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Monday, February 17, 2014

Most of you should know that James and I love food a lot and we would travel miles to look for good food. 

So, over the weekend, we actually chanced upon this promotion by Honeybee BBQ & Grill.

$3 for buffalo wings! Of course the deal was tempting! 

As per the T&C, it was stated that the buffalo wings would be limited to one portion per person per day. Sounds fine to me.

We sat down and we ordered our mains together with the wings. However, we were told that the offer was limited to one portion PER TABLE. 

What the heck right? We had wanted to head down with our friends so if the 10 of us were to head down and sit at one table, we were supposed to share 6 wings?


What made it even worse was the fact that when we asked the service staff why it was mentioned that we could have 1 portion per person, she said it was a typo.

A FUCKING TYPO? Are you serious? 

At least come up with a better excuse!!! 

We had wanted to order 3 mains but because they were so disappointing, we decided not to takeaway for James' brother anymore.

Obviously, the management doesn't give a damn about giving the wrong information to customers and they do not care about service recovery at all because we wrote in to their management and also posted on their Facebook page but well, they do not give a shit.

For a start-up that had just opened in 2013, please view below photo :

Your mushroom soup was horrible, it was too bland and it tastes like glue. Your aglio olio was one of the worse of the worse olio I have tasted and I dare say that I have eaten e lot of aglio olios in my life because I really love pasta! It was totally bland and tasteless and not even a pinch of salt was in there. 

Also, your buffalo wings was nowhere good as well.

I headed down to Sunset Grill after patronizing your place and paid $23 for their buffalo wings and it was money well spent. You can save your $3 ones because I would never patronize your place anymore. 

Good luck to your business! 

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