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5 reasons why you should watch "爱情保卫战”
Sunday, August 10, 2014

I know I haven't been writing a decent post for a long time and I sincerely am sorry about that.

So much has been going on in my life ever since the menses leave post...

Problems happened in my love life, exams were killing me in my academic life, and major problems were going on back at home. Life has always been just so tough but well, like what I have told myself.. I have been through worse. 

Anyway, I have been watching a new variety show on youtube that is highly recommended by my classmates and I am totally addicted!

Unlike the normal variety programs from China like 中国好声音…(which I totally love!)... This program that I am talking about is really close to the heart. It talks not only about love... But it also talks about oneself, on how we can improve ourselves and to better ourselves in our relationships not only with our lovers but with anyone who is close to us. 

Watching this makes me do a lot of self-reflection on myself. I find that it is good and enriching for couples to watch it together and they can actually learn a lot from it! 

Couples and ex-couples who are facing issues with their relationships will join the programme either in hopes to really sort out their problems and have a clean break or try to revive their relationship. They will start by thrashing things out and let me warn you first... Things can get really LOUD(due to their accent) and nasty. 

Some problems are pretty huge and some are pretty expected like the usual ones all couples faced. 

There was one issue where they spoke about this lady's nasty princess attitude and how her boyfriend could no longer give in to her demands. The judges/experts actually sorted the issue in a really logical way. They told the lady that although she grew up in a good environment, it doesn't mean that she had to turn into such a demanding person.. On the other hand, they also told the guy that although his girlfriend was super princessy, it was HIM who has spoilt her as well. I really liked how the judges had zero biasedness for the couples in the show except when they are faced with those jerks and assholes who made their girlfriends went for abortions and all.. 

I am always so touched when the ending scenes turn out like this:

It's always good to see them patch things up and try again for their relationships... 

But I have watched a lot where either one or both parties still choose to end their love and sometimes I support their decision while other times, I find it such a waste..  

You wouldn't really know how the scenes are like so you really have to watch them yourselves. The experts comments always makes one reflect a lot... It's like a china chicken soup for the soul. 

The host is also someone who would give his expert comments sometimes and he is always the calm one between the always fiery couple. Thumbs up to him for being cool like cucumber all the time! 

And not forgeting my favourite judge/expert who always says the most DIRECT and most logical theory for the couples. He always goes straight to the point and talks about the core of their problems... 

Don't say Jolene didn't recommend ya? I do more than just product reviews! I write, I blog and I act. 

Thanks for reading! Xoxo! 

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