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Miam Miam Singapore
Thursday, March 20, 2014

I met up with the girls for dinner sometime back and June suggested that we head to Miam Miam, located at Bugis Junction. She's been seeing her friends posting super delightful photos of Miam Miam's desserts and so, we decided to give it a try!

Miam Miam actually means "Yum Yum" in French and this is a Japanese French cafe. 

The ambience was good and the furnitures were all really sweet-looking with pastel coloured chairs. However, the cushions could do better because there were stains and crumbs and I am particular about that. I just want to eat in a place that looks.... Clean? 

Anyway, the staff were pleasant and service was great. 

Hui Qi and I ordered their signature Miam Miam Spaghetti and we had really high expectations of it because it was stated that their signature special sauce was used to cook it! was hard for me to taste their special sauce because all I tasted was sesame and and it was overall quite salty. I still prefer my usual aglio olio. Hui Qi liked it though. 

June ordered Arrabbiata spaghetti and it was quite like bolognaise to me. A tad sweet and.... normal?

Their ice lemon tea came without sugar! The most hilarious thing was that I asked for honey instead of sugar water for the tea and I ended up screwing up my own drink.

Our pastas cost $15.80.

Their desserts were quite a hit with people or they were just Instagram worthy...
Their desserts mostly take 20 to 30 minutes to bake so remember to tell them to make it halfway through your meal! Actually, the staff there are alright and they will ask you beforehand whether you would like them to prepare it first.

We ordered their Valrhona Chocolate Souffle and we were quite disappointed by it because it tasted no where as heavenly as what they have proclaimed. Melted chocolate and normal cakey spongey feel. That's all.

I am not a dessert person so don't judge by my own honest opinion. You can go try it yourself. $13.80 for a souffle is a little expensive no?

After finishing the dessert, we were thirsty because the dessert was sweet and so we wanted some water even though we did order Iced Matcha and Iced Lemon Tea.

But WTF....... We were told that a glass of iced water would costs $0.50!!!!

Freaking 50 cents.

They must be out of their minds! This would be the reason that I will never ever return to Miam Miam ever again. Our meal costs us around $75 and you still expect us to pay $0.50 for a glass of water.


Nevertheless, we had a good time because we had each other's company! Watched 300, Rise of an Empire and got our IDs checked. How young we are =D 

 Cheers to our friendship!

Thank you for reading! Xoxo!

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