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Thursday, April 25, 2013


"The owner and Executive Chef, Benny Se Teo says that the number ‘18’ is the moniker of the active local gang. 'I want delinquents to know that life offers many alternative paths. You don't have to identify as a gangster, you can be a chef’."

Today, I am going to blog about my FAVORITE TOPIC which I think all of you guys should already know by now, what is it if you have been following me on Social Media for a long long time..

I actually started a food blog some time ago but I have totally forgotten what is the name of it and I never kept up with making it a success so as you can see now, I should just blog on my own blog for now. Haha! Anyway, I am getting really bored of my blog layout and I suck at HTMLs and customized templates so is there any kind soul who wants to help me to re-design my blog template, renovate it and give it a new look? Email me and let me know! =)

Back to our topic...

I have heard of "Eighteen Chefs" since a long long time ago but I have never had a chance to try it because Tiong Bahru was somewhere I hardly travel to. In fact, I don't think I have ever been there, seriously! I stay in the North East now and the majority of my friends are all here so I rarely travel to the South or West side of Singapore unless there is a need to.

Just imagine my excitement when I heard that "Eighteen Chefs" was opening it's second branch at Cathay Cineleisure and it's a place that I frequent!!! This restaurant is not just a place to fill your stomach with good food, there is a story behind it. Chef Benny is Singapore's version of Jamie Oliver and he is someone whom I really respect and I would want to salute him one day. He actually trains ex-convicts who are serving their term for the last few months to provide them with a newer leash of life after they are released.

Photo credits to Chef's Benny FACEBOOK.

Do not be intimidated by his "garang" exterior. He may look really hard to approach but as soon as I saw him at Cathay Cineleisure last Saturday, I greeted him with a smile and he did the same. I really respect him a lot and I find him really cute! Haha. I looked up to him because he has this father figure and he also went through the same thing that my biological father did. My father should be around Chef Benny's age now I guess? I'm not sure and let's not get there.... Anyway, like my father, Chef Benny fought against drug addiction and was in and out of prison for a period of time. Overcoming all these was not easy and being able to stand out as a chef to help others in need is the most amazing thing ever. He started a restaurant to help wayward youths/convicts and I started a book to do that. Are we both amazing? We are but he is so much better! 

If you are an adventurous person, do try and be your chef when it comes to ordering the famous baked rice/pasta available there! There are 8 sauces offered, 3 ingredients and 12 top-ups to choose to pair with your pasta or rice. It is such an interesting perk for customers to fulfill their craving! 

I am a pasta person and I also love Thai cuisine at the same time so when I saw "Tom Yam Aglio Olio" on the menu, I almost jumped for joy! 

I had the "Soup Of The Day" for starters and it surprised me indeed. It looked really normal but it doesn't taste as near as the normal Campbell soup! (Although I am a HUGE fan of Campbell soup!) It not only has the normal mushroom taste but it has a tinge of corn to it. I don't like corn soup but this is just well balanced and satisfying! 
 They are also not stingy when it comes to the garlic bread. Some other western eateries gives a meagre piece of garlic bread and most of the time, there's no satisfaction after eating it! And the below portion is for 1 person, how good is that!
I looked around the restaurant before placing my order for the drink and because I took up Combo C which comes with soup and a drink, I could choose whether I wanted Ice Lemon Tea or any other available beverages. The ice lemon tea is really nice with just the right amount of sweet and sour taste for my taste-buds  You know how some ice lemon tea are either too bland or they are too sour? Here at Eighteen Chefs, it is just nice! 
My friend, Amanda chose the Cheese Baked Mussels Agio Olio and when it arrived at our table, I must say that it looked and smelled really appetizing!!
On the other hand, Hui Qi, as always like a big copycat, ordered the same dish as me. "Tom Yam Aglio Olio" and we were so happy with how it tasted! I am a fan of chilli flakes and I usually SUBMERGE my pasta with chilli flakes and it was such a huge mistake. The strong taste of "Tom Yam" was already infused deeply with the pasta when it was cook and the level of spiciness was already there and yet I act smart, added more chilli flakes and made myself tear by the overdose of chilli. This shows that the dish itself was already balanced for a mouth-watering after effect! They were very generous with the seafood that came with the Aglio Olio and as a seafood lover, I am addicted!

I know my photos don't look very appealing... (Sorry Chef Benny!) but I took them with my iPhone 5 so please forgive me. I still have not implemented the habit of bringing my camera out wherever I go! I will okay, in time to come! As of now, I can't find my camera... HAHAHAHA. I know it is somewhere and I will find it. See how positive I am! 

I am done talking about Eighteen Chefs and if you really want to know how good their food is, head down to the restaurant today, or tomorrow or this weekend! 

Like their facebook page now -> EIGHTEEN CHEFS!

Many more interesting and great posts coming up! I will be emailing the winner of my giveaway today and I am so touched at the many responses from so many readers! I love you all, xoxo! Every email, pm, tweet, dm means so much to me. Follow me on twitter/instagram @JoleneSnow if you haven't done so! See the world through my eyes! 

Till the next time! =) 

Disclaimer : This review was based on my personal experience and opinion, not being paid to do so! 

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