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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The same old stuffs I am going to say again... I hate myself for being so repetitive but well, I am not constant in updating my blog again :(

Today, I received 2 good news! One of them is that my interview with poached mag had been released! You can read all about it here : Poached Mag Interview
Many thanks to Guo Wei from Poached Mag for being so nice and also Harris Sim from Poached Mag for making me look pretty in his photos :D They are both talented and fun-loving people!

The other news came from HDB. My close friends would know that this issue has been affecting me real bad but I am glad that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel! Greater things awaits me! Whoop!

Anyway, the purpose of my post today is to just randomly put in some photos whom you all have seen from my Instagram/Facebook.

When I first heard of the word "OOTD"... I was like what the heck was that? I didn't want to ask anyone because I was like "Everyone knows what is it leh. If I ask then they would not I am not up to date. Gosh, how?" I pretended to know what was it but every time I see someone mentioning it on Instagram or Facebook, I'd try my best to figure it out but I never succeeded. I think I gave in one day and asked Hui Qi about it.

So..... it was "Outfit Of The Day".

Once I found out what is was, there was no turning back. My instagram was full of it and when I went out with my girls, we'll be like "Eh, take ootd photos together leh" HAHAHAH!

The first person who started it should be like "I want everyone to know what I am wearing today and I must use a catchy term to call it, so OOTD it was!"

You can find many many many shots of #Ootd in Instagram in one day. I will always stalk my friends and other bloggers on what they wear and I must say, there are really no ugly people, only lazy people.

A nice dress can do so much for a good figure. (though I know I have none)

Below I uploaded some of the nicer OOTD(s) I had done this year.

                       This was taken during CNY this year and my face looks really huge here!    
                       Love the dress though! Only wore it once!
                                This was for Channel U's Funamania event at Zirca! Love this dress too!

                                     Okay, why am I repeating this OOTD?!
 This was for a dinner & dance function and we had an asian stars theme and I was trying to pass off as some Korean star. Hahahahahah. Don't laugh ok!

I super love long dresses and I hate the fact that people think short people are not suited for long/maxi dresses. It's all about the confidence, no?

Obviously. this was for some corporate meeting somewhere. But I think I really looked great. For a top-salesperson =D

At the beach.jpeg .... You don't say.jpeg

This was after I rebonded my hair this year! I really loved the top and I confess that I stole it from June. Hahaha. She loves me so.

This photo don't do me justice but I wore this beautiful dress to my first interview/photoshoot with Straits Time and the bowler hat just sort of became my favorite hat.

I really liked this get-up though I think it wasn't for any special event. I looked quite cute here, I thought so.

Gosh, why would I even take an OOTD shot at the supermarket? Please don't judge me. I just wanted to flaunt my BKK loots because I like to look "cheap". Sounds wrong there but well my whole get-up that day costs like $26 and I am just proud of it because I am as budget as you can imagine me to be.

I totally love this dress! This was my OOTD for a date with James on our 4th year anniversary! Looking good huh?

I actually wore this nice for work because I had to do my job at Town. (More about this shitty job in the next post) but well, I really love the shorts! So comfy and most importantly, it costs only 100baht! The aztec shoes I am wearing are super comfy as well. They would be launched in the next few collection of Oopz! (My online shop) (Please like the page & spread awareness pls!)

Backdate.... This was on the 2nd day of CNY...I think. I'm sorry, my memory is failing me.

This was my travel outfit, for fear of feeling to cold in the plane. I had reached Bangkok already, in this photo. I was at the airport.

My chatuchak get-up. This kinda cute tops actually trended for awhile back then in 2011. Now, it's all about moustache and more moustache.

This particular super comfy dress that I really like!
Wore it for hanging out with the girls....

And for an audition for Jack Neo's flim. Ignore the puppy face expression please. I was trying to look sad that my "fiance" dumped me for someone else.

This particular top that I totally worship! It just looks so good on me and it is purple in colour so what more do I have to say? I love purple!

I thought that this OOTD was kinda cute cos who can resist these heart prints on the dress? I just don't have a curvy enough figure to make this look SEXY! Hahahah.

If you stayed through reading these nonsense, I appreciate it so much.

I am currently down with tonsillitis and I just wanted to squeeze out a blogpost for you all not to forget me! =D Sick people are always attention-seeking right?

Anyhoo, follow me on Instagram & Twitter if you haven't! @JoleneSnow
Keep yourselves updated with news of @JoleneStory.

I am so happy that I am making my dream come true!

I seriously cannot wait for Singapore Writer's Festival!!!

Till then, XOXO.

Updates on JoleneStory! And emo rants.
Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I am blogging here instead of on because I do not want you all to have to trouble yourselves to visit 2 blogs at a time! Do you all see how much I love you all?

Anyway, let's fast forward from here.

My 22nd birthday had just passed last week. My 2 beautiful girls came all the way to my place to give me a surprise and I am absolutely so touched by them!

A BIG SHOUTOUT TO LAM HUI QI AND WOON NIAN JUNE. I love you all very much. I'm sure that my dear Amanda in Finland would have came along if she was in SG but well, it's alright, I still love you dearie.

