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Majolica Majorca Lash King and Perfect Automatic Liner!
Friday, July 04, 2014

Hi guys! Sorry for the disappearance and I know that you know that a lot has been going on in my life and I am finally back to do a product review on the most awesome eye make up EVER!!!!! 

Lovely people from SAMPLE STORE has sent me loads of products to review and I still have many parcels awaiting for me to try them on! Super excited, grateful and blessed to be one of them!

Majolica Majorca Lash King $25.90

This mascara is seriously AMAZING. I have had used SO MANY mascaras in my life and I dare say that this is really awesome. 


- It blends the eyelashes really quickly and easily.
- It does not clump up after applying and this is one thing that a lot of mascaras CANNOT achieve. 
- It is smudge-proof because I always subconsciously rubs my eye during the day and it did not for once came off.
-BUT... It is easily removable with make-up remover! I used to blacken my whole eye area after removing my make up so this product really is wonderful and it does not harm my eyes at all! 

I am not a fan of fake eye-lashes(actually I am a noob when it comes to putting them on lah) so I really need mascaras to enhance and brighten up my eyes for work, a date or just some fun!

This is me before trying out both the products. I look cheerful but my eyes looks tired and there is no sparkle at all!

This mascara contains 5mm super long fibers so it not only allows you to achieve maximum length, but also maximum volume and fullness with just a single coat. This waterproof formula is also very resistant to sweat, sebum and tears.
It is also formulated with creamy wax and an increased amount of volume-increasing powder for superb lash adhesion and a clump-free and smooth finishing touch

What I really adore is that it contains gentle treatment ingredients for your lashes - Macadamia Nuts Oil, Vitamin E Derivative!!

The acrobat catch brush coats the lashes evenly and ensures excellent lash catching and separation effect.

PRETTY LASHES ARE SOOOO easily achievable now! 

Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner $22.90

Have you all ever used such a pretty eyeliner before? I have always been using boring black and brown eyeliners and sometimes it really gets a bit un-interesting.

Fret not, now you can have PINK eyeliner!!! 

The water-based dial-type eye liner allows you to easily draw fine, delicate lines or thick, bold lines with its felt pen bristles. Entice with a shimmering pearl color on your eye line!
It is formulated with super fix polymer to give clear and long-lasting eye lines, which is very resistant to perspiration, skin oils and tears.

Achieve dewy eyes by drawing on the lower lid or a shimmery effect by drawing on the upper lid. 

Let your eyes shimmer when you give someone a wink! 

With these 2 lovely eye make-up, I don't think anyone can resist looking into your eyes!!

So, what are you waiting for? I have used both products and spent almost 9 hours outdoors but there was no need for me to touch up at all! It lasts THAT long, I swear. 


Like their Facebook page Majolica Majorca Singapore Facebook page now!! 


Join their contest NOW!! Head to this CONTEST LINK and just simply follow the instructions! It is that easy! 

You and 3 of your friends will stand a chance to win the newly reformulated Lash King! 

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