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FOOD makes me HAPPY - Part I
Wednesday, July 25, 2012


A simple word like this but it brings so much happiness to my tiny being. I love to eat! Ever since young... I was known for being someone who eats thrice the portion anyone my size would. I started learning how to feed myself at age 1! Mum said that I started to eat rice/porridge real soon while I was still an infant = saves costs on milk powder. But that also explains my height huh?! No milk = no calcium = bones don't grow = short Jolene!

Anyway, if you are someone who follows me on Twitter/Foursquare/Facebook/Instagram, you would know that I spend a lot of time hunting for food to eat. My eyes light up whenever anyone around me talks about food or suggests going to anywhere with good food. Good food + good company is always the best combination ever! 

So, I was thinking.... since food makes me so happy, I would like to share my happiness with everyone :) I am so kind, I know. *self-praise*

Here's what I have been gobbling down since the start of the year. My poor tummy had suffered so much with me, stuffing them like crazy but well, here goes ~

January 2012 started with a boom! I had a reunion dinner with most of James' friends and we went here :

Hui Wei Chinese-Thai Cuisine 回味中泰小廚

This is a very unique zhi-char joint because it blends Thai and Chinese cuisine together. Their dishes are all so surprising! 

Look at this, it's fried eggplant! They call it the "Mei Ren Yu Eggplant". I was hesitant to try it at first but the owner of the stall encouraged me and told me that it would taste totally different from normal eggplant dishes. And viola, it was superb! It tasted like french fries in my opinion. And it cost only $7!

I call this calamari but the actual name is something like fried squid.. if I am not wrong? They come with this special sauce for you to dip in and it is indeed very special :) 
  Thai-Style Beancurd in Hotplate. Just imagine our normal hotplate beancurd but in a Thai flavour. Splendid ain't it? 
I forgot what this is =X
 Cereal prawns!
 $232 for 19 pax. Worth it ain't it? Their prices are very affordable and their service is superb! The owner makes you feel really welcome when you arrive at the coffeeshop. It's located at this pretty ulu district but good food will always bring the crowd right? ^^ 

They even have delivery services! Just call @83438367 for more information!
Visit their website : Hui Wei's Website
Like their facebook page here : Hui Wei's Facebook Page
Address: 802 French Road, #01-69 Singapore
Opening Hours :
 Mon - Tue:10:45-14:1516:30-22:30
Thu - Sat:10:45-14:3016:30-22:30

In the short month of February, I ate many different food but these were the few which really seduced my taste buds. 

Whitley Road Prawn Mee.(Raffles Place) 
18 Lorong Telok
#01-01 (S)049030
Tel : 62544258

Other than the loud-mouthed servers there, most of them were aunties and they were not very polite when taking your orders. They shooed me and my friend away from a 4 table seat to a 2 table seat rather loudly and impolitely, I was of course taken aback but well, the food pacified me after that :D The soup was oily but I did not mind while my colleague did because we had different preference. I am a fan of prawn noodles and this was one of the pretty good ones, comparable to the one at Old Airport Road. Take note, it is very crowded during lunch hours as this is located in the CBD area.

                                     Hock Lam Beef Noodle. 
They have different locations in SG so you can like their FB page Hock Lam's FB Page and find out more. I rarely have beef noodles but this one is really up to standard! The one I dined at was also at Raffles Place, a walking distance from the above Prawn Noodle and the service here was so much better. You had to order first before you take a seat. 

                                  Lastly, it is Lenas by MOF! 
There are several branches for this restaurant and I think I have ate at most of them except for the one at Raffles City. I totally love their concept of dining because it is so unique! Their hot-pot series is also one of their must-tries you know! Their egg soup is splendid. Look at the number of times I have eaten @ Lenas! If you haven't, you should try it soon! Don't forget their fries, it is simply mouth-watering!

 This is their full set meal which costs around $20+ but it is totally worth it. Their salad is the sex! Totally.

I shall end this post here and continue with Part II soon because people usually stops reading when a posts gets too lengthy. I aim to make you all drool just by reading my posts. Hahahahaha! Look out for Part II alright?

FYI, this is not a paid advertorial, I am just sharing some joy cos I love all of you too much! 

Till than, #Be Hungry~! 

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