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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Thank you Sample Store for always sending me so many products to review! I am always so excited to receive your parcels!

Today, I bring you all the new products from Beauty Biotics! 

These products promises that your skin gets younger, faster and remains that way longer!!

The products that I am about to introduce is a breakthrough, new range of dermatological cosmetics or functional skin care that erases imperfections upon first application, and continues to work at the skin's cellular level to deliver intense hydration and regenerate skin collagen and elastin, leaving your skin supple and youthful in the long-term!!! 

Based on medical aesthetics science, BEAUTYBIOTICS light-diffusing optic technology infuses skin with a soft light for a radiant and glowing complexion. They also uses Nano Technology to pack more hydrating and age-defying active ingredients into ONE application and deliver them into deep layers of the skin to enhance skin cell regeneration.

BEAUTYBIOTICS is dermatologist tested for sensitive skin, and made in Japan for Asian skins with proven ingredients to :

  1. Regenerate skin elastin and collagen for plumped up softness
  2. Intensely hydrate for supple skin
  3. Improve skin radiance and clarity
  4. Effectively whiten for luminous, bright skin 
First, we start off with :

(1) BeautyBiotics Dream Cream BB/CC Beauty Balm Colour Corrector. 
Retail price is $39.00

My sleepy face with ZERO make up on except my toner and moisturizer already slapped on.

Notice my ugly pores are all enlarged?

Look at how radiant my skin looks after just one application!

AND... My pores are minimized so quickly! What sorcery is this?!!!

It provides not only hydration but also good coverage that will lasts throughout the day! The cream is so easy to blend into the face without any hassle at all! The texture is super light and I love how my pores just kinda reduce so much! 

Where can you actually find a BB/CC cream with 12-in-1 benefits???


(2) BeautyBiotics Dream Cream  UV White Nano Mineral Powder.
Retail price is $49.00

This small and cute mineral pearl powder contains Nano Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid + Alpha Arbutin formula which helps to regenerate, brighten and hydrate skin!

Application is so easy! The bottle is in a mini packaging so it is easy to bring out without taking up much space in your bag!

I am now protected from the sun!!!

It comes with SPF 50/PA +++ and I highly recommend to those who is afraid of your face turning darker under the sun!

However, please note that this is like sunscreen in powder with whitening effects and not exactly like a make-up product! Protect your skin!


(3) BeautyBiotics Dream Cream BB+Nano Luminescence Mineral Pearl Powder.
Retail price is $45.00

This product contains light-diffusing pearl crystals to diffuse light to minimize fine lines. The puff is so easy to use + texture is great! I love it because it is waterproof so no matter how I sweat, the product will stay! Although it is a powder, it has equally the same effects as a cream because it provides hydration as well! 

Also contains SPF 40/PA +++. I am just delighted to receive all these products before my Tioman trip because now I am assured that I will have a product that will protect my face! 

Although my eyebags are still hideous (Please sponsor me eye cream!) but that is because I have been really tied up with a lot of work so I don't really get enough of sleep but other then that... my face looks flawless after applying the products from BEAUTY BIOTICS DREAM CREAM HERO SET! 

Now you can also (1) RENEW, (2) REPAIR, (3) COVER & (4) PROTECT your skin!!!

You can find so many good benefits by using these products so I think that what you have to do now is like BEAUTYBIOTICS FACEBOOK PAGE to find out more!

All of the above products reviewed can be found at all Watson Retail Stores! Grab your cash and get good skin soon! 

Thanks for reading! Xoxo!

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