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Thursday, March 27, 2014


Superior Eyewear at Affordable Prices For the Mass!

I got to know of this awesome eyewear retail space/online shop and went to purchase new spectacles immediately because the moment I set my eyes on their website, I felt like I wanted to buy just everything!!!! But, I only have a pair of eyes so... I could not be greedy. 

When I saw how much a spectacle with prescription costs.... I was dumbfounded. I have never came across such a nice pair of eyewear retailing at such a low price with FREE shipping as well. 

I am sure all of you know how much a pair of decent eyewear with prescription can costs at normal optical shops. The benchmark would be around $100 at least BEFORE they make your lens into thin lens or add on the multicoating charges and etc... The total damage could be about $250 or more. 

This vintage beauty below costs me ONLY ONLY ONLY $95. YES. I AM SERIOUS. Only $95. Can I say that this is the most inexpensive pair of spectacles that I have bought in my 23 years on Earth!!!

 JUNIEL - Yours to keep at only $45. 

If you are not short-sighted, you can get these frames at only $45. Yes, less than $50 and it is yours to keep!

This pair is called "Juniel" but sadly, it is out of stocks at the moment. Please kindly email them to make your reservation if you are interested in this pair! It is selling like hotcakes! 

Who says one cannot look good with glasses? And yes, I am in my primary school PE shirt but that's not the main point of the photo. I just cannot stop cam-whoring with my new glasses. They look so good! 

 I was blessed to be sponsored more pretty sunglasses by them and I must say that their sunglasses are all too damn SWAG.

It was so hard for me to choose 2 other shades that I prefer to be sponsored because browsing through their page just brings out the fashionista in me making me wanna say "One of each please!"

LAVINE - Yours to keep at only $45. 

I have never thought that I would be able to pull off this look before but Visual Mass's superly chio sunglasses just proves me wrong. This unique and special shades brings out the cheerfulness in me so that I can smile brightly even when the sun is glaring down at me!

Unfortunately, they are also out of stocks at the moment which means 
(1) I have damn good taste! (2) You have to make your reservation asap! 

JENZO CHIMERA - Yours to keep at only $45. 

This piece is just art!
I am so so so in love with this piece and fret not, it is NOT out of stock at the moment but once this posts gets to many people, I am sure it will be so do go onto their website to order like NOW.

This photo is super grainy but I wanted to post it because I want to show you guys that even though the photo quality was bad, the shades still looks so pretty nevertheless! How can you not own this piece of beauty?

To be honest, I have like 10 other pairs of shades hanging at home but after looking through what Visual Mass has to offer... I just want to be their ambassador FOR LIFE. I don't want to wear any other brands except theirs anymore. I am so so in love! 

I have zero make up on in all these photos but look at this super ravishing OOTD image below! 

$4 top from Bangkok.
$4 shorts from Bangkok.
And $45 shades from Visual Mass.

Less than $100 spent but I look like a million dollar girl... (CHEYYYYYYY =D)

There is no time to hesitate anymore because new eye-glasses are waiting for!



Or, if you still prefer to touch and feel the glasses before purchasing them.. hop on down to their showroom at :

*SCAPE Underground, #01-A1, 2 ORCHARD LINK. *SCAPE BUILDING (S) 237978


Email them -> ( )
Call them -> +65 3152 5701

Tweet them -> ( )
Like them on Facebook -> ( )
They even have a youtube acc -> ( )

Thank you for reading and remember to thank me and show off your Visual Mass eyewear on Instagram after purchase (Tag me!)


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