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Anton Casey VS Kindness/Empathy
Friday, January 24, 2014

This post will come out as a rant so read only if you are interested.

The start of 2014 started out a blast for the social media world as Heather Chua got "investigated" by the police (READ HERE) and then came another social media idiot called "Anton Casey".

And today, I read another article that was written by a SPH journalist called William Wan, who also happens to be the general secretary for the "Singapore Kindness Movement". You may read the article he wrote here : WHERE HAS ALL OUR EMPATHY GONE?

Remember my previous post where I mentioned the 5 things/people that annoys me and one of them was those who kept blaming the government for everything? Well, you can see them commenting on the article that William wrote. 

Anton Casey made a really grave mistake and he was downright nasty when calling others poor and saying that we stink just because we take the public transport. But hey, we must admit that he is really rich right? He owns a Porsche and many of us don't. Still, that does not give him a right to condemn the rest of us who don't own a luxurious car like him. 

The point of my blogpost today is to question this question. 


I understand what the journalist meant when he said that we should all be more empathetic when it comes to forgiving Anton Casey after his apology whether or not it was sincere. Let's all not go around bashing expats just because of one sour prune here. 

I seriously think that we have no rights to actually whine about getting Anton Casey deported because yes, he was nasty with his words but he did not physically harm anyone. Like "Heather Chua"... I do not know him and nor do I hate him, I just do not want him going around harming innocent young girls and setting traps for them. Many people I know says that I am very fierce and am quick-tempered but I also forgive rather easily.

Up till now, I still have not forgiven someone and I don't think that I will ever. But you don't see me whining about it all day long, do you? I wrote about it in a book to inspire and to warn ladies to speak up if intimidated but I do not whine about it all day long.

Whether it is Stephanie Koh's opinions or whether it is Anton's crude remarks, why harp over them? If you all keep whining about what they say, don't you find it annoying? Does their words really have such a direct impact on you all? Why are you so bothered and uptight? There is so much more to life. 

The man who sexually abused me when I was 11 up till I was 14, I have not forgiven and nor have I forgotten about the incident but hey, I don't talk about him all the time. Karma will find it's way to him. I let him go off scot free and I am already setting a very bad example to the public because he was not put behind bars. What I can do now is lead a better life than him and stop harping on it. 

The journalist wants us to be kinder and show more empathy towards others and I think I have set a very good example in being kind, to actually allow the monster who abused me to be free in the outside world. 

I think the question here is not about being kinder or showing more empathy. I think what we can do as fellow human beings is to be more gracious towards people and situations. I always believe that there is no use whining about something or someone over and over again. Be gracious and move on with life. Everything will fall into place in the end. If not, it is not yet the end. 

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