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FOOD makes me HAPPY - Part II
Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I am back to talk about FOOD. Don't blame me that I have nothing else to talk about. My life will seemingly turn very interesting in time to come, just you wait =D 

Let's just get straight to the point here. 

I patronized "Porn's" in April with Hui Qi and it was a truly enjoyable experience. I went to the one located at : 28 Liang Seah Street  Singapore 189049

Hui Qi and I was crazily happy because Pornsak was there at the cashier! I remembered it was like a day or two after the Star Awards 2012 and he looked pretty forlorn but still he put his sweetest smile when thanking customers for eating at Porn's. Such a humble and handsome entertainer/host he is. I just adore him!  

My FAVOURITE, Thai Iced Milk Tea.

Clear Tom Yam Soup is always the sex please!
 Egg omelette!! 
Basil Minced Pork, stir-fried. This was the best. Spiciness at it's peak!

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience there because I got to see Pornsak in person! I had actually seen him before during a Channel U event but well, I hope to see him many many times again because he is just that nice. If you are craving for some Thai Food, visit Porn's now and head on to "Ji De Chi" dessert after that. They are located so near together. Eat till you explode.   

Below! I went to "KungFu Paradise" located at Century Square. @#10-37 (Next to Qi Ji!)
Their pasta there was pretty good! I had their Laksa Vongole but I forgot what the other one was called already. You can give it a try! For price-wise, they range like Xin Wang HK Cafe. 

And MUAHAHAHAHHAHAH, James and my own creation! One fine day, we got bored and went to the supermarket to cook pineapple fried rice, chawamushi and also Lao Ban- inspired Tau Huay!!! 

It was such a perfect meal that I am drooling just thinking about it now!

 Look at the silkiness of our "Lao Beh" beancurd!!! If you want to try, let me know and we could make them for you! Hahahaha, for real here ok.

Moving to this.

 These 2 stalls at Chinatown has mad queues everyday for their signature Yong Tau Foo!!! The one in green bowl and the one in orange bowl is from 2 different stalls.

I like the one at the in the orange bowl better but the queue is always extremely crazyyyy I tell you. They don't come with noodles like the one in the green bowl but their soup and ingredients just have this "you will want to eat them again" feeling. Trust me! Head down to Chinatown and make your pick. Try both!

Both stalls can be found at : People’s Park Centre. 

I swear you wouldn't miss the stalls cos the queue is there, daily. From what I have googled, Koo Kee Yong Tau Foo has many branches in SG. They even opened a new branch near my place at Tampine St 21 but omg, the one there is not tasty at all. =/


I have been hearing raving reviews about this place so I bought Mum there for a Mother's Day meal. The reservation process was tedious and a rather bad experience though. I made a reservation via their online portal a week before I was heading there for a meal and when I called them a day before, they said there was no reservation under my name. We argued and argued and so many phone calls were made. They told me that their online portal may not have been working on the day I made my reservation but well, that wasn't my problem right? I won in the end and they still slotted me in for dinner that day. Oh come on, I did not bully my way in okay? It was Mother's Day! Where else could I make a reservation?

Find out more about them on their website here : Buffet Town

The international buffet was good though. Haha, I sell my soul to food. Appease me with food when you piss me off ok? It is super easy to pacify me. The best part is their OYSTERS! I cannot get enough of their fresh oysters I tell you. Gotta love it. 

 So juicy and succulent!
 And Oh, they have chilli crab too! But not all of you will eat them because you do not want to dirty your hands! 

I also patronized "EWF" at Holland Village for Eugene's birthday! I was supposed to reserve a slot at Timbre but they are always so packed so too bad, they do not get my business :D Haha, kidding. This place was good! Their service is super super super good I tell you. We were a big bunch, around 12-14 of us were there and we were pretty noisy plus indecisive when ordering but the staff serving us was super patient! Salute him!! 

Their address is : 40 Lorong Mambong  Singapore 277695

 You start by ordering your main course with the side dish that you want. And, they have many interesting flavours for their fries as well. I loved what I had and I will definitely return there! 

BEST PART was their Nutella cake. Some love it, some don't, but it was really delicious to me!! I ordered a whole cake of this for Eugene's birthday cake as they only had that cake available at that time. Eugene didn't really liked chocolate but bopian leh. Hahah. I love this cake so when you head down there, you should totally try it! 

Okay, we have come to the end of Part II. It's getting lengthy now so I will have to leave the rest of the photos for another post maybe in a day or two's time! 

Come back for more ok! 

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