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Dicks Before Friends
Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I am sure many people can relate to this post today because it is an issue that most of us will face someday, somewhere, somehow. 

When you're single and ready to mingle, you stick around your friends and enjoy their company and their laughter and everything else.

And than? BAM! You get attached. 

Suddenly, you go missing and you rarely could be asked out. Friends understand and give you their blessings because they are happy for you that you have found someone you love. But you are so ungrateful to your friends, those people who were there for you before you got attached. 

If your partner truly loves you and thinks for you, he will love your friends and family like his own and he will hang out with your friends too. He will not tie you down and expect you to be his tail. 

Disclaimer : This situation can be for both sexes. 

If the relationship is an unhealthy one whereby you are always unhappy and ALWAYS quarreling every other day, your friends would be there to advice you, encourage you and help you step out of the craze. 

When you have fights with your partner and is depressed, your friends are the ones who without hesitation be there for you and stand by you. If your partner does not respect your friends, you SHOULD NOT do the same. After the fight is over and you get lovey with your partner once again, you forget all about your friends. * Applause*

People you've known the longest- you put them at the most bottom of your priority when you are attached. Isn't that very shameful? Doesn't that prove what kind of person are you?

I am no love expert but take some time to reflect if you are in a healthy relationship at all if when you quarrel with your partner, you'll go looking for your friends but when you are not in a quarrel, your friends don't exist.

I really dislike and disregard people like this. I have been in  a 5 year long relationship and at times when I fight with my partner, I do not go running to my friends for that moment and than neglecting them right after my partner and I makes up. 

One of the many people I cannot stand is when people have no respect and gratitude for people, whether it is you or your partner. 

If you wait until you lose your partner than you realized that you have lost so many friends in the process as well, than it will be TOO LATE. 

I am not talking about anyone in particular but hey, if the shoe fits, FEEL FREE to wear it :) 

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