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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I was elated to be sponsored this awesome face serum from GoodSkinLabs ! 

It promises 100% instant results and omg, it really has instant results! You know, I was quite skeptical when I saw that it would have instant results because most product promises like 99% effect but this product is really super amaze-balls!

Most of my friends would know that I always always complain about having a round face and that I have always wanted to do plastic surgery so that I can have a more "V" shaped face. But guess what? No need to go under the knife anymore! This serum not only FIRMS your skin but helps you to achieve a more defined "V" shaped face! 

Although many people always compliment me and say that I have flawless skin but you all don't see my tired and sagging skin because it is always covered with make-up!

As skin ages, it loses elasticity and firmness!! Although I am only 24, I think that taking care of your skin should start as early as possible!!!! 

A tired face always gives such a sad and despair feeling. 

The ingredients in this product is what made it so special! 

(1)A blend of pearls and glucosamine is included to provide instant radiance upon application and sayonara to dead skin cells!! 
(2) CME - A vitamin C&E complex that helps support skin's natural collagen production to help visibly lift and firm skin.
(3) Photozomes- Photo activated enzymes with plankton extract helps support collagen and elastin so skin appears firmer and more youthful.
(4) Argireline- Supports natural collagen production to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!
(5) Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin and Trehalose work together to help skin absorb water and retain moisture. 

I love it that it isn't those type of cream that you have to dig your fingers in to scrape it to apply to your face! 

And it is super easy to apply! Just squeeze 3-5 drops on your palm and apply over your face and neck! You can choose to follow with moisturizer after that or if not, just leave it as it is because my skin was super moisturized even without any other moisturizer! 

Just one application and my skin is extremely radiant and firm!! 

Clinical Study Results :

- Immediate : 100% of women demostrated significant improvement in skin radiance
- After 4 weeks: 89% of women demonstrated a significant improvement in skin firmness
-After 8 weeks: 94% of women demonstrated a significant improvement in skin firmness

 I am in love with this serum and I cannot wait to have better skin!

Now you can have better skin too!

FIRM-365 is available for $68.00 exclusively at all SaSa Stores!! 

And there is an exclusive promotion as well!

There is a 365 "V" Poses Contest for all my readers now! Do take part and let's all pose our best "V" pose and you can redeem a FIRM-365 sample from any SaSa outlet or at !

Can you all pose as chio as this model?

Or if not as chio as me also can lah. Haha! I am a bit kiasu and I took 2 "V" poses. Haha. Which one should I submit to SaSa?

Quick, submit your "V" pose now and 5 lucky "posers" will each win a $200 GSL product hamper & $200 worth of SaSa Gift Certificates!

Remember to LIKE  SaSa SG Facebook before you submit your pose! 

Here’s how you can join, it’s really simple:

Step 1: 'Like' SaSa SG Facebook Page
Step 2: Strike a “V” pose with your hands on your jawline (like the model in the visual) & take a photo
Step 3: Upload your photo on SaSa SG Official Facebook Page or tag @sasasingapore on Twitter or Instagram.
Step 4: Present the uploaded post to any SaSa store to redeem a complimentary FIRM-365™ Facial Firming Serum 5ml sample (while stocks last)

Contest ends on 9th Feb 2014, 2359 Hour. Good luck!

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