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Monday, April 29, 2013


Here's another food review and as we all LOVE food, I am sure you will love this recommendation.

Firstly, I must declare that I am a HUGE fan of Thai Food! The top 3 authentic Thai Food in my mind now would be (1) Nakhon Kitchen @ Kovan. (2) ...... a Thai food stall at Orchard Towers which I cannot remember the name already but I remember the way there and that is more important!

Please, if you have any great Thai Food places to recommend in Singapore, please leave a comment below or EMAIL me. Share the love!

I know it's funny that I am starting the post with my own self-shots but I kinda miss seeing me on my updates. I have been regularly updating so much of other photos but not my own.. I know you all also miss me a lot right?

I have reviewed before a Thai-Chinese food stall in another post which was called Hui Wei Chinese-Thai Cuisine.

This place I am reviewing is also a similar food stall located at Yishun! 
Address here : 1001 Yishun Industrial Park A
#01-1001 Yishun Industrial Food Centre
Tel: 67589121Fax: 67540053

Located in an industrial park, who would have thought the place will be so fully packed? They do not charge GST or service charge, which is definitely a plus point! We reached there around 7pm and the whole, yes, I mean WHOLE coffeeshop was packed, all of which were eating from "Taste Of Thailand"!  Thank God that Shi Hao and family stayed near there and were already queuing beforehand. We were to order our dishes before we were seated. 

Look at the crowd!

Here are the dishes that we had that day and as I was really hungry, I missed out a photo of the Tom Yam soup but we can all imagine what the soup looks like right? Hee. 

This is their famous fried fish and I must say that it was really a key dish that day. The skin was fried to the ultimate crispiness and it tasted really good when matched with the sauce. 

I give it a 4.8/5!

The reason why I took a close-up photo of the Pineapple Fried Rice was because all of us were so eager to dig into it that by the time I wanted to take a photo, there was only a quarter left! We had like 4 big plates of these! How hungry were we, can you imagine! There were 11 of us and as soon as the rice was out, we scooped it empty, almost immediately. 

4/5 for this dish!

Hot-Plate Tofu was a dish that I think many would enjoy because the piping-hot sauce had a tangible sour and spicy taste which was just right for a Thai-Chinese cuisine. We really enjoyed this dish and finished it before it even had a chance to turn cold.

4/5 for this! 

We actually ordered "Long Bean" vegetable but apparently, the wrong dish was presented. Being hungry ghosts, we didn't bother to ask for an exchange and ate it after all.  This was the  most "meh" dish that day because it tasted beyond average. Not to our liking, I guess? 

2/5 for this!

THIS was the star that day and we had ordered 2 of it! I just don't know of anyone who doesn't like fried squid or also known as "calamari" because it is just so nice! (Unless if you are allergic to seafood of couse!) As long as this dish was served piping hot, I am sure everyone will love it as much as we did. 


The "Lemon Chicken" was a tad too sour for me in my opinion but as I don't really like sour stuffs, it could be tasty for you if you are a person who loves sour food! The chicken was fried to a neat perfection so no complains about that. 


The "Tom Yam Soup" we had was a 4.9/5 for me as I am not only a sucker for soup, I especially love Tom Yam Soup! The one served here was really nice and really Thai! I dislike those Tom Yam Soup whereby all they do is add some tomato and some spices to conjure the Thai flavor into it, which normally fails and is always too blend. I don't think a portion of the soup was enough for the 11 of us though as we all seemed to enjoy the soup very much! 

I love gatherings like this whereby we catch-up and bond over good food but I hate to be the planner because usually, nobody cares about replying me and they usually take advantage of the planner so one of my resolution this year was to not bother so much! As compared to Hui Wei Chinese-Thai cuisine, both was affordable as we spent only about $11 per pax. So overall, it depends on where you stay and where you prefer to go for your meals! Both are highly recommended by food guru, Snow =D 

Ending this post with a really nice photo of James and Thaddeaus! 

I can only imagine how he will look as a father, real loving! :)

Xoxo, till the next time! 

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