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Sunday, March 16, 2014

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Nestled in the lanes of Keong Saik Road, there lies a beautiful and peaceful place... to get pretty hair and pretty lashes!

Their small cashier and consultation area at the front of the salon. I like how the owner of this salon tries to keep everything simple because the main point is the skills and the professionalism of the stylists right?

The lights they use are really unqiue and it makes one feel very at peace and comfortable upon stepping in. It's like auto-chill mode on immediately!

I was exhilarated when I was invited to Covo Singapore Hair Salon for a hair session because it is a Japanese salon and we all know how top-notch Japanese products and services are, don't we? I was literally jumping for joy to be able to step into a salon that so many other bloggers have raved about! 

The salon is designed to be a minimalist place and it is owned and opened by a Japanese called Mr. Mizoguchi Manabu! 

Trust Covo's hairstylist to transform you with the latest trends from Tokyo!

Upon stepping into Covo, I was greeted by a super nice hairstylist by the name of Yuya Yosikawa who was from Ibaraki, Japan. 

He is 27 years old this year and he is the most attentive hairstylist I have ever came across! I sound like a fangirl who stalked him the minute I met him. The photos don't do his justice but he is really handsome in real life!

This photo was taken after everything was done. Look how sweaty he was because he put in so much effort to make me look like a doll. I am so grateful! 

First, he introduced himself and confirmed with me that I was getting a hair cut and hair dye that day. I had told the marketing person, Emi what were my requests and they were all so nice! Emi is super super sweet! I have never met her in person but I already like her so much! 

I spent awhile taking selfies when Yuya-san was preparing. Most of the customers there that day were Japanese and everyone was merrily chatting in Japanese! It was a cheery atmosphere as everyone was laughing and having a good time while having their hair transformed. Yuya mentioned that 90% of Japanese patronized Covo and the rest of the 10% were Singaporeans. What are you all waiting for? This salon is a must-go!

Next, he asked me what color I wanted for my hair and I told him to choose the colour for me that he think would suit me and he chose "Ash" and I really do love the color! He was receptive and attentive to all my needs. He listened as I google translated to him that I had cut my fringe myself and it wasn't very straight and he immediately nodded and said he would mend it. Awww, too sweet. 

He speaks really softly and politely and he even squatted down beside me to ask me if I wanted water, coffee, tea or green tea. I was enthralled by his service the second I stepped in! So, after making sure everything was alright, he started on dying my hair. Every single time before he walks away, he would tell me "Just a moment please" and that is really the most professional mannerism I have ever experienced in a saloon! 

Look at macho Yuya-san and his side view looks damn cool please. But seriously, if you notice, he is almost smiling in all of the photos. It's so difficult to find people in the service line that smiles all the time but you know, Japanese are extraordinary beings. Haha!

This is me, before anything was done to my hair. 

Yuya-san volunteered to help me take a photo of the back of my hair for me. service ever!

And the process of dyeing starts.....

After the dyeing was done, Yuya-san brought me to the "relaxation" room to shampoo my hair. The reason I called it the relaxation room was because the room was quite dark and it looked like those glamorous spa. At Covo, they use Carbonated Spring Water to wash your hair for you! Carbonated Spring Water makes it easier to remove dirt and grime from the pores of your head so that means Covo does not only make your hair look good, they make your head/scalp cleaner too! (No extra charges for Carbonated Spring Water Shampoo btw) Oh, and Yuya-san not only washed my hair thoroughly, he also massaged my head and neck a little and I almost fell asleep because it was too comfortable!

Yuya-san starting his snipping magic on me! It was not difficult for us to communicate because there was google translate and he knew a bit of English so I asked him a few questions. He had came to Singapore for 4 months so he must be quite new to Covo but he is simply so professional. I have always respected and admired people who travels to another country all alone just to work. I know of many friends who does that and I must say, thumbs up! Gambatte everyone! 

From living in a country that is always mostly 15 degrees to having to deal with the weather here in Singapore that can hit 35 degrees, I don't think it is easy for them. 

As he saw me snapping away, he would compliment me by saying that I have a nice smile. If I am not attached, he'd sure be one of my ideal guy! He is too sweet and too attentive and just too well-mannered! I dare say that I have never met any other nicer hairstylist in my 24 years on this Earth! (Damn exaggerating I know, but it is true!) I also found out that Yuya-san likes to eat spicy food and his favorite is laksa! Me love laksa too! And yes, like most foreigners, he doesn't likes durian. What a background check I have done but please don't call me a stalker because I really love making new friends and understanding other's culture! I am not sure if Yuya-san is single but he sure is a good catch. For single ladies who wants a hair-cut... now is your choice to know a hottie and get your hair changed! Hahaha!

Before I forgot to mention, in the corners, they have baskets for you to leave your bags unlike normal saloons where you have to keep your bags behind you and it always makes our back uncomfortable especially if the hair session took up a long time!

VIOLA! Now, I look like a doll! I can't stop smiling when I look at my transformed self. Yuya-san has magic fingers! 

Look at how busy Yuya-san was perfecting my hair while I was just shamelessly taking selfies!

 With some spray and his powerful snip-tricks, don't I look like a celebrity now?

The magician -> Yuya-san behind me, obviously proud of his creation. 

I wish my hair would stay like this forever! Yuya-san is a really talented stylist. Look for him to re-transform you and make you look beautiful! 

Don't wait anymore!

CALL 6221-4585 now!
20% discount for all first-time customers! (Only on services, not valid for product purchase)
Simply show them me and stylist Yuya's photo from my blog or Instagram !


(S) 089147

Like them on Facebook : Covo Hair Saloon Singapore !
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By the way, there are no extra charges for senior stylist or any other hidden costs! But just look for Yuya-san because he is just too sincere and professional.

Although I have washed my hair and the pretty curls have turned straight, I still love my hair nonetheless! I would go for permanent curls next time because everyone has only praises for my short and cute bob! 

You know how someone puts in so much effort and is truly sincere to you? That was how I felt after leaving Covo Hair Salon. If I can, I would give Yuya-san a medal!


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