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Friday, May 30, 2014

Of course, I did thought of quitting blogging because of the incident on the previous post but hey, why should I let you all define me? The main point here is... WHO ARE YOU TO STOP ME? =D

Thank you everyone for all the love amidst all the hatred because those who mind don't matter and those who matter really don't mind. I felt so much love from friends, family members and also my workplace- Super love all of you now. 

A new advert today! 
Bet there will be those who will complain again...
Too much ads you all complain, write about what I feel (menses leave)- you all complain, If I don't blog, you all will also complain.


Today's post will be about this online blogshop that sells dresses at such a low price that even I myself am puzzled as to how they actually profit?!!?

DELOVESH (Click on link now!)

They provide FREE normal shipping with no conditions applied and free courier services with orders above $80! 

They have new stocks coming in every other day and that is also the reason why I had a hard time making a checkout for this advertorial because I wanted like..... EVERY PIECE!

It is hard for me to buy dresses outside because I am a UK 6- Size XS and I have to wear a lot of corporate dresses for work and events but I can never find suitable dresses for me. It is very frustrating to fall in love with a dress and yet bringing it home only to find out that the hole (at the armpit area) is SOOO huge that I have to wear a tube and the whole point of the lovely dress is gone =( 

I AM SO GLAD I FOUND DELOVESH! I can already presume that I will be making a lot of purchases from them! 

RKD12194 OL Temperament Dress

Don't judge for the pixelated photos because I edited the DREAMY effect on purpose. I am not exaggerating but I felt like a ballerina in this dress cause of the flowy effect. Hahaha. Quite princessy right?

They have it in blue colour as well! Perfect for going on dates and for work. Let this be your Friday dress! 

$19.70 for this piece before discounts!

RKD12478 Sweet Flower Printed Dress

Disclaimer: I am not a model by nature but I try my best to pose as perfectly as possible.

Sweetest dress I have ever came across in my life! They also have it in tiffany blue colour and I will be purchasing that from them soon! I cannot help it!!! The material of the dress is not the thin & flimsy kind.. It is made of hemp fabric so it is a really durable material! 

I have a lot of weddings to attend in the months ahead and I am sure DELOVESH's dresses will be my choices to wear. Start shopping now!

Again, this is the perfect date dress and work dress for any girls! 
$17.10 for this piece before discounts!

Most of the dresses on DELOVESH are all below $20! You have to start adding them to your cart now because they are having GSS promotions!

★Great Singapore Sale From 30 May to 27 July 2014.

  Use coupon code: GSS10 to enjoy 10% discount for all the items on their portal!

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