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Friday, April 11, 2014

I am so blessed to be always sponsored so many beauty products that does amazing things to my skin!

Collagen Cleanse is a unique foaming facial cleanser that deeply cleanses skin and unclogs pores! The water activated 
foaming crystals contain nano-collagen that helps hydrate skin, regenerate collagen and elastin as you cleanse your 
skin leaving skin clean, balanced and revitalized!!! 

BeautyBiotics Collagen Cleanse - $43/65g

Step 1: Pour a small amount of collagen crystals onto your palm.
Step 2: Mix with water and rub to form a lather.
Step 3: Apply the foam onto your face in a circular motion and massage for a few minutes to allow the nano-collagen to be deeply absorbed. Rinse well and pat 

dry. Use day and night.

This is me with light make up on and ready to cleanse my face!!

Here we go!!

Collagen Powder Foaming Cleanser
- New Cleanser With Nano-Collagen
- Collagen Treatment As You Cleanse
- Deep + Gentle Foam Cleansing 
- Suitable For All Skin Types
- Formulated For Daily Use

And ta-dah!!!! Clean face now!! It was a very refreshing experience because I can feel that my skin is not only clean but smooth and hydrated as well! All thanks to the collagen treatment as I clean... this product is very straightforward and it delivers what it promises!

This cleanser can remove dead skin and unclog pores!!! It is what most of us require in a cleanser! Some cleanser actually dries up our skin after long-term usage but this won't! 

I had done an earlier advertorial on Beautybiotic's other products before. Read more about them in this -> POST ! Now you can have Beautybiotic's make up range and also have a good cleanser after removing the make-up! Wonderful package!

Get the Beautybiotics Dream Cream Collagen Cleanse at all WATSONS stores!! 

And, don't forget to like their page at !

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