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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Thanks to OMY! , I was able to grace an event that was so fun and entertaining! I got to see some really nice celebrities and also ogle at some hunks! The event was held last Saturday, 20th of April at Ion Orchard.

I am sure I need not tell you more about the brand Levi's because I am sure that everyone has heard of it! If you have never heard of it, you must be living in the mountains!

"The Levi’s® brand epitomizes classic American style and effortless cool. Since their invention by Levi Strauss & Co. in 1873, Levi’s® jeans have become the most recognizable and imitated clothing in the world – capturing the imagination and loyalty of people for generations. Today, the Levi’s® brand portfolio continues to evolve through a relentless pioneering and innovative spirit that is unparalleled in the apparel industry. Our range of leading jeans-wear and accessories are available in more than 110 countries, allowing individuals around the world to express their personal style."

Did you know that they are celebrating their 140th anniversary this year? That is so amazing, such a long history dating back from now!

"The same as always, like never before
Levi’s® 501® jeans hold a seminal place in fashion history and over the last 140 years have developed into a cultural icon. From presidents to movie stars, rock stars to fashion icons, and artists to pioneers in technology – Levi’s® 501® jeans are among the most worn and loved jeans in the world.

This Spring/Summer 2013, the Levi’s® brand is marking the 140th anniversary of its iconic 501® jeans by introducing a non-denim Levi’s® 501® collection for the first time. Breaking with tradition, yet maintaining the product’s true essence and timeless spirit, the three-piece non-denim collection is available in true chino, chalk blue and mineral red. The brand will also unveil the next generation in Levi’s® 501® jeans, which feature subtle and thoughtful changes to the design aesthetic, tailoring the product for the pioneers of today. 

Throughout the ages, Levi’s® 501® jeans have constantly evolved and adapted to stay relevant to each new generation, while never losing their distinct heritage. The next generation of Levi’s® 501® jeans and non-denim pants, give the wearer a slightly tighter silhouette, more comfort around the waist, feature slightly larger pockets to store your latest smart phone, and have a shallower yoke for a cleaner aesthetic. They also feature stronger stitching and reinforced belt loops, inseams, buttonholes and cuffs. Craftsmanship and authenticity remain at the forefront, which is why Levi’s® 501® jeans also improve with age – molding to the contours of the wearers body overtime and creating a bespoke fit and finish for this perfect classic and timeless jeans."

Now that you know more about Levi's and it's history, I shall shower you with photos of the event!

Look at the die-hard fans of Ya Hui, Felicia Chin, Tosh Zhang and Ian Fang... They were already at the venue at 9 am in the morning when the event actually starts at 2 pm! Will any of my readers do this? Haha, joke okay!
Us bloggers getting our cameras ready to click and snap!

The crowd went crazy as the celebrities came out to strut their stuffs and do a catwalk on stage as they were all donned in their own Levi's apparels. Each of them had their own different styles!!

Ivy Tan from Yes 933 radio station was the host of the day and she was really entertaining! She looks so punk-rock in her Levi's gear of the day and her photos really don't do her justice because they seemed so different!

Felicia Chin looking so gorgeous and she was so friendly during the photo-taking! Such a sweet and humble actress!

Ian Fang showing his swag in his preppy Levi's overalls. He looked so decent and suave at the same time! I mentioned in my previous blog-post that I really like him because he was improved tremendously in his acting and he has put in so much hard work to become a more outstanding actor!

Next was Ya Hui looking super rock-chick! I totally dig her dressing that day!

 Looking good huh? Fans of Tosh Zhang, I hear you all screaming!!!

 Look at how versatile and amazing Levi's fashion is? 4 of them celebs are all wearing Levi's apparels but each with their own unique styles!

The event started with each of them describing their OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) and were we amazed at the trendy styles they came up with! Did you know that Felicia is actually wearing a man's shirt? She designed the style herself!

They proceeded to the games part where they had to label different parts on a Levi's jeans and Felicia and her partner won!

My favorite part of the event! 8 days shirtless guys were also part of the event and the celebrities have to dress up these shirtless hunks in different unique Levi's apparels! They weren't really shirtless... HOW I WISH THOUGH! Haha.

Tosh did a hip-hop break dance in his Levi's gear to show everyone how comfortable his outfit was that he can do difficult break dance moves in it!

 This was my favorite shirtless hunk and I voted for him! Joon Ming!

Ya Hui's shirtless hunk was the winner in the end and I think he deserved it as well because he looked really good in the Levi's apparels that Ya Hui dressed him in! He was so humble and he said that he won because of Ya Hui's fans! I actually went to stalk their instagrams. Eye-candies!

Here are some clearer and nicer photos of me and the four celebrities!

I KNOW LAH, I am very short right. Don't pin-point hor, I know it and I will go and self-reflect and buy higher heels next time okay! HAHAHAHHAHA!

I really enjoyed my time at the event that day! Thank you Omy for this awesome opportunity!

By now, you all should know that I quite like Ian Fang so let me "HAO LIAN" one more time can? Teehee!

Also, I would like to thank Hui Qi and Amanda for accompanying me for the event!

 A rare day whereby there is only one self-shot of me! So precious, must appreciate ok!

At the event, I met another fellow blogger who shared similar interests with me and I am so happy to know her! I hope to attend future events with her. See you around CYNDI ! =)

My OOTD for that day. 


Log on to LEVI'S WEBSITE  from April 8 to share your 501® style interpretation!All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself in a pair of Levi’s® 501® jeans, and include a short write-up explaining your style inspiration. 

The top 5 styles will each be rewarded with $300 cash & $200 Levi’s® vouchers! Quick! Good luck and I wish you all the best! Please bring me to Levi's to do some shopping after you win! =D

Xoxo, till the next time. 

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