fail..
Even when we just got separated from each other an hour ago.
But now ? You will only call me when I text you saying.. "Call me"
I don't want to only list out your flaws.
You are a good man. Someone who is practical & nice.
But several times I have reminded you even as the physical you change with the surroundings,your love for me has to remain constant.
That is the only thing I demand.
When I come across random blogs of lovers,I envy them terribly.
The girl will start her posts by saying today her boyfriend fetched from her home to this xx place to surprise her etc etc.. You get the drift..
Guys don't usually blog. But when they do,it is often about their ladies.
They fawn over their girlfriends like they are priceless jeweleries.
Gems & diamonds.
Their Msn nicknames goes like ... " XX loves XX. She's my baby girl & I love her lots ... etc "
I know the worst thing in the world is to compare.
But I'm not comparing..
Any normal human would feel the same way as me..
Typically any girl would think "Wow,why doesn't my boyfriend treat me like that?"
We are not being greedy at all.
We just want the men in our lives to give us the same amazing loving feeling they gave us while they were wooing us.
Is that considered unreasonable ??
We are not even asking you to kneel down & proclaim your love for us to the world.
I felt so unwanted this morning.
All you cared about was yourself.
Did you ask me how was my headache?
Was I tired?
My body was aching so badly as I did not have a good sleep with you pushing me to the edge of the bed unknowingly.
But you did not know.
You would ask me why I did not say.
But since you did not ask,why should i say ?
The only thing you did was wake up happily anytime you want & proclaim that you want to head to school than off you go.
I was so invisible.
You neither cared nor bothered.
You make me feel that all my efforts are meaningless. You make me feel that you're unappreciative of the things I've done. You make me feel that I'm such a lousy girlfriend. Whatever it is, I've done my part. Have you?

And yes, REMEMBER what I told you.
When you feel like you don't want to be a 大少爷 anymore,than come & look for me.
Or else,continue being a happy boss in your happy life revolving around yourself.

There are times when I cant decide
whether to see you or not,
I want to see you because I miss you
but there are times when I don't want to see you
because every time I do,
the fact that you don't see me the way
that I see you hurts me even more ...

Love is a precious gift that people
try to hold onto until the end of time,
even when there is nothing left to hold.

On a lighter note,I am going to meet Karen for bible studies later.
Can't wait !!
I will upload photos of Eugene's birthday celebrations during the weekends.
No mood now :(



My head has been pounding for days.
This horrible headache just won't go away!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27th May 2009.

My dearest little prince charming :D

I got banned from your tagboard cos I tried to spam you with birthday greetings.
How sad :(
Anyways,I am so glad that my surprise plan worked.
Although it wasn't any grand ceremony,I felt satisfied enough when I saw the look of surprise on your face.
Even though we did not know each other for long,I'm sure you know how much I pamper you right??

May this sweet sixteen be a wonderful one !!

-Happy Birthday to Carolyn's Sista (:
-Happy Birthday to my Second Aunt (:
-Happy Birthday to Jason's Mummy (:

27th is a such a happening day !!
& Thai Express is superb ! (random.. i know )

26th MAY 2009.


I have not forgotten you,neither have i forgotten your birthday.
Up till today,even though we have drifted & lost a little contact...
I want you to know that i still LOVE you,as a sister & best friend.
I think about the times we stuck through each other in Girls Home.
I think of the times you blew-dry my school shoes for me.
I think of the crazy things we did together,both naughty & good :D
I think of the times you cried over her & the times I cried over her :x
I think of last year,your birthday card & present for me.
How could I ever forget someone like you ??
You're someone so special who will go the extra mile for people that are special in your life. & I love you for that !!

I am sorry that I was not by your side on your birthday today.




A very beautiful woman in my life (:


Careers Day 09.
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Here's the career day photos.
-Had school on Thursday morning.
-Headed to Furama Hotel for dining & social etiquette course.
-Had lunch thr.
-Went to Plaza Sing w friends.
-Sent boyfr to his gym.
-Met up w Jieying & went to the pub she was working at.
-Met up w Qiu yun after tht.
- HOME , tired :(

Nothing's much been gng on w my life. Mother Tongue intensive everyday in school.
I did like WAYYYY badly for my SA1s :(
Passed only English & Chinese. OH MAN !!
D: What am i suppose to do ?

I believe that OPPOSITES do attract.
Here's the reason why -->
We both love mango,but I drink Mango Ice Blended while he drinks Mango yogurt :X
He's the health nut while I'm the junk nut :D


This weird guy was sleeping upside down so I captured him.
Wanted to send this candid shot to The New Paper but I forgot about it.

Caramel, a tad too sweet for me.

Snow, the gourmet queen.


Damien & Boyfr.

Kah Ming,Ming Zhe & Samuel.


Guo Ming,Kah Ming & Ming Zhe.

