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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sorry for the small hiatus from this space!! I am busy handling a new business partnership and if you do know of any corporate clients who wants to do a mobile app, please refer them to me and I will definitely pay you referral fees! 

Let's get to what I'm supposed to blog about today.


Located at : 
68 Orchard Road #01-29A
Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

Ever since the opening, everyone is hyped up about this cheapest Michelin restaurant opening here on our sunny island, I was too of course but I was always too lazy to queue!!

After returning from Bangkok, I finally decided to head down to try out the delicious dim sum that everyone was raving about.  

There were 4 of us and as it was a Friday afternoon, we queued for around an hour which wasn't so bad because I heard of those who queued for 3 hours! 

We were to tick our orders before we were seated so as to facilitate smooth and fast delivery of the hot steaming dim-sum! 

Post-Bangkok/Buriram withdrawal symptoms shown clearly on our faces and also plus the hunger after one hour of queuing.

But cam-whore is still a must! 
Glutinous rice with chicken was one of their specialities but I clearly had forgotten the exact name for this dish!! I give it a 4 over 5 because it wasn't too bland! 
Shared a bowl of congee with James and I must say that the congee wasn't in anyway special but still, pleasant to the taste buds! 
And. You have to see me sipping it. Haha. 

I don't know how to appreciate chicken feet and I have no idea how to eat it plus whether it is nice or not but according to the others who had it, it was a pass!! :)
Softest "Malay Cake/马来糕"that I had ever! It was so tender that you would have thought you was biting into cotton instead of a cake! 
I have to totally applaud them for this f-ing amazing chilli. It was so good that I wanted to pack it home. You know how normal chilli sauces for dim-sum are right? More to the sweet kind than the spicy ones. BUT this has the spice that a standard chilli should have!!
Three cheers for the "Chee Cheong Fun"!! I ate the one with prawns while James mum ate the one with pork liver! Both are yummylicious! I don't eat pork liver but it did looked good enough to drool! 
Next came the beancurd roll which was a little too oily in my opinion. 
My favourite "Har Gow"!!!! So happy that the prawns were so fresh! 

The star of the day was definitely this. Their legendary roasted pork buns! Everyone was entitled to only a portion which includes 3 buns. We ate a few and kept the rest for takeaway. They were so precious lor! Truth be told, I am no fan of char siew buns cos I don't like char siew in the first place but this really blew me away! 
The carrot cake was so-so to me because of the oil content too. I am not trying to act healthy here hor.
Nothing much about this beancurd roll either.
Siew mai is best when the shrimps are so fresh!!
Osmasthus cake feels, looks and tastes good. It was a cold and delightful dessert!!

Had a great time there but I wouldn't visit again until they have more branches because I don't want to queue. Teehee. 

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