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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

I am so annoyed.
Greatly irritated and rolling my eyes non-stop.

No, it is not about Heather Chua.

It is about something else. An issue that has been bugging me a lot.

I happen to know this person that complains a lot and I am determined not to be influenced by her negativity.

I have so much to say about her but I do not want to stoop to her level. She is a nice person and she means no harm but I am so irritated by the way she actually behaves that I keep reminding myself that she is someone that I do not want to be closely associated with.

She does not prioritize what she should do and she complains that she is not having it good. If all you do is talk and talk and talk with no action, what will the result be? Nothing!

If you have no money, work.
If you have no savings, save.
If you want to achieve something, work for it. 

There is no use talking about it all day and then not doing anything at the end of the day. You will just be wasting your life away.

I felt so annoyed when I heard her gossiping about others because she talks bad about others to... feel good about herself?

I mean, come on, what other people do should not affect us in anyway. If you have to complain so much about them, that clearly shows that you are jealous of them, no?

If people are splurging their money in so atrocious ways, let them be. They are rich anyway, they can AFFORD to do so. I just think that you should not blatantly portray yourself this way. 

I gossip too, but I do not do it so outright and blatantly. 

If people are talking behind you, it means that you are way ahead of them. 

I just wished that I don't have to put up with it all the time. 


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