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Friday, January 10, 2014

As most of my friends know, I am a really weak person with a immunity of let's say.... zero?

I get sick really really easily and the worst cases for me could be my constipation and my eczema.

Being constipated is really really tedious. I have had to resort to laxatives in year 2013 for a long period of time. People would advice me to increase my intake of vegetables, fruits and water. I love veggies and fruits and I do drink water, but maybe not a lot but still my I always have a hard time clearing the system and I ABSOLUTELY hate it.

The worse that I have ever been through was like 2 weeks of constipation. Yes, I am serious. Where does all the shit go right? And you know what, I still eat a lot. That is the real scary part! Meh. James said that one day I may just vomit my shit out from my mouth. *Sorry to let you picture it*

Guess what? I found a tea that actually helps aids constipation! 

Not only that, it helps to ease insomnia (I suffer from this too...) and it alleviates stress! It also cures night urination problem... Amazing or what?

$12.00 for a small bottle of 20 sachets. 1 sachet is only $0.60!!! So affordable! 
I believe you will buy the bigger bottle with 50 sachets after drinking this. BUY NOW!

I like the ORIGINAL and the ROSEMARY flavor. I haven't tried the GINGER one yet because I am not a fan of GINGER too but nevertheless, I will try it soon because of it's amazing effects! They have it in small packaging like the below too! 

The original flavour is good to drink before you go to sleep! It is good for those who are like me- lactose intolerant and cannot have a warm milk before sleep. This can replace milk anytime! With such health benefits, who needs milk? =D

Sugar-free, caffeine-free and full of fibre!

STUDENTS!!!! The rosemary flavour is one you should stock up on!! I would be drinking a lot of these before my exam to calm my nerves!! 

Antioxidant! I like!

Working adults who are always in air-conditioned environment for the whole day, this is the perfect drink for you!

It is 100% vegetarian and it is also HALAL! Perfect for everybody and anybody! Young, old, fat or skinny =D 

They also have the "Rainbow Rice" series which is good for those of you who want to slim down and have a clean diet! Check out their products on their website! 

                          (( HIGHLANDERS WEBSITE! ))

These products can be found at NTUC Supermarkets and can also be purchased online. Just click and it will be delivered to wherever you are. So convenient!! What are you waiting for!!!

I had one cup of this amazing tea before I slept yesterday and I had a good sleep, waking up feeling super energetic too! I also had no problem going to the toilet!!! 

Don't wait anymore! Call 6288-3880 to order or place your order online NOW! 

Disclaimer : I am not working for this company nor am I in anyway affiliated to them. This is also not a paid advertorial but I am posting about this because I am reaping the benefits of the tea even just by drinking it for only a while! Share the goodness in life! 

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