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Monday, March 10, 2014

So, I haven't met up with Hui Qi and June for eons due to work and school commitments so I was super hyper when we planned out meet-up for last Saturday!
We had wanted to go to the 2degree ice art exhibition since it started but we kept dragging because we were all ultra busy!

Lucky for us, we could utilize the student promotion even on a Saturday! 
$25 including rental of jacket!! 
Or else, normal tickets would costs $32 + additional $5 for rental of jackets. Kinda expensive, don't you agree?

We took the circle line and exited at Bayfront MRT station and we went by Exit A as told on their website...However, we could not find the place! As usual, we always got lost in our country. Meh. After much walking, we managed to find the place in the middle of MBS and Bayfront MRT Exit A. It was like in right-splat in the middle of a piece of land -__- I had thought that it would be INSIDE of MBS or something like that. Who knew?

So yes, this was how the exterior looked like. It looked quite weird because it actually looked like some container hostel rather then an exhibition.

The weather was really really hot! 35 degrees in the sweltering heat. 

Nevertheless, nothing can stop vain me from a selfie. I can barely open my eyes but the wind came at the right time, my hair looked great. 

Does this look like the airport? It looked quite like one to me. This was the changing room where we were given the jackets to wear before heading into the exhibition area. Everyone went from Autumn to Winter in a second =D 

Us, looking all Korean-ish and ready for a winter photoshoot. Haha. I was wearing flats that day and looking so mini. 

Immediately zooming in for a selfie beside one of the ice statues but the heck, the statue couldn't even be seen lor. This photo was taken with my LUMIX camera...

And this was with my iPhone5. Not bad right, there's a dreamy effect somehow? Still, the ice could barely be seen. 

Sir Ice Stamford Raffles said that he needed 2 bodyguards so here they are. $15/hour. Not a bad job right?

Tried to take a clearer photo with flash but Sir Ice Stamford Raffles wasn't amused so he reflected green light onto Hui Qi. 

Wouldn't it be cute to cut durians using the pink and white striped gloves? Those gloves were free so we could bring it home after the exhibition. 

We would one day stand in front of the actual Eiffel Tower but for now, let's make do with the iced version first because we are cool like that!

What an awkward tourist post? And I just realized that my eyes were closed. 

Some blurry phone shots! I love how my teeth looks damn straight in this photos. Please give me more money to go for invisalign please!

I really like how I look in the selfie below but after much thought, it actually looks like my neck is injured and I am in a cast..... This is my current whatsapp display photo, will I be scaring my clients away?

I missed out on the only fun part there which was the slides! My foot hurt so badly when I was rampaging through the snow(ice) there and they went into my shoes! It was so painful that I could barely walk because... I have low tolerance for the cold actually... So yea, I did not attempt the slide! T_T

This is June, sliding down...... super slowly. Don't ask me why. I got no idea?

We kinda look like some kinda dumplings though and look at how round our faces are!??! Extreme fishball faces! 

Look at my teary eyes and red nose! This made me wonder why the place was called 2 Degrees Ice Art Exhibition when it was -15 degrees in actual fact. Hui Qi's friend actually stayed in there for like 3 hours. I think she was a polar bear in her previous life. The tickets allowed us to only admit 2 times but 30 minutes in there for two separate timings already made us nuts lor. And we kept saying that we wanted to go to Korea. How are we to survive? 

The food there was crazily expensive but it was kinda expected. $3 for 3 herbal tea eggs. $3 for 4 pieces of curry fishballs. WTF right. But maybe we are just too cheapo. We also did not purchase the ice mugs because it would costs a total of $6(for coke) + $3(for the ice mug) and then 10% service charge just to drink coke in somewhere that is -15 degrees and then smash it into the wall. I could put my $10 to better use I think? But that's just me =)

My girls forced me to take this photo because they said that I looked like an old lady because my sling bag was inside the jacket and at the place where my ass should be and that made me look like a fat granny. IF ONLY I really had some ass. I always hated my pancake flat backside. 

Lastly, I hope that you all can allow me to end this post with my selfies! I would like to head to the Trampoline Park next and I would definitely blog about it too. Stay tuned for the next post because I will be introducing the trendiest eyewears in town! Cheap, affordable and only the most unique designs you can find in Singapore! Free shipping right to your home!!!!! I also have other facial product adverts coming up so please come to this little space as and when to be updated. 

Xoxo, thanks for reading!

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