We have come so fast since secondary school days and you girls are the ONLY one who has stuck by me throughout SO MUCH. And I really mean the ONLY ONES.

I admit, I am not a very sociable person. Yes, I may have over 1000 thousand friends on Facebook but I am actually very much hated. I am crude, vulgar and I don't give a shit about trying to keep relationships. I mean I do know how to cherish people and love them but I am so cynical of humans that with just a slight action, I know how much a person really treasures me.

I used to have let's say 3 very close girlfriends. E,C and G. G was always silent throughout everything and she hangs out with us and have fun. Being around with E is very tiring. Not in the starting stage but when she starts to get over demanding as a friend and such. And when you fall in love, E does little actions behind. I don't want to ponder anymore about it and blabber non stop cos it doesn't matter anymore. Neither of them will read my blog so it's fine. They don't matter to me anymore and no longer do I matter to them. I could live with that. We all live individual lives now and all I am bringing with me towards the future is our precious memories in the past. I will always keep them in my heart :)

And than I met the other 2 girls. FY and J. I got close to J when we were in the home in the past. She is a really nice girl and she gives in to my incessant tempers and my constant ramblings towards her. I cared a lot for her and all I ever wanted was for her to wake up and not be cheated by men over and over again. I stood by her all throughout last year, surprising her on birthday and being there for her all the time. She was constantly in my thoughts. As for FY, we were very close also from the home but we only contacted each other around last year. She was having some tragic marital problems and I tried my best to be there for her and the kids, being there for her when she needs, surprising her on her birthday and always guiding her when she wants me to teach her how to deal with the marriage issues. I had so much on my mind all the time but I always put my own troubles aside just to help her. I loved the 2 of them so much but guess what did I get in return? All I wanted was to be treated the same way I had cared and loved them.

But? J found a new boyfriend and I was eventually forgotten. FY settled her marriage issues and once again, I was no longer needed in her life already. They were both suddenly too busy for her. It gets tiring when it was always me who had to ask them how was it going on with their lives and how were they doing.... Did they every asked about me or cared about mine? They held such an important place in my heart but when I needed them to show their simple support like promoting Jolene Story for me... They didn't even bother. My heart died for them on the day my article in The Straits Time was published. So many congratulated me and told me that they were proud of me. Everyone except J and FY. I stuck by them throughout all their dark and gloomy days but once they stepped into sunshine days, I was forgotten. I thought that they would help me in promoting my book, I had THOUGHT SO.

ANYHOO. These girls in the below photos are amazing and wonderful and they always put up with my thick-skinned front. They are always forced to help me RT and share stuffs about Jolene's Story and my online shop : . They are the only girlfriends I have came across who would be there for me through my gloomy days and sunshine days and they will always remember how well I treat them.

Thank you so much!

I have to stop the gloomy rants above because once I start writing, I really cannot stop.

Here's the cover of Jolene's Story to spice things up a little.

My book has went into print around the 10th of October and by 25th of October, it should have been published if everything goes well! Hard copies of my book will reach all bookstores by the second week of November!


My book will also be available at the "Singapore Writer's Festival" so come on down for this huge event  alright? I will be speaking at one of the panel discussions on the 10th of November!

More information about the festival on their website here : SWF

There would be so much more to update here when everything settles into place.

In the meantime, I shall give you readers something to do for me :)

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Xoxo, tweet me @JoleneSnow if you want to ask me anything.

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In case you miss me.
Sunday, October 07, 2012

My book will OFFICIALLY BE OUT on the 2nd week of November.

Are you excited?

Anyhoo, I've recently started an online shop with a friend & I hope that you can show your support by liking & sharing the facebook page at pretty please?

Again, I've not been regular with my updates here but I really have so much to do now!

(1) Tidying my online shop
(2) Working as freelance salesperson for my previous company.
(3) Doing paid reviews for a local webpage.
(4) Busying with the final proofs of Jolene's Story
(5) Promoting Kit-Kat. If you follow me on IG, you'd know that I have to wear a Japanese sch-girl uniform for this. I have been listening to all the shoppers at the supermarket saying I'm 15?!
(6) Making my life better, improving myself everyday.

At least for me, I know what I want in my life & at least I am 3/4 there in fulfilling my lifelong dream of being an author/writer. What regrets could I possibly have when I achieved what I want at age 22?

My current motivation is PSY & J.K Rowling. I started to work & feed myself since I was 15... 7 years on, right now.. I still have not much savings due to the incessant problems/burdens toiling on me along the way but never mind, I'm still pacing my way towards success. Don't even TRY to bring me down because that will only trigger me to be an even more aggressive success hungry person. Don't assume that is is so easy to write a book/life story just like I did. I went through a lot doing that, putting up my past together.

This random rant is just getting too emotional. Here's my face to lighten things up!

Behind the glamour.

Who says a wayward kid will stay wayward forever? ™
Better Known as SNOW
I'm an Author, Entrepreneur and Glutton all in ONE!
12th October 1990, I'm a libran and lovin it!
I'm the author of (Jolene's Story), my first published memoir, a true life story under Marshall Cavendish!

-Wee Hwee Haw

Easily triggered emotionally and temperamentally. The perfect example of a girl who went through hell to finally meet heaven.

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