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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I have been inactive on this space for awhile and I don't want you guys to think that I only hop in here to do up advertorials & reviews. No, I am not a mainstream blogger. That is also why it is hard for me when sponsors wants to see my blog stats because mostly- I have a lot of viewers per post but I cannot determine my monthly visitors because I don't have the privilege of blogging full-time.

I have so much to do so please bear with me as I take you on my blogging/writing journey.

Today, as you can see from the title... I want to talk about flyer distributors.

I have this habit of always always taking whatever the flyer distrubutors gives me and then passing the flyer to my boyfriend to help me to throw it away. He always gets pissed off and will question me back in return.

"If you had wanted to thrown that flyer away, why did you take it IN THE FIRST PLACE?" He would growl at me.

Well, I just wanted to make their lives easier. Flyer distributors have a quota/target to hit daily. Whatever you do with their flyer is not an issue- whether you read whatever it says on it or not. The issue is that it is their job and their ricebowl. They do not get paid much. Maybe just $5-$6/hour? Sometimes, some F&B staff may not even be paid for doing that because it is part of their job. 

I work around the Chinatown area and there is this uncle who works as a flyer distributor and he gives out the same flyer for a private institution everyday. It's some English college brochure and he will always force the brochure into my hand and murmurring "Study english, english classes..." somewhere along that line. At first, I was a bit annoyed because it was pretty rude to force me to accept the brochure but after sometime, I realised that he just wanted to do his job well and hit his quota.

I mean, just imagine? Standing there for 6-8 hours just hoping people will take your flyers from you smoothly and time will pass fast? It's not a tough job but it's not a very easy job either. Some people reject the flyers- that's okay. But you don't have to give a sickening look or even snarl at the flyer distributor. They are just doing their jobs. Some even use the "shoo" handsign. I mean come on, no one is selling you anything... Just take the flyer and make someone's job and life easier. It ain't that hard right? 

I can walk by the same flyer distributor and they will still give me the same brochure over and over again and I would still take it. Why? Just treat it as you are helping someone to dispose of something or making their job a little harder. 

Why am I talking about this today? I believe that we can all go the extra mile for anyone in our lives everyday. 

Why not start with flyer distributors or the guy that distributes the "TODAY" newspapers? 

Thanks for reading! And a selfie for you to let you remember how I look like. =D

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