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Friday, March 14, 2014


Ta-dah! Today, I am going to write about the latest product from Biore and you are sure to love this products because it not only :




With this 2-in-1 facial wash, you save so so so much time! I don't know for you ladies out there but for me, I am always stoned upon reaching home after work/night classes and all I really want to do is just zonk out! 

Normally, I would take a cotton pad and pump some make up remover to wipe off my make up slowly... I would also have to take extra precaution when wiping around the eye area in case the chemical goes into my eyes and pricks it. I am not very gentle, to be honest. All I want is to remove the make up in the fastest way possible and get to bed but the usual routine usually takes up 30 to 45 minutes of my time!!! I am sure all of you working ladies out there have the same problem! No? 

I have been using this awesome product for 2 weeks and my skin is getting better, no kidding! I just love how my skin feels after cleansing because it is super moisturized after Biore Uru Uru does it's magic! It is different from other make up cleansers because it not only cleans the surface of the skin but actually penetrates into our pores to remove all dirt and impurities! And the best thing is.....

One of the ingredients in it is Royal Jelly Extract and don't tell me you all don't know what is Royal Jelly Extract because it is one of the best ingredients ever! Good for hair, good for skin! Go google it! 

The instruction given was to use 3 pumps for full face cleansing but I only used 1 and a 1/2 pump... Not sure if it is because of the size of my face or that this product is just magical. You can choose to wet your face before cleansing or just cleanse on a dry face. It works both ways! Super flexible right? Oh, before I forgot, this product actually contains 40% Beauty Essence so as to provide your face moisture after cleansing! I really hate how dry my skin feels after using other types of facial foam and I have terribly sensitive skin! 

There is no need to even rub the skin during cleansing because it comes off super easily! The foam that comes out is ultra fine so it easily lifts make up from the surface and at the same time with 800% more micro bubbles, it penetrates deep into the pores for deep cleansing.

By the way, Uru Uru actually means soft and moist skin! You can pump up to 70 times for this 160ml bottle and that also equals to 70 days of cleaning and moisturizing! (If you use 1 pump a day)... 2 months plus of usage and you only pay what????!


It is super value for money! 

I am suppose to take photos to show you how I remove my light make up with Biore Uru-Uru but I think a video would be better as you can see for yourself how this awesome product works!

In this video, you can see me removing 3 products with the cleanser!

(1) Eyeshadow
(2) Blusher
(3) Liquid Foundation

Actually, I also tried removing my lipstick with it and it works too! 

My clean face after cleansing! No filter, no edit... clean as it is! 

Would you like to win this product? NOW YOU CAN!!! 

It's so easy! Just head to Sample Store's FACEBOOK page and LIKE them! Also, follow them on INSTAGRAM !

10 lucky souls will get to win this awesome product! Don't wait anymore! 

This product can be found exclusively at all Watsons retail stores! Only $14.90!

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