Melissa and the speaker, Nick.

Christian Chua.

Nabilah & Snow.


Am heading out to go shopping for presents now.
Gonna give Eugene a huge surprise tonight.

Love all !!

Monday, May 25, 2009



Anyway,I'm currently very busy @ the moment,so it'll take sometime for me to upload new photos D: Spare me some mercy okay ?
Olevels Mother Tongue is in ONE WEEK's time.
& yes,I don't know what to study. What am i suppose to study for Chinese anyway ?!?!

Life has been revolving around school,work,church,giving tuition & having so not enough sleep ): ... & asking my body to fight against unwanted diseases. I don't wanna get sick !!

I have neglected my grandmama while my mum has been neglecting me :x I promise I will bring grandma out on her off day. I won't break this promise.

The new environment at work is so much better. We get to earn more too.

[ Ishi Mura ] @ Paradiz Centre is a Japanese Food Court with nice food. Went there to eat after service today.

To sum things up, I am exhausted but feeling full of life @ the same time.

Oh Lord,tame my tongue & help me suppress my anger. Let the Devil not overcome & allow me to walk away from anger with my head lifted high. I must learn to embrace the gift of forgiveness & mould myself into someone like you. Amen.


Eileen : Okay, I will try my best to upload ASAP okays ? (:
Lesterr`: Yeah. That guy(elevate) is really good. I'm giving him free publicity. Hehes!
Sher: Which sher are you ? Give me a clearer name please (:

Wonderful Weekend -
Monday, May 18, 2009

OPENING PHOTO : Unglamorous Snow trying t be a rock-chick :D

Sigh , what can i say ?
We seem so stable on the exterior but I seriously don't hope much for the future anymore.
I don't want the love between us to be just a facade.
I want the PAST romance we used to have.
If it's true that our honeymoon period has passed,than what we're having now is not LOVE at all.
That is so because in my opinion,TRUE LOVE bears no such rubbish as honeymoon period.
It's just crap !

I always end up so utterly disappointed.
& in tears :(
Tomorrow is our 8th month anniversary.
What lies ahead for us ?

!7th May 2009 Sunday -

Went for service .

JASON !! Can you stop being late ?

I don't like to miss praise & worship... Gotta wake you up at 7 next time.

After service w Reverend Kin from Korean (she's sooo cute esp the way she exclaimed "Hallelujah") ...
Yeah anyway,after service,we had fellowship & celebrated Joseph's birthday.
Gave him a huge surprise (:

After that, I headed to Tampines to meet my mommy.
Went to fetch the little rascals from Hougang.
Brought them to Suki Sushi @ Hougang Plaza.
We had a sumptuous meal indeed !!
I treated them to Gelare's ice cream after dinner.

All of us were over the moon !


This is Julian who has not gotten a haircut for 2months =.=

Loving Family .

Mummy, Russel & Julian.

Mummy & Julian.

Mummy & Russel.

Samuel & Joseph (:

Yours Truly~

Rewind back some days ago.
I saw this mother who was trying so hard to carry her poor daughter home.
Her daughter"s ankle was sprained.
Eunice helped to carry her while Pauline carried the girl's bags & stuffs.
I was so useless :x
I did nothing but took photos.
But hey, I had no strength okay !

Pauline The Heroine.

Very touching motherly love (:

I kissed a PIGLET & I liked it !

-The Muay Thai Heroes...
complimentary half-naked bods.

JAMES THE MORON & his idol.


16th May 2009 Saturday.

Brought Giggs,my very naughty cousin to Cell group.
He enjoyed himself a lot !!
N415 rocks to the core man.
I never get bored @ cell group,everyone is great fun!
After cell group,we played Amazing race.
Although my team lost,we had so much fun & excitement.
& after all the perspiration & the grueling hike all over Hougang,
we had our barbecue over at Regent ville Condominium.
I ate quite a lot & it made my chest so stuffy and choked at the end of the day.
Too heaty i guess :D
Boyfriend & Jason came for the barbecue :)
Boyfriend said everyone was friendly !!!!
Reached home around midnight :X

Amazing Race shots.


& afterall ....

I still forgive you James (:
Partly it's cos I love you and also because everyone has flaws.
I know everything that happened made me really cynical &
you will have to strive much to make everything rosy and loving again.
I will continue giving my best as a girlfriend.. & the rest i will leave it up to you.

Today the Bible taught me this ..
[ Matthew 5:48 ] "Therefore,you shall be perfect,just as your Father in Heaven is perfect"

Daddy Jesus, I want to be more like you. Teach me how (:

Love all.

P.S : I had mahjong w sebastian & co today.
& i lost like crazy :x

Tomorrow im having my science paper 1 & you know what ?
I need to go to school for like only 30minutes !!!

Hougang Secondary sure succeeds in wasting my time to travel all the way from Tampines.

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