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Embellir-Bag Shop @ Rukuten [SPONSORED POST]
Thursday, February 20, 2014


I shall start this advert with a really tired BUT chio-looking photo of yours truly. As you can see, even after editing, my eyebags ares till so huge. Things hasn't been going good after CNY and I have been sickly and also stressed over some stuffs. Nevertheless, I hope and will work hard towards better days! Gambatte! 

ANYWAY! I am so excited and happy and thrilled and overjoyed because I got sponsored something awesome from Shinjuku, TOKYO

The online shop is called Embellir-Bag Shop (click on link to visit their FB page)and they have a range of products that will simply make all girls drool! The nicer is super nice and courteous too. They are soooooooo sweet!

They even wrote me a short and sweet note! I am so grateful! 

To be sponsored this is really so awesome because I am a shoe and bag lover!!! Nothing steals my heart more than shoes and BAGS! They are like the daily necessities to enhance our outfits! 

The bag is so smooth and the material is so soft! I could use it as my pillow during lunch time! Ok, I am just kidding here.

The bag is really handy and it can fit up to A4 size! 

Just look at how happy I am and look at how chio the bag looks. ~ KIREI KIREI~ 

I am sorry that I did not edit the background because I want you guys to see how BEAUTIFUL the bag is in it's most natural state! 

My favourite part of the bag would be the portable mirror that comes with it. It is super suitable for vainpots like me! I am on the go when I am working so instead of using my front camera, I can simply just take this mirror out to check my make-up! How convenient is that?

AND, if you think that is only suitable for when you dress up or when you go to work, you are so wrong! You can also pair it with your casual wear as well! 

Ta-dah! Convert it into a sling-bag and it also looks really pretty!!! The strap is really comfortable so please do not worry about it hurting your back or shoulders!

 You can put many many stuffs in there, just look at the space there is! I am a lover of bags that allows me to dump everything inside! 

Just look at all the details and the amount of items that you can put in there! 

And the best thing is it comes with SO SO SO SO many different colours! There are 20 different colours available! My favourites are these : 

Ok, actually I kinda like them all! So pretty, how can you all not buy?

ESPECIALLY for my readers, you can now buy this bag at a.......................................


Don't hesitate anymore and quickly click on this link to purchase NOW! )

ALSO!!!!! Shipping is FREE! Yes, you heard me, FREE-OF-CHARGE!

This offer is exclusive for my readers only so don't wait anymore! Shop away now! 

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